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Attractions in Gardens by the Bay

Floral Fantasy

Enjoy a myriad of Gardens by the Bay attractions that are spread across an area of 250 acres with your loved ones and make your trip to Singapore the most memorable one. The Flower Dome in the Bay South Garden is the largest glass greenhouse in the world and a renowned Gardens by the Bay attraction. It consists of two very famous conservatories which are the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome. The Flower Dome is the home to rare plant species from all over the world. The Cloud Forest will give you the experience of walking through an enchanting wood covered with mist. The SuperTree Grove is one of the most popular attractions as the light and music show turns the whole place into a charming wonderland. The Horticulture themed gardens and the Children’s Garden are also some of the most popular Gardens by the Bay attractions.

Supertree Grove
Supertree Grove

At the Supertree Grove, you will have an encounter with twelve out of eighteen of the garden’s gigantic Supertrees which stand at a height of about 50 m above the ground. Walk under the Supertree Grove, which is one of the prime Gardens by the Bay attractions and watch the amazing light and sound show at night. You can also climb up to the Observatory on the tallest Supertree and enjoy the panoramic view of Marina Bay.

Gardens by the bay OCBC Skyway
OCBC Skyway

Enjoy an exhilarating experience at the OCBC Skywalk which is one of the most famous Gardens by the Bay attractions. Standing at a height of around 22 metres from the ground, this 128 metre long aerial walkway will give you a picturesque view of the lush greenery in the garden. You can also enjoy a bird’s eye view of the downtown Marina Bay from here. Soak in the mesmerising view of the entire garden from the Ocbc Skyway.

Garden Rhapsody
Garden Rhapsody – Light and Music Show

The Garden Rhapsody is a light and sound show that takes place in the Supertree Grove. Watch the majestic Supertree Grove getting lit up with grandeur and then get immersed in the enticing music this attraction has to offer. This visual flamboyance is a must have experience which takes you back in the retro world of 1970 disco hall. The show is organised two times in a day and is one of the popular garden by the bay new attractions.

Get Wet Far East Organization Children’s Garden

The Get Wet Far East Organization Children’s Garden is a play area which has been specially designed for children in Gardens by the Bay. The Children’s Garden consists of three different sections which are the Water Play Area, the Toddler Play Area and the Adventure Trail. You can find a sway bridge, stepping springs, a treehouse containing hammock swings, swinging nets and slides and much more here.

Kingfisher Wetlands

A nature sanctuary in the heart of the city, the Kingfisher Wetlands is a major Gardens by the Bay new attractions. It is a paradise for nature and bird lovers as this freshwater sanctuary is the home to a wide variety of exotic flora and fauna. Take a stroll through the wetlands and experience getting up close and personal with nature right in the midst of the bustling city life.

Serene Garden.jpg
Serene Garden

The Serene Garden is one of the Gardens by the Bay new attractions. It is an outdoor garden which has been designed with an inspiration from the minimalistic concept of the zen gardens in Japan. Spanning across an area of around 2 hectares, the Serene Garden is a unique horticulture garden which gives you a slice of nature right in the middle of the bustling city life.

The Canyon

The Canyon at the Gardens by the Bay is the home to the largest collection of sculptural rocks in the world. It is a 400 metre long trail which contains rocks as tall as 7 metres in height. The Canyon features four mystical sculptures in the form of two Chinese totems, a metal dragon and a massive dragonfly. It houses over 5,900 plants consisting of 200 species which are unique to the arid regions and over 60 ancient rock forms.

Marina Barrage
Marina Barrage

The Marina Barrage is the 15th reservoir built in Singapore and the first one to be built in the heart of the city. It is one of the most famous Gardens by the Bay attractions as it is one of the best locations from where you can enjoy stunning views of the city. It is situated across the mouth of the Marina Channel and covers a catchment area of around 10,000 hectares.

Web of Life

The Web of Life at Gardens by the Bay depicts the story of the interdependent relationship between flora and fauna. It is one of the most interesting Gardens by the Bay attractions where you can learn more about the balance in the ecosystem. It tells us specifically about the connection between fig plants and the native animals that belong to the tropical rainforest. You can find several unique trees here like Elephant Ear Fig, Brazilian Dutchman’s Pipe and Fijian Longan.

Heritage garden.jpg
Heritage Garden

The Heritage Gardens at the Gardens by the Bay takes us back into the roots of the three ethnic groups of Singapore and its colonial past. There are four themed gardens which include the Indian Garden, the Chinese Garden, the Malay Garden and the Colonial Garden. You can learn more about the history and diverse ethnic groups and culture of Singapore through the stories the plants of these gardens have to offer.

Floating Baby Sculpture

The Floating Baby Sculpture, at 9 metres long and 3 metres tall, is the most unique Gardens by the Bay attractions. It weighs around 7 tons and is called the “Planet”. The white painted, bronze cast sculpture of a baby resting on its arm looks like it defies the laws of gravity and floats in the air. Located at the Meadow, this sculpture has been made by the acclaimed British sculptor, Marc Quinn.

Sun Pavilion

The Sun Pavilion takes you across a stunning, desert-like landscape and is one of the Gardens by the Bay new attractions. You will find a large collection of desert plants in the outdoor themed garden of Sun Pavilion. Some of the popular plants here include the Mexican Giant Cardon and the Turk’s Cap.

Flower Dome.jpg
Flower Dome

The Flower Dome is the prime Gardens by the Bay attraction and is the heaven for flower lovers and horticulture fans. It consists of several unique gardens like the Californian Garden, South American Garden, South African Garden, Mediterranean Garden, Australian Garden, Succulent Garden, Olive Grove and Baobabs and Bottle Trees. Explore rare plants belonging to a wide range of unique habitats in this conservatory.

Discover a World in Midst of Cloud Forest

Home to one of the tallest indoor waterfalls in the world, the Cloud Forest is one of the famous Gardens by the Bay attraction. It contains a huge, lush mountain which is 35 metre tall and is covered with unique plant species from all over the world. The Cloud Forest is covered with mist and rare plants which makes this an enticing and enigmatic landscape which is bound to catch your fancy.

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    The Gardens by the Bay Singapore tourist places is the hub of horticulture and garden artistry. It is the home to several species of plants from all over the world and includes some of the rarest species which can hardly be found in that part of the world. It is a place where the visitors can have a fun and educational experience getting to learn more about the plant kingdom.

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