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River Wonders Tickets highlights

  • Go on an enchanting journey at the River Wonders Singapore, where cascading waterfalls, vibrant flora, and graceful wildlife come together to create a truly mesmerizing experience.

  • Explore 11 distinctive themed zones in the park, featuring different rivers of the world such as the Nile, Yangtze, Mary, Mekong, and others

  • Capture Instagram-worthy moments as you see the nightly light show, where the river transforms into a stunning symphony of colours.

  • Join a guided nature walk, led by experts and learn about the various wildlife conservation projects.

Operating Hours
River Wonders (River Safari)
Timings: 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM


River Wonders
80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

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River Wonders Tickets overview

Activity Location: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

Activity Timings:

  • River Wonders Singapore Timing: Monday-Sunday:10:00 AM to 07:00 PM
  • Last admission: 06:00 PM

Activity Duration: 3 hours (Approx.)

About River Wonders Singapore:

Singapore's River Wonders, as known today, is a fantastic wildlife park that highlights the region's rich river environment. This is Asia's first and only river-themed wildlife park, and it's home to a plethora of gigantic pandas as well as a wide variety of other outstanding freshwater animals. Until October 13, 2021, Singapore River Wonders was known as Singapore River Safari. With approximately 11,000 animal specimens and 400 plant species, the park offers a diverse array of natural beauty. At the Nile River of Life exhibition, you can marvel at a wide range of aquatic mammals in an immersive and exciting environment. The park also features floating villages displayed from the Mississippi, North America, and Mekong rivers, which raises awareness of the situation of endangered wildlife species. Experience the richness and variety of river systems firsthand by purchasing River Wonders Singapore tickets.

About River Wonders Tickets Singapore:

  • Get ready to be mesmerized by the River Wonders Singapore, where dazzling waterfalls, lush vegetation, and exquisite fauna all come together to create one unforgettable adventure. 
  • Discover the park's 11 unique themed areas, which include areas with diverse rivers, including the Nile, Yangtze, Mary, Mekong, and others. 
  • Visit the Mandai River Wonders and be amazed by the amazing and ancient-looking creatures that live there. 
  • Explore the Amazon's verdant landscape and diverse species up close on an exhilarating boat ride with Amazon River Quest. 
  • Discover marine creatures, including the Chinese giant salamander, electric eel, and huge river otter, among the many other colorful animals that call the Congo River home. 
  • Take Instagram-worthy pictures at the nighttime light display when the river becomes a magnificent symphony of colors.
  • Participate in a nature walk led by specialists to find out about local efforts to preserve species. 
  • Purchase River Wonders Singapore tickets to see the huge pandas Jai Jai and Kia Kia at the huge Panda Forest.

What to expect at Singapore River Wonders:

  • Amazon Flooded Forest: The Amazon Flooded Forest is an exact recreation of the Amazon rainforest, complete with its native red-bellied piranhas, electric eels, otters, and other wildlife. Here, you can also see these strange animals while exploring the biggest freshwater gallery in the world.
  • Giant Panda Forest: View the adorable pandas in their natural habitat at the Giant Panda Forest. Kai Kai and Jia Jia, the resident pandas, get along well with people. Try to spot the endangered red panda while you're here, your luck will turn around!
  • Amazon River Quest: Walk through the Amazon River right in the heart of Singapore at the Amazon River Quest. This boating excursion is designed to resemble the Amazon River. Keep an eye out for the tapir, jaguar, and other native wildlife of Brazil. 
  • River Zones: During your visit to River Wonders Singapore, get to learn about the world's various river systems. Study the Congo, Mississippi, Mekong, Nile, Ganges, and Yangtze to expand your knowledge of rivers around the world. 

How to Reach?

  • By Bus/MRT: River Wonders is less than an hour away from Singapore City. Hence, you can arrive at any MRT station via train and then board a connecting bus to reach Mandai Wildlife Reserve. For instance, you may board the MRT on the Thomson-East Coast Line, travel a short distance on bus route 138, and get off at bus stop #48131. 
  • By Shuttle: Getting to River Wonders Singapore at Mandai Wildlife Reserve only takes 15 minutes, thanks to the shuttle services available. There are two drop-off locations for this loop shuttle service, which runs daily between Khatib MRT Station (NS14) and the wildlife parks. Bus arrival times range from every 10 to 15 minutes during working hours to every 20 minutes between 11 p.m. and 12 a.m., depending on traffic.
  • By Taxis & Private Car Hire: It takes about 30 minutes to get to River Wonders in the Mandai Wildlife Reserve by driving from the city. There are two ways to get here that you can select from. If you're traveling via the Central Expressway (CTE), you must take the CTE toward the Seletar Expressway (SLE), continue onto the SLE in the direction of Mandai Road, take Exit 8A on the SLE to Mandai Road, and then make a left turn onto Mandai Lake Road. However, if you are renting a private vehicle, you can do so from TADA, Grab, Gojek, or Ryde to the Mandai Wildlife Reserve. Then, go to the designated pick-up/drop-off location at the Mandai East Carpark (Car Park 2) and reach River Wonders.

