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About Adventure Cove Waterpark

Nestled in Sentosa Adventure Cove Waterpark is among the most popular and amazing water parks in Asia. The waterpark is a great tourist attraction for families and big friend groups. It is an interactive and relaxing experience, offering visitors with fun and exciting rides along with some knowledgeable experience.

At the adventure cove singapore visitors can spend their time exploring the various rides, ranging from roller coasters to slippery slides and obstacle courses that give the ultimate adrenaline rush. Riptide rocket is Southeast Asia's first hydro magnetic coaster and one of the main attractions in the waterpark. The waterpark is also home to one of the longest lazy rivers in the continent, that runs at 620m long. Other rides are Dueling Racer, Pipeline Plunge, Spiral Washout & more. The waterpark also has unique enclosures that are home to a variety of animals including rays, bottlenose dolphins and sharks.

The Dolphins have their own habitat and programmes at the Dolphin Island, which is one of the major experiences at the waterpark. Learn about the magnificent dolphins and take part in the various interactive activities. Guests can also relax at the Cabanas and enjoy the warmth of the tropical sun. With many eateries and a gift shop, there’s more to the waterpark than just rides and experiences.

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Booking the Adventure Cove Tickets online is a great way to ensure the confirmation of admission and access to various rides and experiences in the waterpark. Booking online with us also provides visitors with better deals on their Adventure Cove Tickets. Guests can save a lot on their tickets and choose from packages that suit their needs. They can select from two different variants, based on when they plan to visit - the weekdays or the weekend. Also, the discounts provided online at the Adventure Cove Waterpark tickets are great for those who are traveling on a budget friendly trip. In addition to the great deals and amazing prices, guests are equally impressed by the amazing assistance and service provided in the online booking process. It creates a hassle free experience for them and they are more relaxed to enjoy the activity without much worries. Guests can also book combo ticket packages that lets them explore more popular tourist attractions of the Sentosa Island.

Adventure Cove Waterpark Variants

Adventure Cove Waterpark One-day Admission Ticket

The Adventure Cove Waterpark Tickets for one day admission let’s visitors explore and enjoy the amazing water and marine park for an entire day. The ticket includes admission to the water park at discounted rates and guests can plan their entire day enjoying the various rides and experiences of the themed park. These adventure cove tickets also lets visitors access the lazy river, a relaxing experience at the otherwise exciting water park. Among other activities that are included in the ticket, the dueling racer ride, riptide rocket and the vibrant rainbow reef are stunning experiences that should not be missed by the guests.

Dolphin Discovery Experience with Adventure Cove Waterpark Tickets

Bringing together two of the most amazing waterpark and marine experiences on the Sentosa island, these Adventure Cove waterpark tickets offer guests a fun and exciting time all together. Visitors will get to enjoy meeting the amazing marine creatures - dolphins, which are the permanent residents of the Dolphin Discovery Experience. Interact with the bottlenose dolphins and enjoy the unique experience. The fun is doubled as guests get discounted adventure cove ticket price, and they get to enjoy two amazing destinations in one package. These adventure cove tickets are great for families as the kids will love the waterpark rides and then the unique interaction with the beautiful dolphins.

Adventure Cove Waterpark Tickets with Universal Studios Singapore

Visitors can save a lot on the adventure cove ticket price with these combo packages. In addition to enjoying exciting rides and the amazing waterpark, guests also get to enjoy the unique experience of the Universal Studios Singapore. The various attractions and the chance to meet their favourite Disney character is a highlight for the kids and even the adults. The pass gives the visitors access to all the zones of the studio theme park and the rides of the adventure cove. These Adventure Cove tickets ensure a day of entertainment, thrill, adventure and unlimited activities at two of the most amazing destinations in Sentosa island.

Universal Studios Singapore + S.E.A Aquarium + Adventure Cove Waterpark Tickets

The 3 in 1 Adventure Cove Tickets lets guests enjoy and explore the 3 most amazing tourist destinations in Singapore and enjoy great discounts at the same time. The visitors will have to visit all three places in one day, best to start with the Universal Studios. The great Disney experience, popular characters and 7 thematic zones is a huge hit among the kids. Next it’s best to explore the astounding marine life at the SEA Aquarium- a unique and one of its kind destination. Last, visitors get to enjoy the thrilling and amazing rides at the Adventure Cove Waterpark. These Adventure Cove Waterpark Tickets will keep the visitors entertained and on their toes the entire day.

