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Jewel Changi Attraction Tickets highlights

  • Visit Jewel Changi Airport and see the world's tallest indoor waterfall, Rain Vortex, a nature-themed tourist attraction.

  • Enjoy various attractions like Discovery Slides, Foggy Bowls, Petal Garden, & Topiary Walk in the Canopy Park.

  • Wander around Singapore’s largest hedge maze and take-in the picturesque views of Jewel Changi at the end.

  • Gain access to multiple attractions in the Canopy Park, including giant sky nets, bouncing and walking nets and slides.

Operating Hours
Jewel Changi Airport
Canopy Park - Jewel Changi
Timings: 24 Hours


Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Blvd., Singapore 819666

Jewel Changi Attraction Tickets cancellation_policy

  • If cancellation are made 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • If cancellation are made 0 days to 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
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Jewel Changi Attraction Tickets overview

Activity Location: 78 Airport Blvd, Singapore

Jewel Changi Attraction Timings:

  • Monday - Thursday: 10:00 AM-10:00 PM
  • Friday - Sunday: 10:00 AM-11:00 PM

Activity Duration: 3-4 Hours (Approx.)

About the Jewel Changi Attraction:

Explore the main Jewel Changi Attractions, which is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Singapore. It boasts the world's tallest indoor waterfall, the Rain Vortex. With a wide array of exciting activities to choose from, such as navigating through the Hedge Maze, experiencing the thrill of the Manulife Sky Nets, and strolling across the glass-bottomed Canopy Bridge, you must definitely include this in your Singapore trip. With the Jewel Changi Attraction Tickets in Singapore, indulge in a delicious dining experience.

About the Jewel Changi Airport Tickets:

  • Start exploring the Jewel Changi Airport from the Canopy Park which is a beautiful theme park under a glass dome. 
  • Marvel at the world's tallest indoor waterfall, the Rain Vortex, and the surrounding lush greenery.
  • Take a stroll along the Canopy Bridge, suspended 23 meters above ground, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Rain Vortex and the city skyline.
  • Have a blast on the Discovery Slides, a set of four slides, each offering a unique and fun experience.
  • Find your way through the Mirror Maze, a dazzling labyrinth that challenges your perception and spatial awareness.
  • Enjoy free admission to the Canopy Park and a range of attractions within it, such as the Hedge Maze, Topiary Walk, and Petal Garden.
  • Immerse yourself in the world of reflections in the park’s mirror maze with the Jewel Changi Attraction Tickets in Singapore.

How to reach the Jewel Changi Attraction?

  • By Car: The activity location is 28 km from city center, it will take 27 min via TPE route.
  • By Bus: Take a bus to Changi Airport PTB3 station which is 700 m away from the museum. You can reach the activity location from the bus station with a 8 minute walk.

Jewel Changi Attraction Tickets faqs

What is Jewel Changi Airport, and what are the main attractions available there?

Jewel Changi Airport is a world-class entertainment and retail complex located at Singapore's Changi Airport. It opened in 2019 and has quickly become one of Singapore's most popular tourist destinations. The complex features a wide range of attractions, including:

  • The HSBC Rain Vortex: This is the world's tallest indoor waterfall, standing at 40 meters high. It's a stunning sight, especially at night when it's illuminated by a light and sound show.
  • Canopy Park: This is an indoor park featuring various attractions such as a hedge maze, mirror maze, canopy bridge, and more.
  • Changi Experience Studio: This is a digital attraction that allows visitors to experience the evolution of Changi Airport through interactive exhibits and games.
  • Sky Nets: Visitors can walk on a suspended net, located 25 meters above ground, and enjoy views of the airport.
  • Retail and Dining: Jewel Changi Airport has over 280 retail and dining options, offering a wide range of local and international brands.

Overall, Jewel Changi Airport is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Singapore, offering a unique and exciting experience for all ages.

How long does a typical visit to Jewel Changi Airport last, and what is the recommended duration for each attraction?

The duration of a typical visit to Jewel Changi Airport can vary based on the individual's interests and preferences. However, it's recommended to allocate at least 2-3 hours to fully explore the attractions and retail and dining options.

