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About Kiztopia Singapore

If you are looking for something which seems attractive to Kids, then Kiztopia can be an amazing experience for your kids. Kiztopia is the perfect destination for your kids to play, learn, have fun and bonding with other kids. Here your kids can enjoy over 18 play areas which are filled with games like; basketball, indoor driving zones, role-playing stations, and many more.

Kiztopia Marina Square is an indoor playground which is able to keep your kids busy in various activities. All the activities that take place here are designed to keep in mind the skill and development of all of the kids so that the kids can enjoy them to the fullest.

Kiztopia Singapore is not just a fun ride, but through its activities and rides, strives to teach kids about the core values such as: gentleness, honesty, optimistic, passionate, enthusiastic, teamwork, and motivation, etc.

Through Kiztopia, kids have the opportunity to play and learn through fun and engaging interactive activities. Kiztopia has diverse play zones where kids can interact with other kids to strengthen their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive skills. All these activities are designed keeping in mind the kids so that they can learn well through these games.

Buying Kiztopia Tickets Online

  • One hour ticket is not perfect for your kids, so you must go for a single admission X-tra ticket that is valid for 3 hours which has all the features of an X-press ticket. Here your kid can enjoy 3 hours in an indoor playground.

  • If you are looking for unlimited fun at Kiztopia indoor playground then Annual Pass X-pert and X-treme are for you. These tickets allow you to access the playground as many times as you want.

  • But there are some restrictions in X-pert kiztopia tickets that you can use only on weekends. You can fun at Kiztopia at any day through Annual X-treme tickets.

Explore Kiztopia Singapore Branches

Marina Square

Kiztopia Marina Square Mall, like a mini theme park, provides an opportunity to kids, offering an 18,000 square ft. playground where they can play different games, and learn through fun and various activities. Each play area of Marina Square is specially designed for kids so that their learning capacity, social and emotional skills must be developed to the maximum. Details of Kiztopia price are available at the official website of Kiztopia. There are 11 original characters which will entertain kids with their cuteness. Slides and rides are perfect for toddlers and little ones and obstacle courses will be helpful to become stronger.

Punggol Town Square

Kiztopia Punggol Town Square is a 5,500 square ft. safari-themed wonderland where your kids can play up to 12 different games. It provides your kids a lot of fun through interactive games, and various rides. Here you can not only watch your kids having fun but also inculcate important values. Encourage your kiddos to participate in these exciting activities. If you are bringing your kid to Punggol Town Square then you do not need to book your tickets, you can purchase your kiztopia tickets at any time during operating hours.Punggol Town Square won the outstanding attraction experience by Singapore Tourism Award 2021.

Jurong Point

At the third branch of Kiztopia Jurong Point, your toddler can indulge in 12 different fun activities such as: Indoor driving car area, Role play rooms, Ball pits, Toddlers sandpit, Carousel, AR games, Trampolines, and Thrilling slides. Kiztopia Club Jurong is a 4,500 square ft. playground which is decorated in an outer space theme. If you are throwing a birthday party for your kid then Kiztopia Jurong Point will be a perfect destination for your kid and his/https://www.her friends where they can enjoy a lot and play different games. This birthday party will become a memorable party for your toddler.Apart from different game zones, a gift shop and a family cafe is also available here.

Why Parents Love to Buy Kiztopia Singapore Tickets?

Kiztopia Singapore, is a perfect place for your kids to play, study, have fun and indulge in different learning activities. Your kids will find immense pleasure, and bonding. Kids will have the opportunity to explore16 diversifying games at 18,000 square ft. indoor playground. In Kiztopia playground kids will be familiar with 11 original animated characters. Here your kids can do everything from Ninja Warrior Course to Pits balls, train rides to slides, and AR games to Roleplay station. Slides and Pits balls are designed for little ones where they can enjoy a lot. Kiztopia Singapore provides your kid not only educational excursion but as well one day family picnic. These are the reason Kiztopia Marina Square has been popular among kids day-by-day.

Experiences Offered in Kiztopia Singapore

Endless fun is awaiting for kids, grab them and do enjoy. Kiztopia Singapore has various games such as: massive ball pits, thrilling slides, role play rooms, trampoline, obstacle courses, and many more, perfect for families and kids of all ages. Kiztopia Singapore tickets are available online, book your ticket and do enjoy different games which are given below with your toddler.

Pio’s Drift

Kids are obsessed about racing. Here in Pio’s Drift, your kids will find miniature cars and gas stations with a touch of realism. So, grab a car and enjoy your thrill riding. This play zone is completely safe for your toddler during the ride, your toddler will learn social skills and motor skills also.

