Water Activites in Singapore

Singapore, true to its Southeast Asian location, enjoys a tropical climate featuring hot and humid temperatures all round the year. With the city’s never-ending relationship with the sun, it is only common to take a dip in the waters every now and then. Singapore is famous for its serene beaches, swimming pools and recreational water parks where you can play, chill and have fun. But it is also renowned for an array of world-class sports centres where you can go on numerous water sports in Singapore that will test your stamina and get your adrenaline pumping like never before.

There are several calm beaches with still waters and a well-developed shoreline in the city where you can take part in gentle water sports like kayaking, surfing and sailing. If you are looking for adventurous you can visit Sentosa water sports or East Coast Park where you can experience the thrill of wakeboarding, jetpacking, windsurfing and flyboarding. The water sports clubs of Singapore have activities that can be enjoyed as a group as well. You can take your friends and family on a dragon boat ride, donut ride, banana boating or pedal boating ride to spend an amazing day filled with fun.

Kayaking in Singapore.webp

Kayaking is a gentle yet fun water sport that lets you bond with nature and witness the charm of the city’s waterscape. As one of the most popular water activities in Singapore, Kayaking requires the participants to sit on a canoe-like boat called a kayak and manoeuvre through the waterways with a double-bladed paddle. The sport can be enjoyed solo or as a group and is suitable for people of all ages including children. Singapore has a plethora of water sports centres that rent kayaking equipment on an hourly basis and even conduct courses to learn the sport.

Location: Pulau Ubin, Macritchie Reservoir, Passion Wave

Cost: SGD 112.05 per session of 12 hours

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If you are looking for adventurous water sports in Singapore then you can try windsurfing in Singapore. Also known as boardsailing, windsurfing is a thrilling water activity that utilises both water and wind as tools to race through the sea. It blends the art of sailing and surfing by using a sail and a surfboard together to sprint on the waters. There are three sports clubs in East Coast Park that organize courses and allow you to rent pieces of equipment required to learn and master the art of windsurfing.

Location: Water-Venture, Constant Wind Sea Sports Centre, and Aloha Sea Sports Centre

Cost: SGD 30 per person for one hour


Soar through the air, perform daunting acrobatic moves above the sea and get yourself drenched while trying out flyboarding which is a gripping yet exciting water sport to try in Singapore. The sport uses a hydroflighting device called flyboard that shoots you about 30 feet into the air above the waters from where you can enjoy a breathtaking aerial view of the surroundings. The certified instructors teach you the flips, spins, dives and the art of standing in mid-air while you are flyboarding. It is truly one of the heart-pumping water sports in Singapore that you should never miss.

Location: Flyboard City WaterSport Center, Ola Beach Club

Cost: SGD 276.87 including instructors and gear

Jet Skiing
Jet Skiing

Rent a jet ski, drive on the waters and race against the waves as you experience the gush of wind against your face for a delightful memory of your trip to Singapore. Jet skiing is a famous high-speed water sport that requires the riders to drive a jet-propelled vehicle on the surface of the sea while meticulously steering through the ripples. The sports clubs of Singapore offer jet skiing packages for an hour that includes a safety briefing session by professionals, skiing lessons and the necessary equipment for skiing on the waters.

Location: Puteri Harbour

Cost: SGD 194 for one-hour rental


Wakeboarding is an extreme water sport with limitless fun, thrill and adventure that lets you surf on a special board while being towed by a high-speed motorboat. As the boat pulls and turns to different directions, you will also have to hurtle through the waters balancing on the specially designed wakeboards. Singapore has a cable-ski park built in a lagoon that features three cable systems for wakeboarding for beginners as well as experts. This exciting activity is one of the few water sports in Singapore that is suitable for people of all ages including families.

Location: Singapore Wake Park

Cost: SGD 48.60 for one hour

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Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
Stand-Up Paddleboarding

If you are someone who loves the serenity of the water and wishes to enjoy its calmness rather than indulging in bustling water sports, stand-up paddleboarding is your go-to activity in Singapore. You have to stand on a longboard and use a paddle to glide through the water as you enjoy the pretty vistas. Since the difficulty level of stand-up paddleboarding is very low, it can be enjoyed with your family even if you are a novice.. The sport is a great choice to spend a relaxing time with your loved one in the midst of the sea.

Location: Ola Beach Club, Aloha Sea Sports Centre, Constant Wind Sea Sports Centre

Cost: SGD 35.87 for one hour


Surfing is one of the classic water sports in Singapore that fills you with a sense of fear, thrill, and excitement all at the same time. Since the city does not have beaches with high waves that are apt for surfing, specially designed wave houses are available in Singapore that creates artificial waves. These artificial waves are created for people of different expertise – beginners can take the easy 32 km/h waves while confident experts can opt for the hard 48km/h waves. Instructors and trainers are available to teach and take care of your safety while surfing.

Location: Changi Coast

Cost: SGD 35.90 on weekdays and SGD 48.59 on weekends

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Dragon Boating
Dragon Boating

Dragon boating is a team sport in which a group of 18 to 20 people have to steer a long human-powered watercraft through the water bodies. The boat is a narrow and long vessel with the head of the dragon on its front. All the people on the boat have to paddle in the same rhythm to drive this gigantic boat in the required direction and hence this sport requires enormous power and synchronisation. The Singapore Dragon Boat Association hosts the annual Dragon Boat Festival during which crews from all over the world race against each other.

