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About SkyHelix Sentosa

Located just a short walk from the Singapore Cable Car's Sentosa station, SkyHelix Sentosa is the newest addition to Sentosa's intriguing adventures. SkyHelix Sentosa, part of the Imbiah Lookout attractions, is an exciting gondola ride that slowly spins 35 meters above ground over a vertical helix-like structure, revealing stunning vistas. While hanging their feet in the air with a cold drink in hand, guests can enjoy unrivaled 360 degree views of Sentosa and the growing Greater Southern Waterfront. The top of the ride is 79 meters above sea level, giving it one of Sentosa's greatest observation locations.

Visitors are seated in an open air gondola which takes one on a 12 minute journey to the top. The ascent takes about 10 minutes in total, during which the gondola gently spins. All guests receive a cocktail as a part of their ride, made expertly for the Sky Helix Sentosa tourists by the team behind Dusk Restaurant and Bar at the Mount Faber Peak. One of a kind, ready to drink beverages are also sold at the open-air cafeteria, which one can always visit after having finished with their ride.

SkyHelix Sentosa offers one unparalleled view of the cityscape right from sunrise to late at night. Each trip promises a new adventure with varied views which changes as per the time of the day. The facade of the attraction itself takes a new appearance once the sunset; as the sky begins to darken, the SkyHelix ride is illuminated by hundreds of eco-friendly LED lights, making it appear as a beacon rising tall above the city of Singapore.

Why to Book SkyHelix Sentosa Tickets Online?

Booking your SkyHelix Sentosa tickets online, and from us, would assure you a guaranteed discount on your admission fee, along with unique cashback rewards. The tickets to the attraction include not just the ride, but also a free drink or a souvenir, as per the visitor’s choice. Those booking their tickets online can also choose to combine their Sentosa SkyHelix ride with a number of other attractions, including the Singapore Cable Car. The Dining Pass is another attractive feature of the online tickets, with those opting for it receiving a good discount on their meals at any of the participating restaurants in Sentosa.

SkyHelix Sentosa Variants

SkyHelix Sentosa Admission Tickets

The SkyHelix Sentosa Tickets, when booked online, assure one a good discount on the ticket price. Visitors will be free to visit the attraction within the stipulated deadline mentioned on the ticket, although all tourists must have their slots booked online before visit. Seats on the ride are offered up on a first come first serve basis. Besides, ticket-holders are also privy to one non-alcoholic beverage on the ride. Those not opting for a drink receive a special Sentosa World souvenir at the end of the ride.

SkyHelix Sentosa + Sentosa Dining Pass

These SkyHelix Sentosa tickets offer an excellent way to keep yourself both entertained and satiated. The combo tickets include a discounted entry to the Sentosa SkyHelix ride. Visitors must, however, book their slot of visit online before visiting. The fantastic combination package also includes a Dining Pass, which offers one a hefty discount on either a lunch or dinner at any of the partnering restaurants within Sentosa. The partnering restaurants include Arbora Hilltop Garden and Bistro, Le Faubourg, Ola Beach Club, Royal Taj Sentosa, Sabio by the Sea, and Summerhouse Beach Club. Each of the diners have a set lunch and dinner menu for the dining pass.

Singapore Cable Car + SkyHelix Sentosa + Sentosa Dining Pass

These Sentosa SkyHelix tickets combines three of the most exciting things to do on Mount Faber: the cable car ride, the SkyHelix gondola ride and of course, a scrumptious meal to go with the two. The ticket includes a two-way ride on the Sentosa Cable Car. Visitors can also enjoy a ride on Ske Helix Singapore, although slots need to be pre booked before the visit. The dining pass grants one a considerable discount on either a lunch or a dinner at the six partnering restaurants in Sentosa.

Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass + SkyHelix Sentosa

Including two of Singapore’s most popular attractions in its ambit, these combination tickets offer a great way to save on one’s trip to Sentosa. Ticket Holders can access a two way ride on the Singapore cable car at a discounted cost. The tickets also include a ride on the gondola, although slots need to be pre booked to ride. Tickets will be open-dated, but will mention a specific deadline within which they must be cashed in in order to visit. The slots booked must mandatorily fall within the stipulated deadline.