Bouncy Tiger

Bouncy Tiger is always popular among toddlers because every kid wants a bouncy castle in his/her playground and bouncy tiger game is for them. This game has a lot of activity, mini slides, cute obstacles and a little adventure for your little ones. Your toddlers will sleep well after playing this game.

Bell’s Cuisine

Bell’s Cuisine is one of the most favourite zones for kids at Kiztopia, Singapore, which has been setup as a mini kitchen where kids can cook. Here the food items are fake, they have aroma that makes them appear real In this mini kitchen, kids can interact and learn to collaborate with other kids in learning food and cooking skills

Ninja Warrior

Does your kid love to enjoy challenges? If yes, then the Ninja Warrior game is a win-win for your kids. This zone has several obstacles, stairs, other tough activities such as; swinging bridges and monkey bars. Through this game, your kid’s stamina, strength, stiffness, balance, agility and power are checked.

Ball Pits (Sprite and Pepe’s Ball)

Ball Pits is not just a one or two but the sea of balls where your kids can grab a boat and ride across the sea of balls. Ball pits have two zones one is Sprite and other is Pepe’s ball. Sprite zone is for those kids who are daring because it has some mini obstacles also while Pepe’s ball is designed for toddlers.

Alley Oop Mark

Alley Oop Mark features an AR basketball studio where your kids can grab a mini ball and throw it at a hoop built on the wall. It has become one of the most favourite games among old kids. Here parents and kids both enjoy together because this game has challenges.

Raby’s Pit

If you want to give your kid a real experience of playing in the sand without getting dirty then Raby’s Pit is the perfect zone for your toddlers. This zone provides your young ones a unique and safe experience. In this zone tiny wood cubes are used for playing instead of sand.

Tina’s Snip

Tina’s Snip provides a mini dressing room for kids, full of costumes, where kids can wear beautiful princess dresses and superhero costumes. Here in Tina’s Snip has different variants in costumes, kids can wear these according to their tastes. Parents can click as many pictures of their kids as they want to.

Cosmic Space

The Cosmic Space is made up of five sets of slides which are approximately 5 to 7 metres long each. As the name suggests, in cosmic space, your kids will love to enjoy some futuristic fun. This game is not for little ones because it has so many challenges which are sometimes difficult to play for old kids also.

Events Showcased in Kiztopia Singapore

Jumptopia: Gastrobeats

Jumptopia is a kind of an event at Kiztopia which has started in this month where your kids will find a lot of fun with immense pleasure. Kids will enjoy 8 playful food-themed indoor games, at the Bayfront Event Space. Kiztopia ticket price is available online on weekdays and weekends. Book a ticket and get ready to make it a memorable day by taking some lovely pictures.

Jumptopia gastrobeats is suitable for all ages kids and toddlers. Here kids can enjoy various activities through food-themed games at the 14,000 square ft. playground. 8 indoor inflatable bounty castles are waiting for you.

Jumptopia: Wonder Garden

Are you ready to dazzle at garden themed bounty castles with unique play concepts? If yes then Jumptopia: Wonder garden will make your day the best day of your Singapore trip. Have a fun time bouncing around in 8 indoor inflatable castles at Jumptopia- Wonder Garden which is spreading over 8,600 square ft. Jumptopia at the Gardens by the Bay will make your day fun-filled when you bounce on the inflatable castles, and your eyes will be sparkling when you take a tour of the Wonder Gardens and beauty of the Floral Fantasy World. Only families upto 5 members can enjoy this place.

Jumptopia: Holiday Village

This round of Jumtopia is bringing new action-packed activities and other various games for kids. Some zones at Jumptopia- Holiday Village are designed according to toddlers.This Jumptopia is triple in size, so triple fun is going to be for you. Located at Marina Bay Sand Expo and Convention Centre will occupy 44,000 square ft. of space where kids will enjoy 15 bounty castles, lots of craft activities, Instagram worthy spots, and many more.
Here your kids can enjoy a variety of play themes such as: slides, racing, mazes, swings, and much more. It is a perfect destination for family enjoyment.

Jumptopia: 1st Edition

Make your day special at Jumptopia- 1st edition where you can explore various fun activities at 12,000 square ft. indoor area. Jumptopia featuring 7 bounty castles such as: Alien Snail which is a massive snail where your kids will enjoy a thrilling ride, The Space Frog bounty castle, Pink forest which allows your kids to be able to jump among peach-themed characters and many more.

If you want to book your tickets for Jumptopia- 1st edition then go for Kiztopia website where kiztopia ticket price is given. Tickets can be booked on Mon to Thurs (weekdays) at 10 AM to 8 PM and Fri to Sun (weekends) from 10 AM to 10 PM.


