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About Snow City Singapore

Snow City Singapore is a permanent snow centre where you can have a fun time in the snow any time of the year. Snow City Singapore is one of the most popular attractions in Singapore and hosts more than 2,50,000 guests in a year. Singapore is a tropical country and the temperature always remains, so having a place where you can find snow and experience winter for a day is a paradise. The Snow City was built in the year 2000 and was renovated in 2007, the building being 3 storeyed high that has snow covered slopes of 60 metres to slide down from. The temperature here is always maintained at sub-zero and the snow-covered area of Singapore Snow City is called the Snow Chamber where the depth of the snow is maintained at 400mm. At Snow City Singapore the grounds are covered in 150 tonnes of snow at all times and every week about 10 to 15 tonnes of snow is made to maintain this level. For the guests to be engaged and busy, there are various theme areas like the Arctic Centre where you will meet five mascots, Koko, Suki, Ila, Oki, and Nooka. So, book your Snow City Singapore tickets and have a fun day in the snow in a hot country.

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Singapore Snow City is one of the most famous attractions in the world and people from various countries come here to experience winter for a day. With your Snow City Tickets Singapore, you can head out for an ultimate cooldown trying out snow tubing and making snow angels. The place remains crowded all through the year and there is always a long line at the ticket counter. So, it is better to book your tickets online at your own convenience so that you can avoid the long queues and get the access immediately. Booking tickets beforehand online will also give you various offers and discounts, and you can book your time slots according to your plans.

Why to Book Snow City Singapore Tickets From Us?

Singapore Snow City is one of the most popular places in the city of Singapore, so the Snow City Singapore Tickets get sold out very quickly. And even if they are not sold out, you will have to stand in long lines for hours to get the tickets booked. That is why it is always recommended to purchase the Snow City Singapore Tickets online as you will be able to avail Snow City Singapore ticket offers and discounts and free cancellations. Make sure to check the Snow City Singapore Ticket price before making the bookings.

  • Don’t wait in the long lines:Snow City is one of the most famous attractions in Singapore and people from all across the globe come here to have fun. Being such a popular tourist destination there is always a rush to get tickets and the queue is always long. So, avoid standing in lines for hours and conveniently book your Snow City Singapore Tickets.

  • Convenient and hassle free:If you are planning this trip last minute, then the fact of long queues with your kids and friends might make you change your mind. So, book your tickets online at your convenience and have hassle free and direct access to the place.

  • Offers, discounts, and combo tickets:If you want to explore more of Singapore City, then you will find combo tickets that will include pick-up and drop-off and will take you for sight-seeing that includes Snow City. If you book your tickets online then you will also be able to avail Snow City Singapore tickets offers and discounts that will reduce your Singapore City Singapore entry fee.

Singapore Snow City Variants

Snow City Singapore Ticket

In a tropical country like Singapore, having a place where you can experience winter and play with snow is no less than a paradise. In this Snow City Singapore price, you will have access to all the four zones, Arctic Snow Playground, Snow Field, Inuit’s Home @ Mezzanine, and Arctic Snow Slide. Feel free to visit the Ice Gallery and have one of the best daycations of your life. Get a free pass to Singapore’s first ice hotel and witness the stunning ice sculptures.

Snow Play Session + Drift on Ice Bumper Car

Beat the Singapore heat at the famous Snow City Singapore where you can spend an hour in real snow and experience winter in the middle of the day. There are various activities to keep you and your family engaged, one of which is the Ice Bumper Car. In this ride you will be driving in the snow and hitting each other with your car. For the ride, kids should be at least 0.9 m tall and the kids between the heights 0.9m to 1.2m must be accompanied by responsible adults in this ride.

Snow Play Session - 2 Hours

No matter how long you stay in the snow, it is never enough, especially when you are in there for just an hour. Upgrade your Snow City Singapore tickets and enjoy there for two hours straight. You will have access to all the fun activities for two hours like sliding from the snow slope, riding the snow tube, seeing the beautiful ice sculptures, and even having a snowball fight. The Snow City Singapore price for kids between the age of 3 to 12 years will be charged at kids’ rate.

Snow Play Session - Target Shooting / Fire Movement

Snow City Singapore will never cease to amaze you with its various unique activities and one such activity is Target Shooting/Fire Movement. This is Singapore's first sub-zero shooting area where you get to test your targeting and shooting skills as you shoot and take down the paintball markers. Only the kids above the age of 14 years are allowed to enjoy this activity and they will be under the supervision of experienced and trained experts.

