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The National Gallery Singapore Tickets gives you the opportunity to visit the National Gallery Singapore. This is a leading visual arts institution that is home to the world’s biggest public collection of Singapore and Southeast Asian modern art.

Conveniently located in the center of the Civic District and housed within two national monuments, I.e. the former City Hall and former Supreme Court, the National Gallery is an architecturally magnificent and exciting art space. The former City Hall and Supreme Court were restored to build the Gallery. However, some remnants of the old buildings are retained such as the court’s old holding cells.

At the National Gallery Singapore you can explore a wide array of exhibitions displaying some of the most stunning public collections of modern art from Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries.

The sheer variety and diversity of the exhibits sets the National Gallery Singapore apart from the other art galleries in the region. The best part about the National Gallery is that it covers various mediums and its artwork ranges from the nineteenth century to the present. A major part of the art collection comes from Singapore and Southeast Asia. The Gallery regularly features temporary Exhibitions and to refresh its viewership.

Another highlight of the National Gallery Singapore is the variety of restaurants, lounges and cafes that are within the Premises.

Visitors can also take advantage of the guided tours which are included in your National Gallery Singapore tickets.

Buying National Gallery Singapore Tickets Online

Purchasing your National Gallery Singapore tickets online gets you attractive discounts which cannot be availed at the ticket counter of the Gallery. Moreover, purchasing your National Art Gallery Singapore tickets online gives you the advantage of skipping the hassle of standing in long queues at the ticket counter and you can straight for security check.

Moreover, purchasing your tickets online can also get you amazing combo deals along with the discounts in your National Gallery Singapore price.

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  • Explore the impressive collection of modern art, featuring over 4,000 stunning pieces that challenge conventions, as you visit the National Gallery Singapore

  • Step into the City Hall Chamber, once the venue for important governmental meetings & imagine Singapore's rich history

  • Admire the grandeur of Southeast Asian art with over 1,200 artworks from the region, showcasing diverse cultures, histories & artistic expressions

  • Book the National Gallery Singapore tickets and see the artistic traditions of Southeast Asia at the UOB gallery, featuring a remarkable collection of artworks

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Must Know Before You Go
  • Photography is permitted in some galleries for non-commercial use only. No videography, flash photography, selfie sticks, tripods, or monopods are permitted in the galleries.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed inside the National Gallery.
  • Bags may be subject to inspection for security reasons.
  • Outside food and drinks are not allowed inside the venue
  • Photography without flash and videography are permitted in the galleries
  • Photography is allowed, but taking videos and photos for commercial purposes, as well as the live broadcasting of the show is strictly prohibited
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Your National Gallery Singapore Experience Explained

Your National Gallery Singapore Tickets Explained

The National Gallery Singapore ticket takes you on a tour of this amazing Gallery which is committed to showcasing Singapore and Southeast Asian art. The exhibits are from a collection of works that showcases art right from the 19th century to what it is today. With the National Gallery Singapore tickets, you get to visit both permanent galleries: the DBS Singapore Gallery and the UOB Southeast Asia Gallery.

Discounted National Gallery Singapore tickets are available for kids in the age group of 7 to 12 years. The discounted pricing also applies for students, teachers, elderly visitors who are 60 years and over and national service people.

The National Gallery Singapore Grant's free entry for visitors with disabilities, their accompanying caregivers and locals.

Validity: The National Art Gallery Singapore tickets validity is for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Experience to Have at National Gallery Singapore Highlights


The National Gallery Singapore organizes exhibitions on a regular basis showcasing art in various ways and different formats.

Some of the most popular exhibitions at the National Gallery Singapore are "The Gift" which explores the complexity of art making and collecting. "Ever Present: First People's Art of Australia" which showcased over 170 masterpieces by Australian Aborigines and Torres Strait Islander artists.

Siapa Nama Kamu? Art in Singapore since the 19th Century"Siapa Nama Kamu?" means "What is your name?" This exhibition invites visitors to look at Singapore through its art.

Between Declarations and Dreams: Art of Southeast Asia since the 19th Century is another exhibition which is housed in the former Supreme Court building.

Listening to Architecture: The Gallery's Histories and Transformations traces the development of the City Hall and former Supreme Court buildings, from the origins to their dramatic transformation into the National Gallery Singapore.

City Hall: If Walls Could Talk is an extraordinary experience that takes you on a journey to explore the legendary stories of City Hall, showcasing Singapore’s amazing transition from a colony to a city-state.


National Gallery Singapore has a collection of more than 9,000 artworks by artists from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Brunei. The Collection spans artworks from the 19th century to the present. The Gallery collects art from across the region in its efforts to explore the history of art.

The Nation Gallery’s Collection is part of Singapore’s National Collection. The Collection showcases the changing landscape of art in Singapore. A large part of the artworks in The Collection are showcased in the two long-term exhibitions of the Gallery, namely Siapa Nama Kamu? and Between Declarations and Dreams.

Learn more about the Gallery’s Collection from the extensive materials about it in the library and archives. These are accessible in the Gallery’s Rotunda Library & Archive.