Make your day fully fun-filled by visiting Kiztopia Roadshow. This Roadshow is different from others which we have mentioned above. Here your kids can take part in racing. This race is going to be in a massive indoor playground.

In this event kids will enjoy racing by pretending F1 drivers around the driving range. This roadshow is going to be in the month of September at Central Atrium in Marina Square including a Laser Tag arena, a huge ball-pit, and a miniature car-racing zone. Kiztopia Singapore tickets can be booked through online only because due to Covid-19, offline tickets are not available at Marina Square.

Know Before You Go For Kiztopia Singapore

Timing and Best time to Visit
Location and How to reach
  • Kiztopia is the first of its kind indoor playground which is spread over 18,000 square metres, located in Singapore.
  • Here you kids will be able to enjoy different rides and learn social and educational skills, which prove to be excellent for your kids to learn.
  • Some games have mini obstacles which test the stamina, agility, and discipline of kids.
  • A mini kitchen is also set up for kids where your kids can be able to learn culinary skills.
  • One kid accompanies one adult, additional charges applicable for more than one adult.
  • A wristband will be provided for kids and adults by which you can enter into the zones by showing it to the entrance.
  • Kiztopia ticket price ranges vary for 1 hour, 3 hours and unlimited play.
  • Apart from playing zones, Starlite party room, and cafeteria is available for families. Starlite party room is especially designed for parties such as: birthday parties, baby showers etc.

Timings-:Sundays to Thursdays: from 10 AM to 8 PM.Friday and Saturday: from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Best Time to Visit:-You can visit Kiztopia in the months of December to June. Must avoid public holidays and weekends.Kiztopia Singapore is closed on the first Tuesday of every month because of deep cleaning.

Location - Marina Square 6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-09Singapore 039594

How to Reach- You can reach Kiztopia Marina Square by taxi, by bus and by train.

Kith’s Cafe restaurant serves mouth-watering delicacies like; spaghetti, sandwiches and yuzu cheesecake.Bell’s Pantry restaurant offers delicious multi cuisines. Seoul Garden Marina Square food outlet offers Korean food. Beyond Pancakes is the perfect food outlet for breakfast.

  • Restrooms are available at Kiztopia Singapore. During your games, you can access these restrooms. These are comfy and sanitised after use.
  • Kiztopia allows a parking area to park your vehicle. It's paid parking.
  • If you are shopaholic then Kiztopia Marina Square allows you to shop because there's a gift shop located here, where you can buy plenty of gifts for your friends and families.

Tips to Remember Before Visiting Kiztopia Singapore

  • Before enter Kiztopia you must ensure about the Kiztopia tickets. Details are given on the official website.
  • Choose the unlimited package of Kiztopia Marina Square instead of 3-hours, allowing your kids to use the playground as much as they can.
  • Socks are compulsory for all guests. If you haven't brought them with you then you can purchase them at Kiztopia.
  • Kiztopia ticket is valid for 90 days from booking confirmation.
  • Your kid must wear full sleeves and socks to avoid potential abrasion.
  • All the attractions of Kiztopia are made according to kids for improving their learning, social and emotional skills so grab these opportunities for the best future of your kid.

FAQs of Kiztopia Singapore

What is the suitable age and height for kids to enjoy at Kiztopia?

Kids from 12 months to 12 years of age can enjoy at Kiztopia. There’s height restrictions acceptable for some game zones.

Are wheelchair & storage facilities available at Kiztopia?

Wheelchairs can be brought in Kiztopia but make sure that they must have to be parked at designated spaces. Lockers or storage facilities are available in the premises where guests can place their things. At the Kiztopia playground you can access free of cost one- time use lockers where you can keep your goodies.

What are the best Kiztopia tickets experiences for toddlers?

At Kiztopia, toddlers can indulge into Pio’s drift, Sprite, Bouncy Tigger and Chug Li because all these are slides which are suitable for toddlers.

Can I bring food to Kiztopia Singapore?

No, you can’t bring food at Kiztopia because of safety measures except baby food and milk. You can buy food at the food outlets at Kiztopia, Singapore. There are various outlets located at Kiztopia such as: Kith Cafe Kiztopia MS, Bell’s Pantry, Seoul garden, Beyond pancakes and Chic-a-boo etc.

How can I buy Kiztopia Singapore tickets?

If you are willing to go Kiztopia Singapore then you can buy Kiztopia tickets online which are available at the official website. You can set your Kiztopia price according to your timing sessions.

How long in advance can I purchase my Kiztopia Singapore tickets?

Tickets can be purchased in advance and will be valid for 60 days. Kiztopia tickets are available at the Kiztopia Singapore website, please check and book your ticket.


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