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AIRZONE Singapore Tickets highlights

  • Get ready for a weightless adventure at Airzone Singapore, the world's first suspended playground concept, offering a thrilling and playful experience.

  • Climb, crawl, and bounce your way through an interconnected net playground spanning six storeys within a shopping mall atrium.

  • Feel the rush of exhilaration as you zoom down long slides that take you from the top levels to the bottom ones.

  • Dive into ball pits, navigate giant bouncy falls, or conquer challenging climbing structures.

Operating Hours
Airzone Singapore
Timings: 11:40 AM to 08:40 PM


180 Kitchener Road, #02-K4, K10, Singapore 208539

AIRZONE Singapore Tickets cancellation_policy

  • If cancellation are made 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • If cancellation are made 0 days to 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
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AIRZONE Singapore Tickets overview

Activity Location: City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road, #02-K4, K10, Singapore 208539

Activity Timing:

  • Off Peak: 10:00am - 8:30pm
  • Peak: 10:00am - 9:40pm
  • First session: 10:10am
  • Last session: 7:30pm (Off Peak) / 8:40pm (Peak)

Activity Duration: 1 Hour (Approx.)

About AIRZONE Singapore:

AIRZONE Singapore, situated on the second floor of City Square Mall is an exhilarating indoor attraction that provides a unique, gravity-defying play experience. Visitors can indulge in crawling through narrow passageways, diving into ball pits, and sliding down huge slides. Its giant play area features sturdy nets that can support the weight of up to two full buses, ensuring complete safety of the participants. With AIRZONE Singapore tickets, get an exciting and entertaining way to spend a day in Singapore.

About AIRZONE Singapore Tickets:

  • Visit AIRZONE Singapore, an indoor playground with interconnected nets, ball pits, and slides suspended in the air.
  • Have a unique and thrilling play experience as you explore the attraction with your friends and family.
  • Enjoy the various themed rooms and soak in the mesmerizing views of the city while navigating through the obstacle course.
  • Enjoy various activities like '3-D Maze' and 'Fall over' with your family for a complete experience.
  • Challenge your friends and family in various activities on three different levels with Airzone Tickets.
  • Relax on the large hammock-style nets and grab a bite from the on-site snack bar to refresh yourself. 

How to Reach?

  • By Car: The activity location is 11.5 kms from city center, it will take 22 minutes via Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 and CTE route.
  • By Bus: Take a bus to Nicoll Dr - Opp Saf Ferry Ter (95099) station which is 131 meters away from the attraction. You can reach the activity location from the bus station with a 2 minute walk.

AIRZONE Singapore Tickets faqs

What is Airzone Singapore?

Airzone Singapore is an indoor adventure park that features multiple levels of suspended nets, mazes, and slides. It is located in the City Square Mall in Singapore and offers a unique experience for visitors of all ages. The attraction is designed to provide a fun and challenging environment for visitors to explore, climb, slide and play. The suspended nets and mazes are set at varying heights and provide a different perspective on the surrounding environment. Airzone Singapore is a popular destination for families, groups of friends, and anyone looking for a unique and exciting adventure in Singapore.

How long is the Airzone Singapore ticket valid for?

The validity of the Airzone Singapore ticket depends on the type of ticket purchased. If you purchase the standard ticket, it is valid for a single entry on the date selected during the booking process. However, if you purchase the multiple entry ticket, it is valid for multiple entries within a specified period. The validity period for the multiple entry ticket can be 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days depending on the package purchased. It is important to check the terms and conditions of the ticket before making a purchase to ensure you are aware of the validity period.

Is there an age limit for entry to Airzone Singapore?

Yes, there is an age limit for entry to Airzone Singapore. Children aged 7 and above are welcome to play in Airzone Singapore, but children aged 7 to 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Visitors who are aged 13 years and above can play in Airzone Singapore unaccompanied. It is important to note that all visitors must also meet the minimum height requirement of 120cm to participate in the activities. Visitors who do not meet the height requirement will not be allowed to play in Airzone Singapore.

What are the operating hours of Airzone Singapore?

