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Axe throwing singapore is one of the most fantastic experiences, wherein you can indulge in this excursion that allows you to test your aiming, balancing and strength to hurl the heavy axes right onto the bull’s eye. You can look up for Axe factor tickets to enjoy exclusive offers and inclusion.This exclusive sport requires you to hurl axes, which are available in two different weights and sizes, with proper power and rotation skills to hit the bull’s eye. Visitors will get plenty of chances to get accustomed to the sport, before indulging in actual tournaments and challenges.You will find a plethora of professional guides and under their supervision, you can get to practice this excellent sport. This sport is exclusively made to cool out your stress. In here you will be given special cabins, with air conditioned capsules, where you can practice at your leisure. If you book for Axe factor tickets online you will get to enjoy 60 minutes of unlimited Axe throwing. So, challenge your friends for a fun round of Axe throwing and participate in this exclusive sport for as long as you want.

Book Axe Throwing Experience in Singapore

Book for Axe factor tickets and enjoy an hour of Axe throwing to cool off your stress and enjoy along with professional guides and expert supervision. Thrillophilia offers exclusive packages, in which you can indulge in this fabulous Axe throwing singapore. The 1 pax package includes one hour of Axe throwing, under expert English speaking guide’s supervision.

The couple bundle package is for two people, where you can practice, 1 hour of Axe throwing under a professional english speaking guide.Enjoy the best of Axe throwing singapore with our group of 5 people, and challenge your friends for extreme fun rounds for targeting the bull’s eye.

Your Singapore Axe Factor Tickets Explained

On your splendid vacation excursion, indulge in Axe throwing in Singapore to cool off some vacation stress. This spectacular activity requires you to throw an ax whilst testing your aiming, strength and balancing skills. Get to master this splendid sport, from the professional guide present on the spot to help with your throwing and rotating skills.You will step into Singapore's first axe throwing range and experience the thrill of hitting your target. With a variety of strategies, you can control your power and rotation and hit the target. A trained English-speaking guide will teach you safe axe throwing techniques and the theory behind them. As you try your hand at this motion, feel the thrill and exhilaration.

Why Visit Axe factor Singapore ?

The Axe factor Singapore promises to give you a splendid experience like never before. The Axe factor hails this extraordinary spot, where you get a chance to hurl your axes at the target board and hit the bulls’ eye. This is one of the most sought after sports by youngsters to cool off their stress and strain. Learn the technique, strength and skills involved, be on this sport and hurl your axes to hit the jackpot.

The sport begins with a practice session, where you get to practise your throw and strength under expert supervision and guidance. The guides are extremely professional and promising, and take full responsibility for your safety. Next on, participate in an intriguing round robin tournament, to finally put your skills to the test. Also don't forget to challenge your friends for Axe throwing singapore and experience the best of Singapore.

Throwing Experience at Axe Factor Singapore

The Axe factor is one of the only places where you can indulge in Axe throwing singapore. This splendid experience begins with a training session, where you will have to choose between a small ax and a large ax. The large ax are dual handed and full bodied throws, while the small ax requires a single handed bodied throw.The whole area is air conditioned, so you can peacefully practice this sport. There are plenty of instruction leaflets and guides, with professional supervision, who will guide you with the sport. This Axe throwing Singapore is a physical excursion, and requires you to perform your level best in order to hit the bull’s eye and win points!

Know Before You Go Axe Factor Singapore

Interesting Facts
Safety Measures
Essential Information
  • Axe throwing is one of the fastest growing sports, and is being currently practiced in 56 countries. Thai fast growing sports, has made its name amongst other sports and now has a global rank of 26.
  • Axe throwing in Singapore is practiced only in the Axe Factor. This attraction is the first ever to operate in air conditioned spaces. Axe throwing singapore has also been recognised as the most franchisee sport at Singapore heartland enterprise.
  • The Axe factor in Singapore has been featured in a number of channels as well.
  • Axe Factor operates the first and only indoor axe throwing range in Singapore.
  • It is advised to not back face the board when someone else is throwing.
  • Ax shoulder by sheathed when not throwing.
  • Only one player per target is permitted in the area.
  • Don't swing the ax swiftly if somebody else is near you.
  • Don't touch the face of the blade of the areas it can cause injury when blunt.
  • It is advised not to reach the target until both axes have been thrown.
  • The large ax should be handled using two hands and throwing with full bodied power.
  • The small ax can be handled with one hand and should be given a minimum amount of power.

1.) Opening hours & Closing Time:Tuesday to Sunday : 12 to 10 pmMonday : closed

2.) How to Reach:

  • By Car: The meeting location is 9.3 km away from the main city of Singapore. You can easily hire a cab or rent a vehicle to get there in approximately 12 minutes.
  • By MRT: The nearest MRT station to Axe Factor Singapore is Sixth Avenue MRT station which is just about 12 minutes. You can get down at the station and then cover the remaining distance walking or by taking a cab.
  • By Bus: If you are thinking of traveling by bus, then you can hop on to any bus that passes through Grandstand.

3.) Best Time to Visit:The best time to indulge in the Axe throwing singapore is during the weekdays when the Axe factor remains moderately crowded. The best is during lunch hours, where you can truly relish upon this exquisite sport for an hour without any interruption.

4.) Dress Code:The only compulsion is to wear closed toe shoes. Visitors are requested to dress comfortably so that they can easily pick up, hurl and truly indulge in the sport.

