Things to Do in Singapore at Night

What to Do in Singapore at Night?

Singapore is a city packed with surprises and emotions for every tourist, and there is a plethora of exciting,interesting and thrilling activities and attractions that visitors can savour and witness at night. There’s something for everyone in Singapore's nightlife, ranging from enjoying the light shows at multiple places along the shores of Marina Bay, or spending the entire night playing indoor sports like bowling or ice skating.One can also hop on the double-decker open-air bus to explore the city's attractions. If they want to commute via waterways, they can choose the famous Singapore River Cruise and ride on the traditional bumboats for a memorable experience. The list of late night things to do in Singapore doesn’t end with bus or boat rides; instead, there’s still a lot left to explore and witness, like the coordinated light and sound show at the Gardens by the Bay or the themes-based shows at the “Wings of Time”. Similarly, people can opt for shopping, night safari, and much more.

Visit Gardens by the Bay

Gardens By The Bay are the most exemplary attractions of Singapore as they are the ultimate flex of beauty and architecture. The annual footfall at the Gardens By The Bay is overwhelming mainly because of its ambiance and serene surroundings.

Gardens By The Bay is spread over more than 100 hectares full of exotic flora species. People generally stroll down the parks at night and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the gardens. The light and show at the Gardens are one of the top late night things to do in Singapore.

Ride at Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is one of the finest Ferris Wheel experiences one can have at night in Singapore. The Flyer has 28 fully furnished and air-conditioned observation capsules. Capsules provide a matchless view of the city’s skyline and major attractions.

The Singapore Flyer is set up on the banks of Marina Bay. At night the whole experience of riding in a capsule goes a notch above. People figuring out what to do in Singapore at night must take a ride in a capsule and witness Gardens By the Bay, Merlion Tower, Marina Bay, etc., from 100 feet above the ground.

Visit Night Safari

Night Safari is one of the most unique jungle safari one can opt for. The nocturnal safari experience is not to be missed in the rainforests of Singapore. Going for a night safari will add a bit of thrill and adventure to the Singapore trip.

Tourists can choose a 35-minute tram ride or experience the jungle's depth on foot. The overall night safari experience is overwhelming and probably the best late night thing to do in Singapore. The night safari generally starts at 7:15 PM and goes on until midnight and is probably the most thrilling answer to what to do in Singapore at night.

Sky Dining on Singapore Cable Car

Singapore Cable Car is a go-to destination during the night in Singapore. One can enjoy the experience of riding a cable car along with their partner or family. Sky Dining on Singapore Cable Car while you get a glimpse of the panoramic view of the whole city is an experience for a lifetime.

Dinner on Singapore Cable Car has multiple customised options; one can opt for a Japanese or traditional Chinese meal. Regarding one’s preference, beverages are also available to grab a drink while looking at attractions like Sentosa Islands, Mount Faber, and Harbourfront.

Explore Singapore River Cruise

Singapore River Cruise is often considered one of the premium ways of exploring and sightseeing in Singapore. The river cruise answers everyone wondering what to do in Singapore at night. Tourists embark upon a journey on the traditional bumboats covering all the city's major attractions.

Bumboats were traditionally used to transport cargo and goods and played an essential role in trade. Lately, modern boats have been used for the Singapore River Cruise. The late-night cruise takes tourists on a trip to witness the well-lit attractions and Singapore harbor.

Visit Night Luge Sentosa

Tourists start flocking the Luge Sentosa at Resorts World Sentosa as the sun goes down. To go for a thrilling adventure is one of the unbeatable late night things to do in Singapore. Exploring the trails of Sentosa on Luge is an unmissable activity.

Grab a luge and start exploring the labyrinths of the rainforest and multiple tunnels en route. At Luge Sentosa, numerous trails are available, and one can choose any of them to enjoy a fun and captivating luge ride. Adults and people of every age can enjoy a luge ride.

Visit Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck

Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation always tops the “What to do in Singapore at night” list. Missing out on the observation deck is something that no one can afford. Looking at the vivid scenery of the city post-sunset is a dreamy scene, but at the Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck, it’s the reality.

Tourists visiting the Observation Deck will be gazing at the shimmering night sky and witnessing the complete scenery of all the sky-touching buildings from 600 feet above ground level.

Enjoy Spectra Show at Marina Bay

The light and sound show organized at Marina Bay is the soul of Singapore’s nightlife. The spectra show is amongst the unmatchable late night things in Singapore. Full of colors, perfect coordination of light and sound combine for a visual spectacle for all the tourists.

Spectra Show spreads its magic within 15 minutes and leaves everyone mesmerized. Also, the fountain show and the light and sound level up the visitors' overall experience. The entry is free for all and generally starts at night, around 8 PM.

Enjoy Cosmic Bowling

Bowling is one indoor activity people enjoy with their groups. After a long and tiring day of exploring the city streets, people are looking to relax and enjoy themselves with their friends and family.

People looking to relax and wondering what to do in Singapore at night can go for Cosmic Bowling. The best part about the activity is that people get time to engage and have some good time & fun along with their loved ones. The whole facility at Temasek club is lit with a hypnotic swirl of neon lights.

Hub of Nightlife - Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is the epitome of Singapore’s nightlife and its vibrancy. The hotspot of the city's nightlife, Clarke Quay is home to some of the best pubs, bars, and cafes. People willing to explore Singapores’ nightlife must-visit Clarke Quay.