Advantages of Booking SkyHelix Sentosa Tickets Online

Booking one’s SkyHelix Singapore tickets online comes with a set of perks and benefits that are generally not available when the tickets are booked at the venue. All tickets purchased online come with a great set of discounts and other monetary benefits, allowing one to save on their trip as a whole. Also, tickets when booked online allow one a smooth entry to the attraction, as opposed to waiting in the long lines that queue up by the counter. Besides, booking one’s SkyHelix Sentosa tickets online would also allow one to book their slot of visit earlier, thus ensuring a secured spot on the choice date of visit.

  • To Beat the Queue: Booking your tickets online can be a great way to skip the queue. Being a popular attraction, the ride attracts a heavy crowd throughout the year. Having one’s tickets booked in advance would instead allow one a seamless entry to the attraction without having to wait long lines.

  • For a Well Planned Itinerary: Booking one’s Sentosa SkyHelix tickets in advance saves one the hassle of last minute planning and organization. Instead, one can simply have their itinerary in order, having booked their slot of visit beforehand. It also allows one to secure their slots of visit on a date of their choice.

  • Ease of Access: As opposed to waiting long lines in queues, it’s always way easier to have one’s SkyHelix Singapore tickets booked from the comfort and convenience of their own home, or even on the go.

  • Guaranteed Discounts on Tickets: The tickets, when booked online, come with an unbeatable set of discounts and deals on each purchase, which cannot be availed when they are booked at the venue. When booking online, one can even opt for combination tickets that add multiple attractions into one package, all at a subsidized rate.

Know Before You Visit Sky Helix Sentosa

Best Time to Visit and Timings
How to Reach
  • Take a ride on Singapore's tallest open-air gondola ride, with its panoramic views of the city
  • Sit back and relax with your drink as the gently rotating gondola takes on you to a height of 79 meters above ground
  • Enjoy spectacular 360 degree vistas, stretching all the way to the Keppel Bay Region and the Southern Island
  • Get the chance to receive a with a special Sentosa souvenir as you leave
  • Witness a spectacular sunset from Singapore’s highest vantage point as the ride reaches its greatest height
  • Watch as the ride gets beautifully illuminated by LED lights post-sundown
  • Best Time to Visit:

Although the ride serves as a fantastic experience at all times, riding at night or during the sunset offers one the best views of the illuminated city. The ideal time to visit thus, would be during the dusk hours, ideally between 04 to 06 PM in the evening.

  • Operating Hours:

10.00 AM- 09.30 PM on all days of the week, with last admission at 09.00 PM.

  • By Sentosa Express: Reach Vivocity Mall in Singapore and head over to Level 3. From here, take the Sentosa Express, and alight at Imbiah Lookout.

  • By Public Bus: Bus 123, which starts from Merah, travels via Sentosa. Board the bus from any of the stops on the way and alight at Village Hotel.

  • By Intra Island Bus: Board the Sentosa Bus A or C, and alight at Imbiah Lookout.

  • By Cable Car: Board the Cable Car from HarbourFront Tower II or the Mount Faber Station, and alight at Imbiah Sentosa Cable Car Station.

  • Visitors must be 1.05 meters or above in height to get on the ride
  • Visitors between the heights of 1.05 and 2 meters, or those below the age of 12, must be accompanied by an adult
  • The ride is not suitable for expecting mothers, those with limited mobility and those with a phobia of heights
  • The ride is not suitable for visitors with vertigo or motion sickness
  • Pets are not allowed on the ride
  • Loose clothing and handheld devices should be monitored at all times during the ride
  • For safety purposes, hats, bags, umbrella and sharp objects are prohibited on the ride
  • Guests should be able to fasten the seatbelts by themselves to get on the ride; a test seat is available at the attraction, for those wishing to try beforehand
  • Food and beverages are strictly prohibited inside the ride

SkyHelix Sentosa's Breathtaking Views

SkyHelix Sentosa's Breathtaking Views

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of SkyHelix Sentosa, where adventure and tranquility intertwine high above the azure waters. Offering unparalleled 360-degree panoramic views, this iconic attraction invites you to soar above the treetops and embrace the beauty of Sentosa Island from a whole new perspective.

As the gentle helix lift carries you skyward, feel your senses awaken to the breathtaking expanse of the ocean, cityscape, and lush landscapes below. Whether you seek exhilarating heights or peaceful reflections, SkyHelix offers an unforgettable journey, capturing the essence of nature's majesty and human ingenuity. Elevate your senses, elevate your soul—SkyHelix Sentosa awaits to elevate your entire experience.

