Outdoor Activities in Singapore

If you are looking for a fun and sporty time while travelling, then you must try the outdoor activities in Singapore with your friends and family. For thrill seekers, Singapore offers many outdoor activities like trying paddle-boarding at Ola Beach Club and going for nighttime jungle adventure, that are suitable for different age groups and someone who loves being outdoors. If you are into water sports, then you must try Kayaking, Scuba diving and Snorkeling. For someone who is interested in extreme sports and outdoor activities in Singapore, should try Bungee Jumping, Ziplining and Reverse Bungy. One can also go island hopping at the Southern Islands, immerse in fresh nature and unwind in the scenic beauty. Visiting Singapore and participating in these outdoor activities empower you to overcome heat and head outdoors to spend an exhilarating vacation in Singapore.

Scuba Diving
Scuba diving

Singapore is considered an emerging place for scuba diving in Asia, because it boasts of a significant mixture of marine life, surface water, and multi-hued corals. You can dive into the translucent clear blue water, searching for turtles, seahorses, and colorful sea slugs found in shallow waters. The scuba diving sessions are managed by registered diving instructors over a period of four hours in certain places. Some of the best locations for scuba diving in Singapore are Pulau Hantu, Kusu Island, Igara Wreck, and many more. Since, diving in this country is less expensive as compared to other western nations and therefore it is a hotspot for tourists.

Cycle on the water at WaterBike
Cycle on the water at WaterBike

If you like riding a bicycle on land, you will definitely love to ride it on water as well. Riding a water bike on water is one of the recreational and fun outdoor adventures in Singapore that is easy and safe and can be done by people of all age groups. It is also known as hyrocycle and human powered boat which is simpler and easier than kayaking as the bike is very stable. Mind to wear waterproof shoes as your feet will get the water when hopping on the bike.


Kayaking is one of the popular outdoor activities in Singapore among locals and tourists alike. Some of the top places to go kayaking are Singapore river, Pulau Ubin and Mandai Mangrove where you can have a fun and sporty time with your loved ones. You can also try fishing along with kayaking and feel the thrill of catching fishes in hands. Kayaking is a distinctive and astonishing experience in which you’ll be crossing mangroves, sighting large no. of bird species and more.

Cable-skiing at Singapore Wake Park
Cable-skiing at Singapore Wake Park

Singapore Wake Park is the only cable-ski park that offers knee-boarding, wakeboarding, and wake skating, thereby promoting three cable-systems. It is a fantastic outdoor adventure in Singapore that requires both balance and focus and has multiple levels of cable skills as per riders' desired difficulty level. In addition, you’ll surely get some vitamin D and sunlight. The opening time of the park is at morning 9.00 O’clock, and there are nine slots available by which tourists could select their preferred time slots.

Go for Jungle Adventure
Go for Jungle Adventure

Since, the creatures of forest are most active at night and therefore jungle adventures are normally conducted at night. Individuals who want to enjoy nature and get personal experience with the wildlife of Singapore should definitely go for jungle adventures. They can observe hidden creatures of Singapore closely and recognize the manner of identification of them, while hearing interesting stories behind such creatures.

Paddle Boarding
Try Paddle-Boarding at Ola Beach Club

Paddle boarding at Ola Beach Club is a fun experience of looking at the coastal scenery while paddling on your stand up board. It is one of the fun outdoor activities in Singapore where you can enjoy the sea breeze and scenic view. Standup paddle boarding is the perfect experience for embracing the marine beauty of Sentosa. Paddle the waves when riding the Banana Boat or the adventurous Donut, or spend the day exploring the beach on a kayak or stand-up paddleboard.

giant swing sentosa3.webp
Giant Swing at Skypark Sentosa

Tired of an ordinary day of roaming around malls and parks? Then experience an adventure on the giant swing at Skypark Sentosa. It’s the only double swing of its kind in the world that reaches a speed of 120 kilometers per hour, making you feel as if you’re hovering. Riding at the swing also gives a glimpse of the beach as you swoop over sentosa beach and horizon over sea as a bonus treat, additionally you can overcome your fear at the sky bridge.

Skyhelix Sentosa Singapore.jpg
SkyHelix Sentosa

Amongst the list of outdoor activities of Singapore, sky helix comes at the top in which you relax and watch the magnificent sights of Sentosa, Sky Helix, Singapore’s highest open-air panoramic ride. Enjoy the outstanding view of Sentosa from above 35 meters, surely providing Goosebumps to travelers. The 360 degree view of Sentosa can be observed from this place, which is definitely mesmerizing.

BungBungy Jumpingy Jumping
Bungy Jumping

Bungee jumping is a great fun adventure right on the top of a river, with a heartwarming view of the mountain range from the jumping platform at 50 m height. It’s a free fall in which you experience fast wind coming, which lasts for a few seconds before the cord kicks in. The experience of outdoor activities in Singapore feels like jumping from the clouds as you drive through the wind to touch the surface beneath for a more fascinating experience.


Snorkeling is a fun water activity in which your body floats on the water, your face is covered with snorkel, a diving mask with breathing tube and you are required to use your feet as fins. Of the many adventurous trips in Singapore, a journey down the Adventure River, passing through 14 themed zones including a tropical jungle garden, is a must. Snorkeling, one of the top outdoor adventures in Singapore, is done without a guide as it is not as deep as scuba diving.

G-Max Reverse Bungy
Reverse Bungy

Reverse bungy jumping is the most thrilling outdoor adventure in Singapore in which you are taken to a height of 60 meters and jump with a speed of 200 km/h. This activity is spine chilling and is not recommended to the faint hearted. The G-Max Reverse Bungy straps you into capsules while on the ground, throwing you suddenly and with great force of 200 kmph speed into the air at the press of a button.

Island Hopping
Go Island Hopping in the Southern Islands

Visit Singapore’s coastal islands on your own private yacht or by an island cruise ship that will take you to the beautiful Singapore islands called Lazarus Island, St. John Island, and Kusu Island. These islands are refreshing, peaceful, and they also make great picnic spots as well as give you a chance to indulge in some of the best adventurous things to do in Singapore! You can visit tortoise sanctuary, open greenery, temples on islands and these islands are romantic destinations for couples as well!


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