Location: Marina Bay

Cost: SGD 180

Parasailing In Phuket

A relaxing cruise on the sea, the gush of cool sea breeze against your hair and face and a peaceful time to bond with nature is what sailing is all about. With crystal clear waters, sheltered bays, and several water routes Singapore is the ideal destination for sailing. Singapore has a plethora of sailing clubs like SAF Yacht Club, Changi Sailing Club and DBS Sailing at the Bay that offer courses for both kids and adults to teach the art of sailing. Considering the ease of the activity, sailing is a relatively simple water sport that is suitable and loved by everyone.

Location: Sentosa, East Coast Park, Changi Coast Park

Cost: SGD 540 per session of 7 hours

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving

There are some underwater gems hidden throughout Singapore like rare coral reefs, unique marine creatures like manta rays, sand tiger sharks and exotic flora and fauna. Scuba diving is an adventurous water sport that lets you witness the underworld grandeur of Singapore. It will relax your mind and body as you observe the calm and vibrant marine life. The city has many diving sites and schools that teach diving for professional as well as recreational purposes. They offer packages that include diving lessons, equipment, underwater photographs and access to exclusive spots under the sea where you can find beautiful schools of fish and corals.

Location: Pulau Hantu, Pulau Jong, Kusu Island

Cost: SGD 705.43

Pedal Boating
Pedal Boating

Pedal boating is one of the leisure water activities in Singapore that lets you stroll through the waterways in small pedal boats. You can rent a pedal boat or pedal bike for an hour and take a relaxing trip with your loved one while enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of the city’s shorelines. Take small breaks in between to admire the breathtaking view of the waterscape and its tranquillity. Pedal boating is a refreshing activity that gives you a wonderful time to spend with family, friends and nature. There are various options in pedal boating like 2-seater, 4-seater or 6-seater boats in different designs and shapes.

Location: Water Sports Centre

Cost: SGD 9.51 per boat

Water Jetpacks & Flyboarding

In case conventional water sports bore you, jetpacking is sure to interest the adventure buff in you for it is a novel water activity in Singapore that sends a rush of adrenaline. With a jetpack, you will experience new challenges in the middle of the sea like never before. You have to stand and balance on a water-pressurized jetpack that will take you high into the air like a Superman above the ocean. Each session is 45 minutes long and the participants can go up to 30 to 50 feet into the air to catch a lovely panoramic view of the city.

Location: Siloso Beach Walk

Cost: SGD 198 per session

Banana Boat Ride
Donut Riding and Banana Boating

Opt for a donut ride and banana boat ride if you are looking for a water sport to enjoy with a group of friends or family. Donut ride takes you on a short trip into the sea on a donut-shaped inflatable tube connected to a motor boat while a banana boat ride is an exciting ride on a long, yellow, banana-shaped tube towed by a speedboat. These rides can accommodate 7 to 10 people at a time. Packed with joy, thrill and fun, both donut riding and banana boating are the most loved water sports in Singapore by kids.

Location: Sentosa Island, Siloso Beach Walk

Cost: SGD 22.50

Speed Boating
Speed Boating

Speed boating is an exciting water sport where you can travel in a speedboat or motorboat to explore the beauty of the calm and clear waters of the sea. The boats are impressive, dynamic, and fast and move swiftly at a speed of 150 kmph. Speed boating bestows its guests with utmost thrill and excitement while skimming through the waves with unexpected turns. You can rent a speed boat for taking a quick tour of the city and its shoreline or to explore the Southern Islands on an RHIB military boat.

Location: Pulau Ubin

Cost: SGD 107.68


Bodyboarding is the right sport for you since it involves surfing in a prone position on a bodyboard. The board is one metre in length and is made of foam which is low in density and weight thus making it easy to surf on the waters. You will need to lie down on the stomach flat on the board and balance using your arms and neck. It is one of the daring water sports that need to be done under the guidance of professionals and with a life jacket on. The activity will improve your muscle strength as well as your balancing skills.

Location: Stingray at Splash-N-Surf in Singapore Sports Hub

Cost: SGD 42.12 for a one-hour session


Which are the best places for water sports in Singapore?

    • Aloha Sea Sports Centre: Located in East Coast Park, this renowned club offers a variety of water activities in Singapore, taking advantage of the area's windy weather. Visitors can enjoy sailing, windsurfing, and stand-up paddling at this vibrant venue.
    • Passion Wave: Formerly known as Water Venture, Passion Wave is a sports club dedicated to fostering a love for water sports and the waterfront lifestyle. It serves as an ideal destination for pedal boating and kayaking, providing a perfect setting to bond with nature.
    • Ola Beach Club: Situated in Sentosa, Ola Beach Club embraces a Hawaiian theme and is famous for its thrilling jet packing and jet blading water activities in Singapore. Alongside the exciting water sports, visitors can relax at the bar, swimming pool, and restaurant, and also experience DJ nights for a memorable evening.
    • Splash N Surf: Found within Kallang Wave Mall, Splash N Surf is a family-friendly water park offering a lazy pool and kids pool to cater to young visitors. Adventure seekers can head to the exclusive Stingray venue to try their hand at bodyboarding and surfboarding for an adrenaline-pumping experience.
    • Marina Bay Sailing: The Singapore Sailing Federation has initiated the Marina Bay Sailing programme, bringing sailing water activities to the heart of the city. Enthusiasts can enjoy sailing lessons and rent yachts or boats to cruise along the picturesque Marina Bay.

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