Tayo Station Singapore

A Fun-Filled Adventure at Tayo Station Singapore

The Tayo Station is amazing and unique cartoon themed indoor playground, which is a dream come true for the kids. The visitors enjoy the various entertaining and exciting activities, games and rides of the playground. Children of all ages who are fans of the animated bus Tayo will love to spend their time at this playground, and even those who do not know about the cartoon will enjoy their time at this attraction.

The indoor playground has many rides and interactive activities, where kids can test their motor skills, sensory skills and have fun at the same time. The Tayo Road Circuit is a knowledgeable experience that teaches kids about basic road safety, rules and regulations. The Cliff Ball pool is a unique combination of wall climbing and relaxing dip in the ball pool. Kids can try their best to reach the top of the wall or fall laughing right into the pool. Another adventurous experience is the 3-storey play set up with slides and obstacles. Kids love crossing this unique obstacle course and this benefits their motor skills. The Poco’s Hinoki Play area is a relaxing experience and lets the kids have fun in the sand. The indoor playground also has a Chill zone where the adults can spend time and watch the young ones have fun in the various games and activities. The Tayo Toy store is a souvenir shop where visitors can buy various merchandise and toys. Experience the Ultimate Kids' Delight at Tayo Station Singapore – Where Fun and Learning Collide!

Why to Book Tayo Station Ticket Online?

Booking the Tayo admission tickets online is a great way to ensure the confirmation of admission and access to various rides in the indoor playground. Each of the ticket variants includes access for an adult and a child. Kids aged 12 and below are considered under the category of child. While the kids above this age are charged as adults. Booking online with us also provides visitors with better deals on their Tayo station downtown east price. Guests can save a lot on their tickets and choose from packages that suit their needs. They can select from two different variants, based on when they plan to visit - the weekdays or the weekend. Also, the discounts provided online at the tayo station downtown east price is great for those who are traveling on a budget friendly trip. In addition to the great deals and amazing tayo station downtown east prices, guests are equally impressed by the amazing assistance and service provided in the online booking process. It creates a hassle free experience for them and they are more relaxed to enjoy the activity without much worries.

Tayo Station Singapore Experience Explained

Tayo Station Admission Ticket

The Tayo Station Admission ticket provides visitors with good experience and lots of fun as they get access to the amazing indoor playground. Guests get great deals online on their tayo station downtown east ticket prices. The available variant of the ticket, in addition to providing admission to the unique themed indoor play, also gives access to the various activities and rides of the playground. Kids get to enjoy the Tayo Road Circuit rides or spend their time at the Cliff ball pool with this variant. The unique game is a combination of wall climbing and ball pool.

Kids and adults get separate tickets for entry to the thematic indoor playground. The Tayo Admission Ticket variant for kids of the age 12 and below is charged on kids rate. While the kids above 12 are charged as adults for the same tickets. Visitors get to select from the options of weekday or weekend tickets, as both have separate play hours included in them.

Tayo Station Singapore Variants

Guests can choose to get tickets that provide them with the opportunity to skip the line at all the activities and get priority treatment. Also, advanced booking online ensures guests don’t have to stand at the venue in long queues to purchase the admission ticket. Another interesting ticket variant is a combo package which includes more than one tourist attraction at a discounted rate in one ticket. This way guests can have the whole day planned out and explore other spots within the tayo station downtown east price. Online bookings are also a great option for last minute plans as they save a lot of time and can be confirmed instantly.

Highlights of Tayo Station Singapore

  • Kids will have unimaginable fun and precious memories in the discounted Tayo Station Downtown East Price.
  • Let them learn about the various road signs and basic regulations in the interactive space of the Tayo Road Circuit.
  • The Tayo Station Tickets will allow kids to explore the amazing games and entertaining activities spread across the indoor playground.
  • Meeting with their favourite animated bus from the anime series will be a delightful activity and keeps them entertained for the next few hours.
  • Kids will love trying to climb the wall at Cliff Ball pool and also enjoy falling into it, spending their time with lots of laughter.
  • The Poco’s Hinoki Pit will challenge their sensory skills and provide them with a relaxing experience.
  • The adventures and obstacles of the 3 storey Gani’s playground set up is great to build motor skills and ensure they have a great time.
  • The Tayo Station Singapore Promotion boasts about the indoor playgrounds Chill Zone, where Parents can relax and watch the kids have fun. The adults will also have access to unlimited Wi-Fi.
  • Shopping for souvenirs from their favourite animated series at the Tayo Toy Store is another favourite activity for kids to enjoy before leaving the indoor playground.

