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Freedom or thrill; there is an immense sense of belonging when it comes to skydiving. After all, we want to cross an item off that proverbial bucket list and we have just found the landing place. Make a beeline for iFly Singapore, the world's largest indoor skydiving wind tunnels; an experience you will cherish to the end of time. Now no risky jumps from the flying saucer, no paying steep prices; an unparalleled themed indoor skydiving facility awaits you all. Stationed at a height of 56.5 ft, the marvelous adventure provides a secure and economical setting for both first-timers and for the crackerjacks.

Located at an arm’s length from the Sentosa Beach facing the magnificent South China Sea, the facility has been masterfully crafted to provide a simulated indoor breath-taking experience. The gigantic space has been themed around an airport and features the airplane sensory simulations, status updates, check-in passes, and much more. It utilizes the training and safety systems established by the International Bodyflight Association (IBA) enforcing benchmarks in safety and rules for flight in vertical wind tunnels globally. It is also accredited with globally recognized ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards in 2013

iFly Singapore has also been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for its incessant commitment to providing an entertaining and thrilling experience. It also is the current holder of five Guinness World Records for its wind tunnel facility.

Book iFly Singapore Tickets Online

While it is always an option to purchase iFly tickets in person, booking an iFly Singapore ticket online is one of the easiest and hassle-free methods to visit the zone and experience a vision. The thick crowds and long queues at the physical ticket counter can be avoided by booking your tickets online. You have the benefit of pre-ordered tickets along with access to the best discounts and deals making your trip cost-effective and totally worth it.

There are different packages and deals available for travelers to endow them with the best combinations and price attractions. The packages are a mix of skydiving options, pre-flight demo, safety training, and

Advantages to Book iFly Singapore Ticket from Us

Going to iFly Singapore for the first time will be one of the most thrilling trips you’ll onboard. Let not the eagerness to fly be washed by your time being stuck in queues. Utilize the extra magic hours savoring the zones; feasting on the experience. iFly is one of the biggest attractions with people from around the globe wanting to visit it for thrill and fun. While buying tickets at the location is not exactly a good idea, we recommend you to book online with us to get your favorite date, and your package and avoid any intermediaries skyrocketing the ticket price.

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Experience Indoor Skydiving Experience with iFly Singapore

Experience Indoor Skydiving Experience with iFly Singapore Tickets

1.) Once you are on the premises of iFly Singapore, you will be required to sign a waiver and indemnity form. Post this formality, a video presentation about safety norms, procedures, and hand signals will be shown to you. This will help you march toward the next stage of training.

2.) The certified instructor will take you through the practical training crash course which will embody lessons in body postures, communication methods while in the wind tunnel, entering and exiting the tunnel, and a game plan for you to have more fun.

3.) After the rigorous training process, here’s the time for you to gear up. So step into the one-piece jumper, and put on the helmet. It is important to have the protective goggles of the right fit on, so ensure you adjust them for the best fit. Earplugs are a must in the wind tunnel chamber so ensure you stuff them in.

4.) Time for the edge of the seat experience, you make inwards towards the flight chamber for that fall from 12,000 to 3,000 feet. Remember not to get intimidated as your instructor in the wind tunnel will provide you attention and brief while you are on it. You are lifted off your feet when the cruising winds touch you and you keep your chin up, arms out at right angles, and bent legs. The posture is what is ideal for your venture.

Know Before You Go iFly Singapore

Best time to Visit and Opening Hours
  • Get a feel of boarding in a real airplane as ifly features a flight status board, check-in passes, and simulations of airplane noises.
  • Participants can fly inside the world’s first wind themed tunnel with wind blowing at a speed of 180 km/hr .
  • iFly Singapore has a patented technology where powerful airspeeds lift the flyers replicating the fall from an airplane.
  • Training and safety rules will be provided to all flyers by an eclectic team of professional instructors. All the safety grounds are covered with much finesse to ensure nothing falls short.

Essential Information about iFly Singapore

Essential Information about iFly Singapore

1.) All the participants should be present at the iFly Singapore zone at least 1 hour before the pre-selected flight time.

2.) Pregnant women and those below 7 years of age will not be allowed to participate

3.) Participants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If either is available, they should bring a copy of their identity or password with a waiver form signed by them.

4.)No participants should intake alcohol or non-prescribed drugs when they are about to take this activity.

5.) If your height is under 1.8 meters, your weight should not exceed 120 kilograms; if your height is more than 1.8 meters, then the weight should not exceed 140 kilograms.

6.) If you do not show up on time for the tour, there will be no refund for the unutilized services. It will be within the rights of the service provider to charge 100% iFly Singapore cost even when you have not taken the experience.

Tips to Remember Before Booking iFly Singapore

  • Better to reach the spot one hour prior to the flight time especially when you’ve done online booking.
  • It will be a great move to plan your visit on weekdays rather than on weekends so that it is even more pocket-friendly.
  • The facility might get a little cold hence it is always better to carry a jacket to protect you.
  • Do note, that the entire experience, right from arriving one hour prior to training and the actual flight will take about 3 hours. Be prepared because good things take time.
  • The wing of fire workshop is an exciting thing to look forward to. If you are interested then you can try to schedule your visit to iFly Singapore between 8 and 9 PM.
  • For those who have their hearts for skydiving, you can also become an indoor pro flyer with a membership offer on the stands.

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Universal Studios Singapore

This is Southeast Asia’s first Universal Studios that is based on some hugely popular blockbuster films and TV series. The child in you will love cutting-edge rides like Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON, TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle. Your little ones will also devour their tour to Space Chase and Sesame Street Spaghetti. The avid explorers can also pose with the stars of Kung Fu Panda and the likes.

S.E.A Aquarium
S.E.A Aquarium

If you are a person who finds serenity under the water world then you have to drop by the S.E.A Aquarium. A gem locale near the iFly Singapore facility, this is one of the largest oceanariums on Mother Earth. You will absolutely love this space for it houses more than 100,000 marine animals.These amazing creatures from the deep will make your day along with education tours planned for families and individuals alike.

Wings of Time
Wings of Time

If you want to experience a miraculous magnificence then book the show at Wings of Time at night. The spell-binding and binge-worthy show is a beautiful meld of laser, water, and fire with a theatrical soundtrack playing in the backend. The firework exhibit is unmissable because it lets you expedite the talented world of artists this place houses.

 Adventure Cove Waterpark
Adventure Cove Waterpark

Adventure Cove Waterpark is Southeast Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster that boasts of some of the best water slides for that adrenalin rush. You can zoom your way down to the high-speed water slides or go snorkeling with marine fishes, making this place a must for nature lovers.

Singapore Cable Car
Singapore Cable Car

Get onboard the Singapore Cable Car and treat your eyes to the amazing aerial views. Watch the high beauty unveil around you from 100 meters above sea level. This must-visit expedition is the only cableway that links Mount Faber, Harbourfront, and Sentosa Island.

Trick Eye Museum
Trick Eye Museum

The Trick Eye Museum is an internationally reputed optical art museum that refers to the traditional art technique of Trompe-l'oeil. It turns two-dimensional paintings into 3D images with the use of optical illusions. Explore art, bring them to life, pose with the marvels and become a part of the creation.

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What is unique about iFly Singapore?

    It is the world’s first and largest themed wind tunnel for the indoor skydiving experience. It spans 16 feet wide. Also, it is the only wind tunnel that has an 18 feet acrylic glass wall that gives you blazing views of the South China Sea.

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