Snow Play Session - 1 Hour + Close Quarter Battle Session

Make a team of four and fight other teams in the pretend battle in snow in a sub-zero area. One of the most fun and adrenaline pumping activities is the close quarter battle session. Kids above the age of 14 years can take part in this activity and every one will be under the supervision and guidance of trained experts with an experience of 21years. You get an hour to experience winter in the snow slopes and snow blizzards surrounded by stunning ice sculptures.

Science Centre + Butterflies Up-Close Experience Tickets with Snow City

If you are tired of the heat of Singapore then there is just the perfect place for you to beat the heat, the Singapore Snow City. Visit the science centre here with sub-zero degrees with 1000+ interactive exhibits. Get a chance to witness the 500+ butterflies closely at the Butterfly Up Close. Enjoy all the activities in real snow with snow fall and snow ball fights.

Why to Visit Snow City Singapore?

Pay the Singapore Snow City entrance fee and enjoy one of the best hours of your life surrounded with real white snow.

  • At a high temperature in Singapore, get a chance to experience winter and surround yourself with real snow.
  • Make teams among your friends and participate in various battles in the snow and have snowball fights.
  • Test your shooting and targeting skills as you shoot down paintball markers at Singapore’s first sub-zero shooting arena.
  • Slide down the 60 m high snow slope which is as high as a three-storey building.
  • Watch the stunning ice sculptures, ride on the ice bumper car, watch the butterflies up close and have the best time in Singapore with your kids.

Activities Offered At Singapore Snow City

Winter Shooting Arena

The winter arena at Snow City Singapore is the first winter shooting arena in the country with sub-zero temperature. In this activity, you can target and shoot paintball markers and form teams and fight pretend battles with your friends in the snow. Only the children above the age of 14 years are allowed to participate and they are under constant supervision of trained and experienced experts.

Drift on Ice

Drift on Ice is the first bumper car experience at sub-zero temperature in the country of Singapore. This is a 5-minute car ride that guarantees the most adrenaline rush and every one is invited to try this ride, of all ages. Visitors below 0.9m to 1.2m of height are advised to be accompanied by a responsible adult. Have the most fun while bumping with your friends in your car surrounded by snow.

Snow Fun House

Snow Fun House is the largest snow filled customisable house in the Singapore city located at the Snow City Singapore. The house is decorated with customisable concepts, themes and objects that give the best winter experience. The Snow Fun House is used for many purposes like product launch, ad campaigns, networking events, sub-zero parties etc.

Fun on Ice

Playing with ice and on a snow-covered land is always fun, and Snow City Singapore does not disappoint the ones who love snow. The Snow City produces actual snow themselves. You can have a lot of fun, playing snowball fights, battles with your friends, or enjoying snow fall and snow blizzards while taking in the beauty of the ice sculptures.

Snow Playground

The snow playground is the first ever snow playground for kids covered in snow in the city of Singapore located at the Snow City Singapore. About 150 tonnes of snow covers the playground at all times and the snow level is maintained at 400mm. You can have various activities in the snow playground like snowball fights or pretend battles with your friends.

The cliff

The Cliff at the Snow City Singapore is the first vertigo climbing wall in the city of Singapore. The Cliff has 10 different climbing lanes, each with different difficulty levels for people’s preferences. The wall is so large that at least 20 people can climb it at the same time. Your kids will be under the supervision of trained experts and all the safety measures will be followed.

Point of Interest of Snow City Singapore

Oki the Inuit Boy

The Inuit community are very peace-loving people and avoid chaos as much as they can. They love to fish and hunt and it is their primary way to collect food, and they are very kind, loving, and playful by nature. They care about other people and try to do things for the welfare of people. They are resourceful and self-reliant and hold on to their culture of story-telling, mythology, and dancing very adamantly.

ILA the Husky

Huskies are known to be the helpers of the Inuit Community and they are very resourceful. They are very fast and they help the people in Inuit Community to carry food and other supplies from one place to another. Mostly huskies are used as sled dogs, but they are also considered as great companions and friends of the Inuit Community.

NOOKA the Polar Bear

NOOKA the Polar Bear is the mascot of a polar bear of the arctic pole who is friendly and smiley. The NOOKA polar bear pays attention to the smallest of details, and is strong and determined. The NOOKA Polar Bear always watches others, learns and waits for his prey. Polar Bears like to be isolated and stay solitude except when they are mating or have cubs. When the NOOKA polar bear is not hunting, he is either sleeping or resting.