Other Things to Do near SkyHelix Sentosa

Singapore Cable Car

Offering two separate route lines, the Singapore Cable Car is indubitably the most popular attraction near SkyHelix Sentosa. The Mount Faber Line, the most picturesque way to see Singapore, provides a choice of magnificent 360o panoramic vistas. You can begin your journey at the Mount Faber Station, where you can take in the beautiful hilltop vista of the thick rainforest before flying to the HarbourFront Station, where you can take in the breathtaking view of Singapore Harbor. The Sentosa Lin, on the other hand, connects all parts of the island. Before alighting at Siloso Point Station, board the Singapore Cable Car at Imbiah Lookout Station for a stunning bird's eye perspective of the island. Before boarding the cable car to Merlion station, learn about the fascinating history of Fort Siloso. Or, simply fly over the golden sands of the beaches and take a photo of the breathtaking scenery below.

Adventure Cove Water Park

A fantastic combination of water adventure and wildlife encounters, Adventure Cove is truly a hub of exciting adventures. Adventure Cove Waterpark stands apart from the competition because of its unique experiences. The Ray Bay, the Shark Encounter, and the Rainbow Reef are just a few of the sites where you may interact with the fierce and friendly marine animals. It includes distinctive cages that house a range of aquatic animals. For thrill-seeking waterpark aficionados, it is a paradise and thanks to its seven exhilarating water slides and attractions, including Southeast Asia's first hydro-magnetic coaster, the Riptide Rocket. The Adventure River, at 620 metres long, is one of the longest lazy rivers in the world.

Wings of Time

After having been under renovation for quite some while, Wings of Time, the award-winning multi-sensory night spectacle, is now back with even more pyrotechnics! The performance will be more immersive, with updated pyrotechnics effects made by state-of-the-art Sparkular machines, and the audience will be able to sit even nearer to the big event. Be fascinated by the increased fireworks effects, stunning water, laser, and fire effects as Shahbaz, a prehistoric bird, and his buddies travel over stunning landscapes and adventure through the wonders of time. The story is one of friendship and bravery: together with his friends Rachel and Felix, Shahbaz explores the limits of space and time. They go over stunning landscapes and the wonders of time, showcasing artistic depictions of the Industrial Revolution, the Silk Road period, Mayan Pyramids, Underwater World, and African Savanna. Set against the backdrop of the dark sea, this visual spectacle offers twice as stunning.

Mount Faber Peak

Mount Faber Park, one of Singapore's oldest parks, is a popular tourist site with a variety of activities for tourists. Although there’s much to do and explore here, the Peak is best known as being home to the Singapore Cable Car ride. One can take the cable car from Mount Faber to Sentosa Island to get a bird's eye perspective of the horizon. Alternatively, for a panoramic view of the southern half of Singapore and the southern islands, one could even look through the telescopes at one of the numerous viewing stations located on various sides of the ridge. A great way to spend one’s time here would be to explore the country's natural history at Faber Point, the park's tallest peak, where a mural wall shows images of local historical events. The Point is also home to the inaugural tree, the first tree that was planted on the very first Tree Planting day in Singapore.

FAQs Related to SkyHelix Sentosa

How long does the ride last?

One ride on the SkyHelix Singapore takes approximately 12 minutes, including the time it takes for the gondola to descend and ascend again. Visitors enjoy approximately 10 minutes in the air.

What is the minimum age requirement?

Although there is no minimum age requirement for the ride, riders must be at least 1.50 meters in height. Children below the age of 12 have to be accompanied by adults on the ride.

How long I can use the ticket to visit SkyHelix Sentosa?

Tickets for the Sentosa Sky Helix ride are slotted by the hours. The date and time slot for visit have to be pre booked online. Guests are offered a spot on the ride on a first come first serve basis.

What is the maximum number of guests per ride?

The SkyHelix Singapore ride can accommodate a total of 16 guests at a time.

Will there be a place for guests to store their bags?

Yes, locker facilities are conveniently located by the ride, for those requiring to unload their baggage. Do note that bags are not allowed on the ride.

Will food / snacks be served during the ride?

While you are at SkyHelix Sentosa, food or snacks are not served while the ride is in motion. All food and snacks must be collected from the snack bar after the ride.


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