Adventure Activities to Do in Singapore

Singapore is a city that is filled with varieties of activities that can be enjoyed by all age groups. You will find both adventure and peace, bustling nightlife and calm mornings, which keeps you entertained throughout their journey. If you are looking for some adventure activities to do in Singapore then you must head straight to iFly, the country's first indoor skydiving arena, offers immense thrill and excitement. Learn from the experts and have a safe yet adrenaline diving experience from 16.5 feets. You can also try some water based adventure activities to do in Singapore, for example Wakeboarding. It is a fun and exciting water sport which requires balance and strong grip. Make sure you follow the instructions given by the experts, so that you can enjoy this thrilling experience with more safety. Another amazing example of water adventures is adrenaline filled rides at the famous Universal Studios, where you can ride over 30 amazing attractions. It offers exotic thrills, decorated with seven Hollywood themed zones, which you can enjoy with both family and friends.

Indoor Skydiving at iFly Singapore

Thrill-seekers looking for an adrenaline rush with iFly cannot skip this skydiving activity. Singapore provides the world’s giant tunnel of 16.5 feet wide and 56.5 feet tall to experience great adventures and thrills. This activity allows its guest to feel like a bird flying high in the sky without limitations or fear of losing freedom. Before performing the activity, the instructor will assist with the brief performance criteria, and a video will be shown to follow the steps similarly. You feel utmost safety and comfortability as everything would occur under an expert's guidance. People from worldwide pick Singapore as their primary destination to explore Indoor Skydiving!

Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios is the only theme park in South Asia with 20 thrilling rides and exciting shows. Moreover, it also covers seven themed zones like Hollywood, Ancient Egypt, Far Far Away, Lost World, Madagascar, New York, and Sci-Fi-City, which are the major tourist attractions. In addition, the spot shares a comprehensive learning experience about culture, art, technology, and science. However, Battlestar Galactica offers a uniquely thrilling adventure, the roller coaster sends its passengers 42.5 metres high with a speed of 90 kilometers per hour, and Revenge of the mummy allows them to spend 3 minutes (unforgettable) on the high-speed roller coaster.

Skyline Luge Sentosa

Ride the Skydrive at Skyline Luge Sentosa for a thrilling experience on the tracks full of turns, twists and tunnels for riders of all ages. Divided into four captivating tracks that are Kuppu Kuppu Trail, Expedition Trail, Jungle Trail, and Dragon Trail so that you can enjoy some testing rides with your friends. You can go-karting or have a toboggan race with your gang while you enjoy the 1.27 km area of the ride. The “Digital Photo” option helps you collect some memories for lifetime as you load your insta-feed with pictures of all the trills you had during the activity.

Cable Car Singapore
Singapore Cable Car

A 360-degree view of Singapore city from several feet above the ground is a vivid scenery that people witness during an enthralling Singapore Cable Car ride. The lush green landscape around the cable car route is a sight that always leaves people in awe and you can also catch a glimpse of the beauty while moving to and from between two lines, The Mount Faber Line and The Sentosa Line. Mount Faber’s peak is home to excellent restaurants and cafes where people can enjoy delicious meals with a panoramic view of the city.

giant swing sentosa2.webp
Giant Swing

If you want to have a race with your friend on a giant swing this only double swing in the world should be a do do on your itinerary. Tourists can reach Skypark Sentosa and book the tickets and ride a giant swing at the speed of 120 km/https://www.hour and the height of 40 metres. The swing carries the minimum weight bar for children up to 30 kg and 60 kg for adults; therefore, a person with 150 kg is the maximum to participate in the thrilling activity. The time to perform the activity on weekdays is between 1:30 p.m to 7:00 p.m and 12:30 p.m to 7:00 p.m on weekends. Still, it’s highly recommended to experience the activity from 4:00 p.m to 7:00 p.m to discover the beautiful sunset sky.

Single Bungee Jumping
Bungee Jump at AJ Hackett Sentosa

There are a plethora of adventurous things to do in Singapore, but Bungee Jumping has a prominent fanbase that pulls the interest of every adventure lover. AJ Hackett Sentosa offers an opportunity to feel the thrill while leaping from 47 metres. Also, you can capture the most incredible picture or video for a lifetime memory. If you like to admire the majestic view of Siloso beach, cherish the adrenaline rush, and make the best during the Singapore journey with your families, peers, and loved ones. Moreover, you can try all the jumping styles like fall forward, backward, or can create a unique style.

Ziplining at Mega Adventure Park

Mega Adventure Park is the main attraction as it’s the heart of Singapore and includes Asia’s number one Zipline. You will love to experience the 450 metres of zipline over Sentosa Island, which provides for beach, jungle, and sea and descends at the speed of 60kph. This one-hour activity is open for all, whereas children under the weight of 30 kg require parents alongside. Pick the zipline, the must-have activity that gives a complete aerial view of the park and assists you with the most excellent video that can be shown to your friends and relatives. Every ride has precautionary measures especially Ziplining at Mega Park that satisfy the hunger needs of adventure seekers worldwide.