Some big names that have made Clarke Quay their home are Dreams, Attica, Shiraz, Octopus, Highlander, Le Noir, and Beer Market. Grabbing a drink with your friends at some of the most famous restaurants is one of the best late night things to do in Singapore. The ambiance and the vibe of every nook and corner of Clarke Quay are worth experiencing.

Show at Wings of Time

Wings of Time is another or probably the best light and sound show by the shore of Marina Bay. It's a well-coordinated show of light and sound along with the movements of the fountain. Wings of Time never fails to leave its viewers in awe of the colorful light and sound show.

Various themes are included in the show, ranging from historical tales and fictional stories. However, the most entertaining and loved show represents the story about the ultimate bravery and friendship. The mesmerizing projection of lights and the dancing fountains against the backdrop of Marina Bay is an unforgettable experience.

FunVee Night Tour

The FunVee Night City Rider is a double-decker open-air bus that takes all the tourists on a late-night trip through central Singapore. It covers almost all the city's attractions and is one of the best late night things to do in Singapore.

The bus tour starts from the magnificent “Gardens by the Bay” and lets the visitors capture and immerse themselves in the garden's beauty. Later, the bus reaches Supertree for a mesmerizing light show. After Supertree, the bus moves towards National Gallery and reaches Haji Lane.

Hi Roller Indoor Skating Rink, Singapore

Hi Roller Indoor Skating Rink is one of Singapore's best indoor sports hubs. Tourists can visit the Skating Rink with their friends and family to enjoy a fun-filled skating session.

The Hi Roller Indoor Skating Rink has a staff of trainers and professionals who assist the visitors with selecting skates and safe skating. In addition, they will guide the trainees through the techniques and procedures for ice skating. Post-session, people can enjoy stunts.

Visit Bugis Night Market

Shopping can be a perfect wrap to a Singapore Trip, and that too from the city's cheapest and most significant market, “Bugis Night Market.” After a hectic day, if the explorers are figuring out what to do in Singapore at Night, then shopping at Bugis Night Market could be a great option.

Bugis Night Market is one of the hottest shopping destinations in Singapore. The place not only tops every tourist's list but is also favored by locals for their shopping needs. One can buy branded T-shirts, souvenirs, gift items, and many more at a very convenient rate.

iFly Singapore

To end a beautiful day with some thrilling and adventurous activity is not a bad idea. iFly Singapore promises to provide tourists with an opportunity to skydive without jumping out of a plane and triggering their Acrophobia (the fear of heights).

The adventure seekers will be able to experience flying at the height of 56.4 feet above the ground in the world’s most enormous skydiving tunnels at iFly Singapore. At 56.4 feet above, one can feel the same pressure on them that a skydiver feels at an altitude of 3,000 feet and 12,000 feet.


Where should I go in Singapore at night?

There are many destinations in Singapore that tourists should explore at night, such as Gardens By The Bay, Singapore Cable Car, Singapore Flyer, Singapore Cruise,Night Safari, Bugis Night Market, Clarke Quay, Chinatown, Marina Bay Sands, Jewel Changi Airport, and many more.

Where can I walk in Singapore at night?

People can go to Gardens By The Bay, the banks of Marina Bay, to take a walk around and enjoy the cool breeze. In addition, night markets such as Chinatown, Bugis Night Market, and Little India Arcade are great places to stroll around and check out cheap and quality stuff.

What are the best things to do in Singapore at Night for couples?

a) Haw Par Villa: Couples can spend their night exploring Haw Par Villa Park, which is home to multiple ancient statues and figures. Also, get a chance to learn about mind-boggling historical and mythical facts about all the sculptures in the park.

b) Marina Bay Sands Skypark: One of the best things to do in SIngapore at night is to gaze and embrace the beauty of the city’s skyline from the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands Skypark, which is at least 490 feet above the ground & also has various premium restaurants serving famous Singaporean cuisines.

c) Science Center Observatory Deck: Science Center Observatory Deck enhances the complete experience of stargazing by giving a chance to all the visitors to try their hands on sophisticated telescopes and equipment which provide a spectral view of the skyline of both hemispheres.

d) Clarke Quay: Clarke Quay is the biggest hotspot of Singapore’s nightlife and is sprawling with multiple bars, restaurants, and cafes which organize some of the most vibrant late-night parties where people can spend their night dancing and sipping a drink.

Which are the best Night markets in Singapore?

a) Chinatown Street Market: Chinatown is one of the biggest and most famous night markets where people usually like to stroll around after the sunset and go window shopping in all the traditional shops selling original silk clothing, Chinese food, souvenirs, handicrafts, and much more.

b) Bugis Street Market: One of the oldest markets in Singapore, Bugis Street Market is the most famous late-night amongst all the tourists and locals. Tourists usually spend their night shopping for cheap and quality clothes, tasting local delicacies, and buying antique and modern jewelry.

c) Little India Arcade: Little India Arcade provides a slice of India in Singapore, and the market is filled with a lot of Indians. The market has various Indian shops selling authentic and traditional Indian dresses, food items, handcrafted goods, and many other things.

d) So Galem Market: So Galem Market is amongst the most popular flea markets in the city, primarily known for selling cheap but good quality art and craft items, paintings, etc. The market is also known for the Kampong Games, which are enjoyed by many visitors, along with the food stalls serving delicious meals.

How to reach Chinatown in Singapore?

Chinatown is a well-connected spot in the city, and people can either visit the place by bus or boarding a rapid metro. The most common bus routes to Chinatown are 147,166,197,61 & the metro line that provides easy access is the “North East Line.”


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