Which is the Best Way to Buy Adventure Cove Waterpark Tickets?

Guests can easily get their Adventure Cove tickets at the theme park itself. However, it is advisable that the best way to buy the Adventure Cove Waterpark Tickets is online in advance. This way they can get their entry ensured beforehand and can plan their day accordingly. Also, it saves them time from not having to stand at the venue in a long queue for the tickets. In addition to all this, visitors will get great deals and discounts, packages online while booking their tickets.

1.) No waiting at the counter:

  • Visitors can book their Adventure Cove packages online beforehand and ensure that they do not have to wait at the counter on site.
  • Some tickets let visitors skip the line and get direct access to the rides inside the themed waterpark.
  • This way the guests save time at the queue and they can enjoy more rides during their visit.

2.) Comfortable Experience:

  • Booking the tickets online in advance ensures that guests have a comfortable experience during their visit.
  • They will no longer stand in long waiting lines under the sun or in crowded spaces.
  • They get direct entry to the theme park and can enjoy the rides without any hassle.
  • Many packages also include transfer services, extra on site amenities and much more to ensure the comfort of the tourists.

3.) Adventure through Combo Tickets:

  • Buying combo tickets is a great way to save some time and money on the Adventure Cove Ticket price.
  • The combo packages include more than one of these amazing destinations in Sentosa Island and guests get to explore them under one admission ticket.
  • This way they save time and get to enjoy all the activities and experiences together in one day.

Things to Do at Adventure Cove Waterpark

The Adventure Cove Waterpark is one of the most thrilling and adventurous places to visit in Sentosa. The waterpark has some amazing rides that can be enjoyed upon visit. Visitors can ride any one of the 13 great rides or visit Dolphin Island. The island has some great Dolphin experiences and programmes for visitors to get to know the magnificent marine animal. In addition to these wonderful experiences guests can also enjoy some great lip smacking dishes at the many eateries and cafés in the waterpark. The waterpark also has some great souvenir shops to spend the time at or look for gifts to take back home.

Experience Mind blowing Rides

The Adventure cove tickets lets guests explore and experience the amazing rides available at the park. There are plenty of roller coasters, slippery slides, an obstacle course ride, and a slow speed river among the adventurous experiences. Thrill seekers and adventure lovers enjoy the twists and turns of the various slides and the fun that comes along with the obstacle course.

Enjoy Dolphin Encounters

The adventure cove singapore has a very magnificent experience named the Dolphin Island. Home to some very friendly and beautiful bottlenose dolphins, the island offers various programmes and experiences. Guests can enjoy Dolphin Encounters where they get to be up close with the dolphins and learn in depth about them. Get in the water, swim with them and go Snorkeling around or simply watch them from the edge of the lagoon.

Visit Lip-Snacking Dining Options

There are many amazing eateries at the Adventure Cove Park where guests can take a break from all the exciting rides and experiences. The eateries like Blue Ice Treats and Hot Dogs and Drinks Cart are small carts and stalls that offer a good range of snacks for the guests. The Bay Restaurant is a great place to enjoy Japanese Fusion food in the waterpark.

Buy your favorites at Shopping Places

The waterpark has a great souvenir shop and also an amazing place to shop for swimwear. Reef n wave wear is a fantastic place to enjoy shopping at the waterpark. Guests can buy collectibles, cool gift items, souvenirs, flip flops, swim apparel and much more. Adults can explore the shopping experience while kids spend time at the children's rides

Rides in Adventure Cove Waterpark

Adventure River

Adventure river is a unique experience including a lot of themed zones in its pathway. The river moves at a slow speed through the various stunning zones and lets visitors enjoy the view. There are 14 themed attractions on the way and as the guests pass through the underwater tunnel, they are left in awe of the diverse marine life. So get on the tube and get ready for a gorgeous journey.

Age & Height Restrictions: Children under the height of 122cm need to be accompanied by an adult.

Ride Type: Slow moving river

Big Bucket Treehouse

The whole adventurous set up in the shape of a Treehouse lets kids and adults have the most ultimate treehouse experience of their life. The brimming buckets, amazing water slides and then climbing a cargo net wall to reach the top - all of it gets the adrenaline rushing. Repeat the same adventure course again if you like it and enjoy it with the whole group.

Age & Height Restrictions: Children under the height of 122cm need to be accompanied by an adult.