KOKO the Fox

KOKO the fox is the smartest and strongest animal of all in the entire animal kingdom in the arctic pole. What makes KOKO the Fox strongest of all is that he can survive in temperatures as low as -50 degrees temperature. When KOKO the Fox does not have anything to eat or cannot hunt, he feeds on the leftovers of the polar bears.

SUKI the Magical Snowy Owl

SUKI the magical owl has the best eyesight of all animals and birds in the arctic pole and can spot a rodent from very far. Most of the owls are nocturnal birds, but SUKI the magical owl is active all day long. SUKI the owl is loved by everyone and she flies high in the sky and spreads happiness with her wings.

Know Before You Visit Snow City

Timing & Location

1. Opening hours & Closing Time:

From Tuesday to Sunday: opens at 9.45 am and closes at 5.15 pm. On School and Public holidays L opens at 9.45 am and closes at 6.45 pm. The last entry time into the snow city is at 5 pm.

2. How to reach?- By MRT: Snow City is just a 10 minutes-walk from the Jurong East Station on the East West Line. Or, you can take the buses 335 or 66 to the entrance of Snow City.- By bus: Take the bus routes 66, 178, 198, 335 and directly get down at the entrance of Snow City.- By Car: from the city centre it is a 25 minutes-drive to Snow City.

3. Best time to visit

You can visit Snow City Singapore any time of the year as the weather in Singapore is almost the same throughout the year. However, the best time to visit the snow centre is between February and April because those are the hottest months. It is advised to avoid going to the snowy city on weekends because the local people visit on weekends.

1. Dress Code:If you are not used to cold temperatures then you, especially children, must wear an extra layer of warm clothes. It is advised to carry or wear your own full pants as they are mandatory and renting them might come expensive. While playing in the snow your pants might become wet, so it is recommended to carry an extra pair of clothes.

2. Temperature:The Snow City Singapore is planned and designed and engineered in a way that the temperature remains sub-zero at all times. The temperature is maintained at -5 degrees Celsius at all times and the airlock area beside it helps the guests to get used to the low temperature.

  • It is mandatory for all foreign guests to give their passport and visa details while booking and upon arrival.
  • It is mandatory to wear full pants for everyone to protect themselves from the cold temperature.
  • All the kids under the age of 7 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times while playing in the snow.
  • For the bumper car, the minimum height of a person must be 0.9 m and kids between 0.9 m and 1.2 m must be accompanied by an adult.
  • In the winter arena, the minimum age for a person to participate is 14 years.

FAQ's of Snow City Singapore

What are the best Singapore Snow City tickets experiences for young kids?

1. Snow Playground:

The first ever snow playground built in the city of Singapore is located in the Snow City Singapore. The playground is filled with white natural snow of 150 tonnes at all times and every week 10-15 tonnes of snow is generated to keep the 400 mm of snow level. You can play snow fights, experience snowfall and do other fun activities in the snow in this playground.

2. Snow Fun House:

The Snow Fun House is decorated with many beautiful customisable themes, concepts and objects which guarantee that you experience a real winter. The Snow Fun House is customisable and used for various activities like sub-zero parties, products launch, ad campaigns etc.

What is the best Singapore Snow City ticket experience for adults?

1. Winter shooting arena:The winter shooting arena at Snow City Singapore is the first ever snow-covered sub-zero shooting arena in Singapore. You can polish your shooting and targeting skills as you shoot down the paintball markers. You can also form teams and fight a fake battle in the snow with your friends.

2. The cliff:The cliff is the first one of its kind climbing wall in Singapore with 10 lanes of climbing of every level. The wall is so wide that 400 climbers can climb the wall at the same time. You will be under the supervision of various trained experts as a part of your Snow City Tickets Singapore while you are climbing.

Can Singapore Snow City Tickets be booked in Advance?

Yes, Snow City Tickets Singapore can be booked in advance to confirm your slots. Booking Snow City Tickets in advance will give you various offers and discounts and you will have to pay a lesser Snow City Singapore entry fee than the people who book their tickets on the spot.

Should I book my Singapore Snow City Tickets online?

It is advisable to book your Snow City Singapore tickets online because it is a popular attraction. Due to its popularity the tickets get sold out or there are long queues at the ticket counter. If you book the tickets online you might get very interesting offers and discounts on snow city Singapore entrance fee.

Are there any discounts offered on any of the Singapore Snow City Tickets?

If you book your snow city Singapore tickets with us online, then you will be eligible for many offers and discounts on the Singapore snow city tickets or combo tickets.


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