The operating hours of Airzone Singapore are from 11:00am to 9:00pm daily, with the last admission at 8:00pm. These operating hours are subject to change without notice, so it is recommended to check the official website or contact Airzone Singapore directly for the latest information on operating hours. It is also important to note that on certain days or public holidays, the operating hours of Airzone Singapore may be different from the usual timings, so it is best to plan your visit in advance and confirm the operating hours beforehand.

What is the dress code for Airzone Singapore?

There is no specific dress code for Airzone Singapore, but visitors are advised to wear comfortable clothing that allows them to move freely and climb the nets and mazes. It is recommended to wear closed-toe shoes with good grip for safety reasons. Visitors should avoid wearing skirts, dresses, or loose-fitting clothing that may get caught on the nets or mazes. Jewelry and accessories should also be kept to a minimum to avoid any accidents or injuries. It is also important to note that socks are required to be worn inside the attraction, and they can be purchased at the ticket counter if needed.

What is included in the Airzone Singapore ticket?

The Airzone Singapore ticket includes admission to the indoor attraction, which features multiple levels of suspended nets, mazes, and slides. Visitors can explore and play in the different zones of the attraction for a designated amount of time based on the type of ticket purchased. The ticket also includes the use of safety equipment such as a harness, carabiners, and a helmet to ensure the safety of visitors while playing in the attraction. Visitors are required to follow the safety rules and guidelines while playing in Airzone Singapore. Additionally, visitors may have access to other facilities such as lockers, restrooms, and drinking water fountains within the attraction premises. It is important to note that the ticket does not include food and beverages or any other additional services that may be available at the attraction.

What is the best way to reach Airzone Singapore?

Airzone Singapore is located in the heart of the city at City Square Mall, which is easily accessible by various modes of transportation. Here are some ways to reach Airzone Singapore:

  • MRT: Take the North-East Line (NE8) or the Downtown Line (DT22) and alight at the Farrer Park Station. From there, it is just a short walk to City Square Mall.
  • Bus: Take buses 21, 23, 64, 65, 66, 67, 125, 130, 139, 141, 147, 857, NR6, or NR7, and alight at the bus stop located in front of City Square Mall.
  • Taxi/Grab: You can easily hail a taxi or book a Grab ride to City Square Mall. The ride duration may vary depending on the traffic conditions.
  • Car: If you are driving, you can park at City Square Mall's basement car park, which has a direct lift to the Airzone Singapore entrance.

Is it safe in Airzone Singapore?

Airzone Singapore is designed with safety as a top priority, and the attraction has safety measures in place to ensure the well-being of visitors. The attraction is equipped with safety equipment such as a harness, carabiners, and a helmet that are provided to visitors to wear while playing in the suspended nets. Additionally, there are trained staff members stationed at various points to assist and monitor the visitors. Visitors are required to follow the safety rules and guidelines provided by Airzone Singapore, including wearing the safety equipment at all times and avoiding dangerous behavior such as running or jumping. In case of an emergency, the staff members are trained to provide immediate assistance and are equipped with first aid supplies. It is important to note that visitors are responsible for their own safety and should take reasonable precautions to avoid accidents or injuries. Overall, Airzone Singapore is a safe and fun environment for visitors of all ages.

What are the other attractions to visit near Airzone Singapore?

Airzone Singapore is located in City Square Mall, which is a popular shopping mall in the heart of the city. There are many other attractions and places to visit in the vicinity of Airzone Singapore, including:

  • Mustafa Centre: It is a 24-hour shopping mall that offers a wide range of products such as electronics, clothing, and groceries.
  • Little India: It is a vibrant and colorful neighborhood that showcases the Indian culture and heritage. Visitors can explore the temples, shops, and restaurants in Little India.
  • Singapore Art Museum: It is a contemporary art museum that showcases a diverse collection of artworks from Southeast Asia.
  • Gardens by the Bay: It is a nature park that features stunning horticultural displays and futuristic architecture. Visitors can enjoy the outdoor gardens, indoor conservatories, and light shows.
  • Marina Bay Sands: It is a luxury resort that features a casino, shopping mall, restaurants, and an observation deck with panoramic views of the city skyline.

These are just a few examples of the many attractions and places to visit near Airzone Singapore. Visitors can explore and discover the vibrant culture and diversity of Singapore while enjoying their time in the city.


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