Ride Type: Wading Pool

Bluewater Bay

A relaxing experience at the edge of the wave park, riding the waves at the pool is fun and exciting. The guests can also sit at the side of the pool in the cabanas and have a relaxing time under the warmth of the tropical sun. The splash and fun of the waters is surely the better part, but the cabanas too offer a luxurious time.

Age & Height Restrictions: Children under the height of 122cm need to be accompanied by an adult.

Ride Type: Wave Pool

Dueling Racer

A thrilling and fun experience at the adventure cove singapore, the Dueling Racer is a ride best enjoyed with friends. Dare your friends to take the ride down the scary and slippery slide on a mat and see which one of you reaches first. Grab a mat and race down, this two person slide brings the perfect amount of excitement and challenge to your experience.

Age & Height Restrictions: Guests under 107cm are not allowed on the ride. Children under 122cm are to be accompanied by adults.

Ride Type: Racing Water Slide

Pipeline Plunge

The adrenaline pumping experience brings plenty of fun and excitement along with it. The high speed pipeline slide is great for thrill seekers. The slide will take some crazy turns and radical twists, get through a dark tunnel completely blinded in it and take the most exhilarating plunge at the end into the pool.

Age & Height Restrictions: Participants must be 122cm tall or higher than that

Ride Type: High Speed Water slide

Spiral Washout

Go funnelling down the tube slide into this exhilarating tube slide and have the time of your life. As guests are sent reeling into the water slide, they will be hit by water from the sides and then take a plunge into the splash pool. The slide works at an incredible speed and the adrenaline rush is unimaginable.

Age & Height Restrictions: Children under the height of 122cm need to be accompanied by an adult.

Ride Type: Thrilling Water Slide

Tidal Twister

For the big adventure seekers and thrill enthusiasts, the Tidal Twister is the most amazing ride. Tunnel down at maximum speed on this slippery slide that descends with multiple twists and crazy swirls. The fun and excitement are unlimited as guests splash into the pool at the fastest speed.

Age & Height Restrictions: Children under the height of 122cm need to be accompanied by an adult

Ride Type: Thrilling water slides

Rainbow Reef

Snorkeling along the most wonderful and colourful marine creatures makes a splendid activity to enjoy. The rainbow reef is an exquisite spot for going underwater and enjoying the marine creatures in their natural habitat. With over 2000 reef inhabitants the spot looks like a kaleidoscope, vibrant and relaxing. There are marine creatures of different sizes and varieties.

Age & Height Restrictions: Children under 107cm are not allowed to snorkel. Those between the height of 107cm - 122cm will need adult supervision.

Ride Type: Snorkeling


The whole obstacle course in water at the Adventure Cove Singapore is a thrilling and adventurous experience. The fun ride includes a free fall wall climbing obstacle, top swinging, balancing acts and much more. The balancing acts are secured by a safety net of a deep pool, to keep the guests safe.

Age & Height Restrictions: Children under the height of 122cm need to be accompanied by an adult.

Ride Type: Obstacle-based Attraction

Dolphin Experiences at Adventure Cove Waterpark

The Sentosa Adventure Cove Waterpark is home to the magnificent bottlenose dolphins, living at the Dolphin island. Visitors get to interact with these wonderful and smart animals in the various Dolphin experiences offered by the waterpark. The diverse range of programmers designed with these intellect mammals are a great way to spend a relaxing time at the otherwise thrilling adventure waterpark. Guests learn about these cute animals, their habitat, lifestyle, diet, anatomy and many other things during these interactive Dolphin Experiences at the Adventure Cove Waterpark. The goal of the island is to create a more sustainable marine environment for the fascinating marine mammal.

Dolphin Adventure

A very thrilling and adventurous experience, this activity is allowed for only age 13 and above. As visitors swim in the depths of water with the magnificent bottlenose dolphins, they test their swimming skills and enjoy a unique experience. The feeling of ultimate euphoria overcomes as the dolphins propel them under water and they bond with these fascinating creatures. The activity is advised to be enjoyed by good swimmers only as it needs a lot of skills in that regard.

Dolphin Discovery

Learn up close about the enchanting bottlenose dolphins in the pool at the Dolphin Island. Guests can get into the waters and meet one of the friendly dolphins. Play along with it or simply let it roam around as you enjoy the water. This activity is great to learn their habits, little things about them and is an interactive knowledgeable experience even for the kids of all ages. However, children below the age of 4 are not allowed inside the water and can enjoy the Dolphin Observer experience instead.