Kids Gallery
Kids Gallery

The National Gallery Singapore has a fascinating Kids Gallery that features a whole range of educational and fun activities for kids. There are several galleries with specific facilities that will help children learn and discover art. The different Galleries are-

Keppel Centre for Art EducationWhich is a dedicated facility at the National Gallery that caters to families and kids. There are many programs lined up all year round where children can learn to discover art through creative play.

Exhibits and play areas are regularly refreshed to deliver new and exciting experiences.

The Keppel Centre features an Art Playscape where children get to explore interactive art. The exhibits in this section are refreshed periodically so children can enjoy new experiences.

Project Gallery features larger than life and whimsical arts which encourages children to let their imagination and creativity soar.

A Story Corner where kids sing, dance and listen to stories which are inspired by the artworks in the National Gallery Singapore.

Studio Workshops teach children different art forms such as origami, sculpting, and painting.

Events and Workshops
Events and Workshops

The National Gallery Singapore holds a wide variety of events, programs and workshops all year round. You can learn about the artworks in the National Gallery Singapore through these carefully curated events. These events and workshops include presentations on the Collection at the Gallery, live interactions with renowned artists, and experts in various fields related to art.

The National Gallery Singapore also features screenings of Southeast Asia's best audiovisual stories and variety of live stage performances. These include theatre performances and dance that are aimed at bridging the gap between art and life for people of all age groups.

Special events such as Gallery After Hours, cultural festivals, and other unique programs and performances are held on a regular basis at the Gallery.


The National Gallery Singapore organizes regular artistic programs and performances to help visitors learn about art and its significance in society. The Gallery works at developing several opportunities for visitors to see, learn, experience, and understand their exhibitions in a wide variety of ways.

The National Gallery Singapore creates new content collaborating with Singaporean, Southeast Asian, and international artists due to which the Gallery has gained stupendous popularity in presenting a variety of these historical and socio cultural responses.

DBS Singapore Gallery
DBS Singapore Gallery

The DBS Singapore Gallery at the National Gallery Singapore features over 400 artworks. These works of art illustrate the evolution of art in Singapore and showcase very early representations of what this exotic tropical paradise was like back in the 19th century. Over the years, this led to the emergence of the Nanyang art movement of the 1950s. This movement further led to the development of the contemporary art scene in Singapore.

The DBS Singapore Gallery has a long-term exhibition titled ‘Siapa Nama Kamu?’ which means What is Your Name? in Malay. This exhibition considers different the parameters that people use to relate to art and identity in Singapore.

The center of attraction in this Gallery is the oil painting National Class by Chua Mia Tee. The artist was awarded the Cultural Medallion, the highest official honor in Singapore given for art. The significance of this painting also lies in the fact that it was created in 1959, the same year Singapore gained self-governance from the British.

UOB Southeast Asia Gallery
UOB Southeast Asia Gallery

Discover the history of Southeast Asian art through the artistic trends common in the region at the UOB Southeast Asia Gallery. Starting from the 19th century, Southeast Asian art has been continuously evolving to bring about a balance between tradition and modernity. Artists seek to incorporate and to reinvent the artistic expressions of different genres and combine them with contemporary art. This shows how Southeast Asia has been a major crossroad of major civilizations, religion and a center of the struggles for independence and modernization.The Gallery showcases over 400 artworks by regional artists which have been taken from the National Collection and a few are on loan.

Some of the prominent artworks showcased here are 'Forest Fire' by Indonesian artist Raden Saleh, 'Spain and the Philippines' byJuan Luna. Epic Poem of Malaya by Singapore artist Chua Mia Tee which links to his other piece National Language Class at the Singapore gallery.

Art X Wellness
Art X Wellness

Art is a reflection of society, a nation's history, documents the nature of society and way of life. For many, art is a powerful platform to express emotions and faith. It brings comfort, relief and unites communities.

It is an ancient belief that Art has the power to heal. There have been several studies that have demonstrated that art has therapeutic benefits. Art can improve both physical and emotional health and enhance social well-being. Art is soothing and can provide solace, support and encouragement.

The Gallery continues to work at harnessing the power of art to create positive impact. The Art X Wellness at the National Gallery Singapore creates space for self reflection and opportunities to connect with friends and family. Its main objective is to show appreciation and boost the morale of fellow Singaporeans and to improve personal well-being.

Know Before You Visit National Gallery Singapore

Essentials Info
  • The National Gallery of Singapore houses over 8000 masterpieces which makes this collection the world’s largest public collection of Singapore and Southeast Asian artworks.

  • Two of the most prominent Galleries of the National Gallery Singapore were formerly the City Hall and Supreme Court Building, both of which are stunning examples of Singaporean architecture.

  • National Gallery Singapore tickets give access to the two permanent galleries: the DBS Singapore Gallery and the UOB Southeast Asia Gallery.

  • Indulge your senses with magnificent paintings, sculptures, and more from the 19th century to the present day.

  • Learn about the aesthetic development of Singapore over the years.

  • Learn and discover art history while spending time in the library, filled with extensive reading material about all the artwork that is in the National Gallery Singapore's collection.

  • Catch a temporary exhibition that is organized at the National Gallery Singapore quite often.

  • Check out the works of renowned artists like Georgette Chen and Chen Chong Swee.

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    National Gallery Singapore owns the largest public collection of over 8,000 works of modern art in Southeast Asia. The focus here is on Singaporean and Southeast Asian art from the 19th century to present day.

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