The recommended duration for each attraction varies as well. The HSBC Rain Vortex light and sound show occurs every hour from 7:30 pm to 12:30 am and lasts for around 5-10 minutes. The Canopy Park and Sky Nets experiences are open from 9 am to 11 pm, and visitors can spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours at these attractions, depending on the level of interest

The Changi Experience Studio is also open from 9 am to 11 pm and takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. As for retail and dining options, visitors can spend as much or as little time as they want, depending on their preferences

What are the transportation options available to reach Jewel Changi Airport, and how long does it take to get there from the city center?

There are several transportation options available to reach Jewel Changi Airport:

  • MRT (Mass Rapid Transit): Visitors can take the MRT and alight at Changi Airport Station (CG2) on the East-West Line. From there, follow the signs to Jewel Changi Airport, which is located in the same complex as the airport terminal.
  • Bus: There are several bus services that connect to Changi Airport, including bus numbers 24, 27, 34, 36, and 53. Alight at Changi Airport Terminal 2 or Terminal 3 and follow the signs to Jewel Changi Airport.
  • Taxi/Grab: Visitors can also take a taxi or Grab ride directly to Jewel Changi Airport.

The travel time from the city center to Jewel Changi Airport varies depending on the mode of transportation and traffic conditions. By MRT, it takes approximately 40-50 minutes from the city center, while by taxi or private car, it takes around 20-30 minutes.

Are there any age or height restrictions for the attractions at Jewel Changi Airport, and what are they?

Yes, there are age and height restrictions for some of the attractions at Jewel Changi Airport.

Canopy Park attractions:

  • Sky Nets: Walking and Bouncing: Minimum height of 110cm and weight not exceeding 120kg. Children under 7 years old must be accompanied by a supervising companion.
  • Canopy Bridge: Minimum height of 110cm. Children under 7 years old must be accompanied by a supervising companion.

Changi Experience Studio:

  • Some of the interactive exhibits are not suitable for children under 6 years old or require adult supervision.

It's important to check the specific restrictions for each attraction before visiting to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

What are the attractions near Jewel Changi Airport?

There are several attractions near Jewel Changi Airport that visitors can explore, including:

  • Changi Beach Park - This beautiful park offers a peaceful and scenic escape from the city, with trails, picnic areas, and a beach.
  • Changi Point Coastal Walk - This scenic walkway offers stunning views of the coast and is a popular spot for fishing and birdwatching.
  • Changi Museum - This museum tells the story of Singapore's wartime history, with exhibits and artifacts from the Japanese Occupation during World War II.
  • Pulau Ubin - This small island off the coast of Singapore offers a glimpse into the country's past, with traditional kampong houses, hiking trails, and bike rentals.
  • Singapore Discovery Centre - This interactive museum showcases Singapore's history, culture, and achievements through exhibits, films, and simulations.
  • Singapore Zoo - This world-famous zoo features a diverse range of animal exhibits, including rare and endangered species.
  • Gardens by the Bay - This iconic attraction features stunning gardens, towering Supertrees, and a spectacular light and sound show at night.

All of these attractions are easily accessible from Jewel Changi Airport, with public transportation options available such as buses, trains, and taxis.

What is the best time to visit Singapore?

The best time to visit Singapore depends on your preferences, as the climate is relatively consistent throughout the year. Singapore has a tropical rainforest climate, with high humidity and temperatures ranging from around 25°C to 35°C (77°F to 95°F) year-round.

If you prefer drier weather and fewer crowds, the best time to visit Singapore is generally between February and April, which is the driest period of the year. However, this is also peak tourist season, so prices may be higher and attractions may be more crowded.

Alternatively, the months of November to January are also a good time to visit, as the weather is generally mild and pleasant, with occasional showers. This is also a popular time for holiday festivities, with events such as Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations taking place.

If you don't mind the occasional rain and are looking for a more budget-friendly trip, consider visiting between May and July, which is the off-peak season. During this time, you can often find lower prices on flights, accommodations, and attractions.

Overall, Singapore is a great destination to visit year-round, so it really depends on your preferences and what you're looking for in a trip.


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