Fun Activities to Enjoy in Tayo Station

Tayo’s Road Circuit

Tayo's Road Circuit is a clever child-sized street scenario full with exciting locations like the Garage, Wash n' Go, and Gas Pump Kiosk for the young ones to jet around. Under the Tayo station tickets also can learn about the various street signs and basic road safety regulations in this entertaining and interactive setting, allowing them to better assess real-world circumstances.

Recommend Age: 18 months and above. Parental guidance needed for kids below age 5.

Max. Person Capacity: 12 people at a time are allowed in their activity.

Poco’s Hinoki Play

An all time favourite can be enjoyed with the Tayo Station Tickets. This activity ensures a sensorial fun for the kids as they get to play in the sand with fresh Hinoki Wood cubes. Kids will be put in a pleasant mood by the fresh and aromatic cubes as they spend their time digging and enjoying the sand.

Recommend Age: Parental supervision required for the kids below age 3.

Max. Person Capacity: Only 6 people are allowed in the sandbox at one time.

Gani’s Playground

Included in the Tayo Station Tickets Gani’s playground is a thrilling adventure that kids can enjoy at the indoor playground. The ultimate experience, the activity includes a 3-storey play system with 2 long rides and numerous obstacles. Kids will put to test their motor skills and learn to push their limits and skills to cross the obstacles.

Recommend Age: Parental supervision compulsory for kids below the age 3.

Max. Person Capacity: Around 25 people can take part in the interactive activity at once.

Cliff Ball Pool

This combination activity in the Tayo Station Tickets is a kids favourite. Combining the two amazing experiences, wall climbing and ball pool - the kids love to test their motor skills and scream at the same time. Giggling and laughing, they will fall a lot but into the safety of soft spongy balls. Or just not climb the wall and simply enjoy a leisurely dip in the ball pool.

Recommend Age: Parental supervision compulsory for kids below age 3.

Max. Person Capacity: A maximum of 8 people can take part in the activity at one time.

The Rainbow Lounge

The indoor playground has their own viewing room, the Rainbow Lounge is the best place to rest for the little ones. After climbing the cliff wall and going through the obstacles at the Gani’s playground - the kids will definitely be all tickled out. They can take a little break at the Rainbow lounge and catch up on the episodes of their favourite Tayo the little bus. The room is vibrant and decorated keeping the kids in mind.

Tayo’s Toy Store

As the day comes to an end, the kids will definitely not want to leave their favourite Tayo and its world behind. Visitors can take with them amazing toys of the favourite animated bus character and many other merchandising from the show. The store is like cherry on the top of the eventful day and experiences the kids enjoyed.

Places to Visit Near Tayo Station Singapore

Wild Wild Wet

The Wild Wild Wet is among the most popular water parks in Singapore and is nestled close to Tayo Station. Guests can get a combo deal with the Tayo Station tickets to enjoy the water park and the indoor playground together. The water park has around 12 thrilling rides for visitors to explore and enjoy. In addition to these rides the water park is home to many amazing games and attractions. Some of the well-known and popular rides of the water park are the Vortex, Free fall, kraken racers, Royal flush and Tsunami. Along with these, there are also some lip-smacking cafés and restaurants at the park.

Pasir Ris Town Park

This lush town park is one of the nicest spots to explore around Tayo Station, particularly if you want to relax and take in the scenery. In addition to broad open spaces, the park also has a play area and a beautiful marine pond. Visitors are happy to experience a terrific day at Pasir Ris Town Park, from fishing and quiet walks to a playful adventurous picnic with friends and family.

Japanese Cemetery Park

This is really the biggest Japanese cemetery in Southeast Asia, and it continues to serve as the resting place for Singapore's initial Japanese population. It is situated in Hougang. The tranquil residential area in Hougang is home to a significant Japanese legacy in Singapore. About 1,000 Japanese citizens and military are buried at the enormous 30,000-square-metre Japanese Cemetery Park, which dates from the early twentieth century.

Changi Beach Park

The Changi Beach Park is among Singapore's earliest parks, and it is situated on Changi Beach in the country's northeastern corner. People visit here to rest while also having a good time skating and biking around. The park is conveniently located from Changi Village and features two playgrounds. Visitors can get snacks and eatables in the nearby Bistro. When visitors exit the park, one will find a variety of dining alternatives, making the site a perfect leisure and enjoyable experience.