River Wonders Tickets faqs

What is special about River Wonders?

The most special thing about the River Wonders is that it is the only river-themed animal sanctuary in Asia. It is a nature park with a freshwater river theme where you may see the beauty of some of the most famous rivers in the world. This attraction is home to 400 distinct types of plants, giving the River Wonders Singapore an unrivaled experience. 6,000 animals mimic the natural environment of these rivers throughout the park's ten distinct zones. These include the Amazon Basin, Yangtze River, Mekong River, Congo Basin, and the Nile River. With the River Wonders Singapore tickets, you may get a close look at exotic species like river otters, red pandas, giant pandas, and manatees here.

What is included in River Wonders Singapore?

River Wonders includes over 11,000 animal specimens from close to 260 species and 400 plant species. located within Mandai Wildlife Reserve, this one houses one of the world's greatest collections of freshwater vertebrates.

Is it River Wonders or River Safari?

While it was formerly known as River Safari, it is now recognized as River Wonders Singapore. Located in Singapore’s Mandai Wildlife Reserve, this one features recreations of the Congo, Amazon, Ganges, Mekong, Nile, and Yangtze rivers.

Why did River Safari change to River Wonders?

The name of the River Safari has been changed to River Wonders in a corporate rebranding initiative. This renaming was made to more accurately describe the experience it provides, which involves leading visitors on a meandering tour through freshwater ecosystems.

Are River Wonders inside Singapore Zoo?

No, River Wonders isn't inside the Singapore Zoo; instead, it's within the Mandai Wildlife Reserve. The river acts as a natural border between it and the surrounding zoo and Night Safari, making it a separate attraction. Since River Wonders is only a 2-minute walk from the zoo or the Night Safari, you can easily visit it from either location.

How long does a visit to River Wonders Singapore typically last?

A typical visit to River Wonders Singapore can last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the visitor's interest level and pace. The attraction has a lot to offer, from interactive exhibits to multimedia installations, so visitors can easily spend several hours exploring and learning about the different rivers of the world.

What rivers are featured in River Wonders Singapore?

Here are some of the rivers that are featured in River Wonders Singapore:

  • Amazon River
  • Mekong River
  • Nile River
  • Yangtze River
  • Mississippi River
  • Danube River
  • Ganges River
  • Congo River
  • Murray River
  • Irrawaddy River

What kind of exhibits can visitors expect at River Wonders Singapore?

River Wonders Singapore is home to a variety of exhibits that showcase the unique ecosystems of some of the world's most famous rivers. Visitors can expect to see:

  • Giant fish tanks: These tanks are filled with a wide variety of aquatic species, ranging from small fish and crustaceans to larger species like stingrays and catfish.
  • Life-size dioramas: Visitors can explore life-size dioramas of river ecosystems, complete with models of the plants, animals, and other features that make these habitats so unique.
  • Interactive displays: River Wonders Singapore features a range of interactive displays that allow visitors to learn about the natural and cultural history of rivers in a fun and engaging way.
  • Multimedia installations: Visitors can experience the sights and sounds of rivers from around the world through immersive multimedia installations that bring these waterways to life.
  • Informative displays: The attraction also features a range of informative displays that provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the environmental and cultural significance of the world's major rivers.

Why to book River Wonders Tickets?

Booking a River Safari Singapore ticket offers you the opportunity to explore the rich aquatic ecosystems of some of the world's most famous rivers in a unique and engaging way. This attraction provides visitors with a chance to learn about the natural and cultural history of these rivers through interactive exhibits, multimedia installations, and immersive displays. A visit to River Wonders is not only educational but also a fun and engaging experience suitable for all ages. By booking a River Safari ticket online through our website in advance, visitors can secure their spot and skip long queues, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable visit to the attraction.


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