Dolphin Encounter

Best for those who do not wish to go into the water to interact with these amazing marine creatures. Dolphin encounter experience lets visitors stay on the edge of the lagoon. The dolphins swim to the edge and play with the guests. Feed them, splash some water on them or click amazing pictures with them. The trainers assist the visitors at all times and let them know interesting facts about this beautiful animal.

Dolphin Observer

The Dolphin observer is an extended part of the Dolphin discovery programme in the Sentosa Adventure Cove Waterpark. As visitors sit on the poolside under the shade, they get to watch the dolphins play among themselves. This is a very scenic and relaxing experience. At the same time guests can ask their Dolphin Observer hosts as many questions as they like and learn about this magnificent marine animal.

Dolphin Trek

The Dolphin Trek is a unique experience offered at the waterpark. Visitors are given an ocean trek suit that allows them to go underwater and interact with these creatures. Exploring their little moments, guests can also walk on the lagoon floor with their special suits and watch the animal up close in their home. This experience teaches the guests about how the dolphins live underwater and how they move in their natural habitat.

Dining Options at Adventure Cove Waterpark

There are plenty of ink h options for visitors at the Sentosa Adventure Cove Waterpark. Visitors are treated to lip smacking flavours that add joy to their thrilling experience at the waterpark. From local toGlobal theirs are all kinds of delicacies that guests can binge on while taking a break from the rides or after enjoying the thrilling adventures. From full meals to snacks, get your hunger satiated at one of the many eateries inside the waterpark.

Blue Ice Treats

The best place to take a break from the thrilling experience of the water rides and coasters. Blue Ice treats is a small sized stall that serves delectable snacks and beverages for the visitors of the waterpark. Grab a hotdog or a lip smacking sandwich to eat while resting in between rides. They even have some good drinks which will refuel you for the next adventure.

Hot Dogs and Drinks Cart

Providing a plethora of options to eat at Adventure Cove Singapore the Hot Dogs and drinks cart brings it all under one roof. From enjoying a fresh hot dog to tasting the flavours of nasi biryani, goodies will love every second at this eatery. Additionally they can also order a mash or their favourite cold drinks to go with the delicious food. The eatery is open all day and guests can take a break from the exploration of rides to explore its menu.

Other Attractions to See at Sentosa Island

S.E.A Aquarium

The largest global aquarium, SEA Aquarium, is a 360-degree 4D multi-sensory marine experience with over 100,000 marine animals spread across 49 ecosystems, making it home to 800 species. The Touch Pool, the Maritime Experiential Museum, and the Open Ocean environment, which gives you the impression of sitting on the ocean floor, are just a few of the highlights at the SEA Aquarium, which is among the best locations to visit on Sentosa Island. This is the chance to get up close and personal with amazing aquatic creatures such as hammerhead sharks and bottlenose dolphins. It was indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This is one of the best water park experiences in addition to Sentosa Adventure Cove.

Universal Studios Singapore

A dream come true for adventure seekers and thrill lovers, Universal Studios Singapore is among the most visited tourist attractions in Sentosa. The wonderful theme park has around 24 rides and is home to many amazing thematic zones from different popular movies and TV shows. Spread across 50 acres the theme park has some great rides like the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle. It also is home to some great themed restaurants and guests get to enjoy the various shows hosted on-site. The 7 different themed zones include Ancient Egypt, Hollywood, The Lost World, New York, Sci-Fi City, Far Far Away, and Madagascar. Get the combo package of Universal Studios and Adventure Cove Singapore to have the most thrilling day of your life.

Madame Tussauds Singapore

The popular Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, established in London, has a branch in Singapore. Life-like wax figures of important persons and global icons from the realms of art, music, film, sports, and politics may be found at the museum in Singapore. Madame Tussauds in Singapore, which has wax statues of global icons and several celebrities, movie stars, athletes, and cultural icons, also has a number of interactive experiences to keep visitors entertained during their visit. On the Spirit of Singapore boat journey, there are breathtaking sights to see, as well as fascinating history to discover about Singapore and its metamorphosis via the Images of Singapore Live programme. Marvel fans will enjoy looking over the Marvel 4D spectacle and be enthralled by a superhero encounter.

Know Before You Visit Adventure Cove Waterpark

1.) Opening hours & Closing Time:

The opening hours and closing time of the Sentosa Adventure Cove Park are the same for the weekdays and weekends. Each day the park opens at 10 AM and closes around 6 PM.