Coney Island

Perhaps one of the top destinations in Singapore has to be Coney Island. Isolated white sand beaches, flora, and animals can be found in the area's picturesque outdoor space in the north-east. Its routes wind through mangroves, coastal forests, grasslands, and casuarina groves. To explore more, folks rent a pair of bikes and can go on a ride through the environmentally friendly park and its picturesque Punggol environs.

Sunrise Bridge

If visitors prefer getting out of bed before the sun rises, they should make their way down to the Sunrise Bridge. This bridge, as the name implies, is located on the park's eastern side and offers a spectacular dawn view every day to visitors. This wavy bridge runs along the water's edge and provides for a great Instagram snap, so stroll along to the high deck for a cool view from above. Even the sunsets are a stunning sight, and guests can enjoy their evenings here.

Immersive Adventure Playground: Exploring Tayo Station Singapore

Tayo Station Singapore: Where Imagination Takes the Wheel

Tayo Station Singapore welcomes families to a vibrant world of play and exploration. Inspired by the popular animated series "Tayo the Little Bus," this immersive indoor playground offers a joyous haven for young adventurers. From interactive play zones and themed attractions to engaging educational activities, Tayo Station creates a perfect blend of fun and learning. Kids can step into the shoes of their favorite characters, embark on imaginative journeys, and enjoy a variety of interactive experiences. With its whimsical atmosphere, friendly staff, and a plethora of attractions, Tayo Station promises an unforgettable day of laughter, creativity, and boundless excitement for children and parents alike.

Know Before You Visit Tayo Station

Essential Information
How to Reach


Monday - Friday: 10:30 AM - 8:00 PM

Sat, Sun and School Holidays/Public Holidays: 10:30 AM - 9:00 PM

Best Time to Visit - The best time to visit Tayo Station is during the weekdays from Monday to Friday. Also, the mornings are less crowded and kids get to enjoy the rides at their own pace instead of rushing in a crowded ambiance. Make sure to book your tickets in advance to make the most of your time. Before you plan your visit to Tayo Station, consider checking the weather report for Singapore as well.

By Bus: Guests can reach the playground by taking the bus Nos. 5, 12, 21, 89, 354 and 358 to reach the nearest bus stop Pasir Ris Cl 78091, which is located opposite Downtown East. From there they can walk to their destination.

By Metro: Ride the East-West Line metro and get down at Pasir Ris (EW1) station. From there visitors have to walk 16 minutes to reach Tayo Station Playground.

  • It is best to visit the playground early in the morning when the place opens as this time is less crowded and kids get to enjoy the activities at their own pace.
  • Booking online will offer you great deals and discounts on the tayo station downtown east ticket prices.
  • If you wish to avoid crowds, it’s best to visit the playground on weekdays instead of weekends.
  • E-tickets will also give you the option to select hourly slots at Tayo Station and plan the day accordingly.
  • The playground allows up to 8 people in a group activity at any given point of time.
  • Outside food and drinks are not allowed inside the playground and therefore visitors should avoid carrying anything like this along with them.
  • Wear your face masks and follow proper sanitization, as required by the protocol.

FAQ's of Tayo Station Singapore

What are the age requirements at Tayo Station Singapore?

There is no minimum age requirement to enjoy the Tayo Station Singapore. In addition children below age 12 enjoy special discounts on their Tayo stations tickets. It is also advisable that kids are accompanied by adults for the entire experience.

Should I book Tayo Station Singapore Tickets Online?

In the current pandemic scenario, most tourist attractions allow only limited seats per day. In such a case it is best to book your Tayo Station downtown East Ticket prices online. Booking the tickets in advance online will secure visitors their seats to enjoy a fun experience at the station. Also, this way visitors don’t have to wait in long queues. Guests can also find combo ticket packages that will let them enjoy more than one popular tourist attraction of Singapore.

Will there be any shows at Tayo Station Singapore?

Tayo Station Singapore has hourly play slots available for kids and visitors to enjoy the various rides. There are two different shows hosted at the venue, sing along and meet and greet. Kids will love the interactive experience and make lots of memories.

Can I bring in outside food and drinks into Tayo Station Singapore?

No, guess or not allowed to bring outside food and drinks to TAYO Station Singapore. However guests can enjoy lip smacking flavours at the in-house Loopy’s Cafe. They can purchase their meals in advance with their tickets and make it a package.

Can Tayo Station Ticket be booked in Advance?

Yes, booking in advance is actually the best way to explore the amazing station. Booking in advance also secures visitors' seats and offers them great discounts on their TAYO station tickets. Also, Tickets are always subject to availability and in the current pandemic safety measures, most tourist attractions have limited seats only.


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