NERF Action Experience

NERF Action Xperience is a perfect place for a day filled with action and fun at its multi-themed zones. The indoor activities of the attraction include a time to learn how to handle the blaster, like conquer, challenge, compete, and create. Compete zone offers two group plays, Camp Dune and Zombie City, that are challenging and filled with joy. The create zone allows you to splash your imagination on T-shirts and tote bags to carry home as souvenirs. And the Conquer zone asks you to clear the obstacles before ascending the summit of an ice cliff. However, the Challenge zone provides a racing chance with fellow gamers in specific criteria like Reflex, Agility, Accuracy, Strength, and Speed.

BOUNCE Singapore

One of the most adventurous sites in Singapore is the BOUNCE Singapore as it has 20 different activities like freestyle academy, jumping arena, cliff jump, zipline and many more . It is an indoor playground where more than 100 trampolines have been laid in interconnection. The BOUNCE playground is a child-friendly facility with vibrant colours all over the place and the overall experience is fun-filled and memorable for kids. Other activities like Fab5, Flight Academy, KinderGym, Leap of Faith, and X-Park adventure places in Singapore can also be enjoyed by paying extra.

Yas marina circuit Track
Yas Marina Circuit

If you are a fan of Formula Racing, you can visit Singapore in mid-September to experience the Singapore Grand Prix. This racing is held at the marvellous Marina Bay Street Circuit, which is famous worldwide for its unique construction by the Marina Bay. On an F1 Night race, you can feel the adrenaline rush as the thrill and excitement of all the Formula One fans can be felt in the atmosphere. The constant revving of the engines of Formula One grade cars and witnessing the world-famous riders like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel is unmatchable.

Mangrove Kayaking in Singapore

If you want to experience kayaking amidst the scenic mangroves of Singapore you must add Mangrove Kayaking among the several adventurous things to do in Singapore. The 8.27 km journey in the wilderness of Singapore's scenic wetlands allows for admiring the lush green area. A professional guide assists in exploring the sea and mangrove route. You can learn about the heritage and people who live in the area and Pulau Ubin. If you are lucky, you can catch a glimpse of Kingfishers, Eagles, Hornbills, Herons, and probably a pink Dolphin pod. Ferry and Bus options are available to reach the destination and enjoy the majestic views of the attractions.


Wakeboarding is an enthralling session that excites you to grab an opportunity and feel the heart pumping. This thrilling watersport adds to a safe and fun-filled day and one needs to just understand the instructions related to the activity and the safety measures to avoid confusion. The best part about wakeboarding is that you can enjoy the thrill of snowboarding, skiing and surfing at the same time. In addition, you can put on a life jacket, stand on the wakeboard, head towards the open sea, and spend two or three hours in blue water to get an exhilarating experience. Among the best adventurous activities to do in Singapore wakeboarding is an easy and exciting sport one should try.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
Stand-Up Paddle Boarding at Sentosa Island

If you are a water sports enthusiast and want to try something different than Stand-up Paddle Boarding at Sentosa Island is one of the adventurous activities to do in Singapore. The organiser of the Paddle Boating is the Sports Hub Water Sports Centre. This activity can be enjoyed on a Pedal Boat or a Pedal Bike. It is a very chill water sport where you can spend an hour paddling alongside your friends and family. Pedalling is a relaxing sport where you can enjoy the sport and immerse yourself in the nature around you whilst being a great exercise and a workout ritual for many practised daily.

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving

If you want to experience the beautiful multi-hued carols, rich diversity of marine life and shallow waters then scuba diving is one activity which tops all the adventurous things to do in Singapore. All the Scuba Diving schools in south-east Asia have PADI-certified instructors who teach the proper techniques for safe diving. They also provide the divers with all the essential diving equipment and underwater cameras to capture the whole experience. Give a rush to your adrenaline as you dive deep into the water and feel the aquatic animals around you.

Cable ski
Cable Ski at Singapore Wake Park

Singapore Wake Park is the city’s first cable ski park where you can enjoy an enthralling and adventurous water sport like Cable Ski with your friends and family as proper safety arrangements are made for everyone, whether amateur or professional. The Singapore Wake Park has three cable systems: beginner, intermediate and full-sized ones across the Singapore East Coast Park. All the safety gears are available for a safe skiing experience, and all other precautionary procedures are followed strictly. Amateurs or first-timers can go for the straight-line system, and experienced ones or professionals can go for the full-size cable system with obstacles.


What is Singapore famous for?

    Singapore is a perfect blend of European and Asian cultures that offers a vast bucket of unique things to explore in the city. You will get various varieties like calm beaches to famous adventure activities to do in Singapore, including indoor skydiving, scuba diving, wakeboarding and many more. The city offers amazing South Asian cuisine along with vibrant cultural aspects through their rituals and architecture. The nightlife in Singapore is also very famous and is known as the Lion City all around the world.

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