2.) How to Reach:

Location: Resorts World Sentosa, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore

  • By Bus:Buses are available from all major tourist attractions of Sentosa and from Singapore. Visitors can reach the Bus Stop 14519 and from there it’s just a few minutes away via the Forum.

  • By Cable Car:The cable car is the most used and a preferred mode of transport to reach the adventure park. Visitors will have to take the ride from Harbourfront station to the Imbiah Station. From there they have to take the Sentosa Express and then it’s a walking distance to the Adventure cove waterpark.

  • By Car:People with private cars or cabs have to take the Sentosa Gateway and then drive in the B1 lane until they reach the dedicated Car Park Area. From there directions to the waterpark are clearly mentioned on level 1.

3.) Facilities:

Guests can find the ATM, First Aid Stations, Drinking Fountains, and other important facilities at the waterpark. The waterpark also offers Strollers and Wheelchairs to the guests who require it. Additionally guests can buy Lockers for their valuables.

4. ) Dress Code:

It is advisable to wear appropriate swimwear, including more coverage bikinis, wet suits, board shorts, swimming suits, bodysuits, round neck T-shirts among other things. However, one should refrain from wearing underwear, jeans, jackets, long skirts, clothes with zippers on the rides and in the pools.

Essential Tips for Adventure Cove Waterpark

  • As the day progres the adventure rides start getting crowded. So it is best to reach Sentosa Adventure Cove Waterpark early in the day and enjoy the rides without any hassle.
  • Families travelling with kids should definitely visit the attractions like Big Bucket Treehius, Seahorse Hideaway and Rainbow Reef.
  • The unique marine life encounters with dolphins and sharks are definitely worth it and visitors do not need to be experienced divers for these activities.
  • There are height and age limitations applicable to all the rides at the park.
  • Since the rides are outdoor, it is best to wear sunscreen at all times and avoid sunburn.
  • Guests should carry appropriate and more coverage swimwear as the park has strict policy regarding the same.
  • Secure the valuable items and belongings in a locker, which can be found in different parts of the waterpark.
  • Outside food and drinks are not allowed inside the waterpark at any cost.
  • Guests should take a shower before entering any of the pools or rides.
  • Life jacket will be provided to each and every guest, so avoid bringing separate flotation devices.

FAQ's of Adventure Cove Waterpark

What are the best rides at Adventure Cove Waterpark?

The Adventure Cove Singapore has many amazing rides and experiences for guests to enjoy with their friends and family. The best rides of the waterpark are:

  • Dueling Racer
  • Pipeline plunge
  • Riptide Rocket
  • Spiral Washout
  • Tidal twister
  • Rainbow Reef
  • Adventure river

These rides attract a lot of visitors to their thrilling experience. However, these are not the only rides to explore and guests will find their favourites from the plethora of rides upon their visit.

Is Dolphin Island safe to visit at Adventure Cove Waterpark?

Yes, the rides at Dolphin Island are very safe for visitors at Sentosa Adventure Cove. Each ride has its own age and height requirements, and they are strictly followed for the safety of the riders and other guests.

How long is it required to experience the whole Adventure Cove Waterpark to the fullest?

On an average on a weekday guests need to have at least 2-3 hours on their schedule dedicated to the waterpark. During this time they can enjoy the amazing experiences and the thrilling rides, and also grab a delicious snack from the on-site restaurants.

Can Adventure Cove Tickets be booked in Advance?

Booking the Adventure Cove Tickets in advance is actually a great way to secure admission to the thrilling experience. Guests do not have to wait in long queues at the venue and can easily get access to the amazing rides. It is easier to plan the day accordingly and they will have plenty of things to add to the itinerary on Sentosa Island.

Should I book my Adventure Cove Waterpark Tickets online?

It is best to book the Adventure Cove Waterpark tickets online as guests will find it way more convenient than standing in a queue at the venue. Guests get great deals and discounts on the packages available online while booking their tickets. Additionally they can select combo packages which lets them explore the various tourist attractions of Sentosa Island in one ticket.

What are different animal encounters at Adventure Cove Waterpark?

The waterpark offers visitors a chance to get near and admire marine life creatures. At the waterpark guests can enjoy the encounters with dolphins and they even get to see sharks in a safe environment from a distance. This is a thrilling and unique experience for most of the visitors.


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