Attractions to See Near Axe Factor Singapore

Jacob’s Ballas Children Garden

The Jacob’s Ballas garden is one of the finest first attractions that are completely dedicated for children and to help them get accustomed to the enthralling Mother nature around us. The garden is located beside Axe factor singapore. The garden has splendid plants, vivid florals on display, greenery everywhere and a beautiful environment to replenish amidst.

There are a plethora of fantastic streams and ponds in the garden, wherein you can relax post your Axe throwing singapore excursion. The garden has a myriad of fun games, suspension bridges and play areas that will keep your toddlers busy for an eternity.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Tucked away from the Singapore city’s hustle and bustle, the Bukit Timah renders a serene escapade into the untouched natural beauty of Singapore. The nature reserve is spanned over a large area and also consists of verdant slopes that go as high as 163 meters. The nature reserve houses natural ponds and streams, where you can relax and soak up in the neutral climes.There is a special ‘i heart’ workshop and nature keeper program where young children can learn about the ecology around us and the importance of protecting it. Visiting this reserve after your Axe throwing singapore excursion is a must.

Bukit Batok Nature Park

If you are looking for a getaway from the bustling city life, then head on over to Bukit Batok nature park and marvel at the beauty that this abandoned quarry site has to provide. The park has abundant nature trails, wilderness and ponds and streams that will help you connect with the soulful mother nature around us.The park has terrains and slopes that are perfect for picnic and hiking activities. You will also spot a number of locals who come here for their daily walks. Marvel at the splendid views of the extraordinary pond, situated right amidst the quarry.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanical garden is a splendid choice for your escapade. UNESCO has designated the gardens as a World Heritage Site. The botanic gardens have ethnobotany grades, wherein you can find over 300 species of spectacular plants. Next on, explore the national orchid garden housing over 2000 species of vibrant orchids that will leave you speechless with their pristine beauty. The Botanic Garden is Singapore's most popular park, with over 4 million visitors per year. It is the island's only historic botanic garden and one of the few old landscape gardens. The park attracts a wide range of celebrities and dignitaries, including Queen Elizabeth II and Bindi Irwin, the late Steve Irwin's daughter.The library in the garden is one of Southeast Asia's oldest reference libraries, with 30,000 books and 41,000 rare books/journals, as well as unpublished research papers. It was founded in 1875.

MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Singapore features a splendid number of fantastic nature trails and natural resources that render a serene space for you and your family. One such definite visit is the MacRitchie Reservoir Park. The park has a fascinating number of streams and ponds, with abandoned quarries featuring exquisite views like never before.

There is a marvelous 250 meter long suspension bridge, right above the quarry, perfect for your evening walk, promising you a marvelous view like never before. The MacRitchie is an 11 km long nature trail that runs along the park and lets you soak up in the depths of the forests. The resoriver park, also features a plethora of monitor lizards, squirrels and long tail monkeys, who you might bump into as well!

Museum of Ice Cream Singapore

The extraordinary museum of Ice cream is one of the most sought after attractions in Singapore, and rightfully so because of its fine interiors, a plethora of catchy games, multisensory activities and a lot more. The museum houses 14 different enthralling multi-sensory games, which will keep you busy for an eternity.

The museum spans over large areas, and its pastel pink interiors will evoke the inner child within you. There is a large, sparkly pool and dragon playground which are spectacular attractions to explore.

FAQ of Axe Factor Singapore

How many types of Axes are available during Axe throwing experience at Axe Factor?

There are two types of axes available in the Axe factor Singapore. There is one big ax which has to be handled with two hands and requires a full body hurl. Tourists can also use another small ax, which can be handled with one hand and does not require full body hurl. The smaller ax requires rather intricate technique than the bigger one.

Is throwing an axe hard to play?

Axe throwing is one of the most extraordinary sports that is making its way in the list of other popular sports. No, it is not a hard sport. It requires, full body to be indulged in the sport to hurl the ax. More than strength you should be good at the technique. With proper practice the sport can be easily learnt under expert supervision and guidance. Axe throwing in Singapore is a fantastic sport that you all should experience once in your life.

How to enhance your Axe throwing experience more intriguing and fun filled?

In Singapore, go on an Axe Throwing excursion and give it your all at the target board. Enjoy a safe session with an ax-throwing expert guide who will provide you with all the assistance you require. Make some perfect bullseye shots to satisfy yourself and show off your abilities to your buddies. Feel your muscles twitch as you toss an axe, which can be a wonderful workout for anyone.

Is there any minimum age requirement to experience the fun at Axe factor Singapore?

To enjoy at the Axe factor Singapore you are required to be a minimum of 15 years.

Where can I book cheap Singapore Axe factor Tickets ?

You can book for Singapore Axe factor tickets online to avail various offers on our website and also enjoy inclusions. We provide 2 different packages namely 1 Pax and Couple Bundle, both of which allow you to enjoy Axe throwing for 1 hour on one target board.

Are there any discounts offered on any of the Singapore Axe factor Tickets?

There are plenty of discounts that are visible in the Singapore Axe factor Tickets. You can check out our website and find different packages. Thrillophilia provides various packages like 1 pax and couple bundle. With this package, you can have fun with your partner while making an aim and throwing the axes. You will also be assisted by well experienced guides for this activity.


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