Singapore Night Tours

Singapore Night Tours

Considering how many activities there are to do at night in Singapore, pulling an all-nighter will be easy for you to arrange. People are strolling through the city's streets at dusk, and groups are gathering outside pubs and restaurants to order food and beverages. With the greatest Singapore night tours, explore some of the city's most lively areas after dark!

The city of Singapore offers not only a dazzle of lights and noises in street markets but also pulls you closer to nature with its enchanted shores and beaches. This is what makes the nightlife in Singapore so fascinating. A night filled with adventure awaits those who take the cable car journey to see the Singapore skyline or ride the GX-5 Extreme Swing at Clarke Quay. Explore the dark past of the city through the famous Singapore Group History & Culture Tour. Alternatively, Marina Bay Night Cycling Tour is your best bet to explore the vibrant nightlife of the city.

Singapore Group History & Culture Tour: River Cruise, Hawker Dinner & Tea Tasting

This tour is one of the fascinating small-group Singapore night tours. If you enjoy history then learn more about Singapore's vibrant past as you go through its glittering present. Explore a typical Singaporean housing complex, tour colonial structures, take a bumboat along the Singapore River, take in sunset views of Marina Bay, and more within this tour. At a rooftop bar, enjoy a Singapore Sling while eating chicken rice at a hawker center. Discover Singapore at night in a small group with a guide and take a trip down the Singapore River in a traditional bumboat.

Marina Bay Night Cycling Tour

If you believe that Marina Bay is lovely during the day, wait till dusk! Join Marina Bay Night Tour and prepare to be amazed as this is one of the best night tours in Singapore. Ride a bike down the Kallang River and take in the serene surroundings and some of the most expensive waterfront homes in Singapore. You can also witness some of Singapore's most recognisable structures lit up, including the Marina Bay Sands, the Gardens by the Bay, and the Singapore Flyer. From your guide, learn more about the legacy and history of Singapore.

Night Out at Chinatown & Bugis Village Tour (includes dinner)

Night Out at Chinatown is one of the best Singapore night tours as it includes dinner at a Chinatown eatery. With this Chinatown trip by trishaw and riverboat, you can experience central Singapore during the lively evening hours. Learn about Singapore Chinatown's past as you stroll around the crowded Night Market with a tour. Shop with bargains while exploring this fascinating neighborhood, indulge at supper, and experience Little India and Bugis Village, with a thrilling trishaw ride. Climb on a bumboat at Clarke Quay for a tour along the Singapore River to see the city illuminated up at night, exhibiting beautiful shophouses, and contemporary skyscrapers.

Private Singapore After Dark: Local Street Food & Nightlife Tour

Singapore instantly illuminates and awakens as a buzzing playground of limitless entertainment possibilities as soon as the sky fades. On this tour, you'll enjoy the best nightlife in Singapore and learn about the traditional hawker cuisine. As you explore Singapore's greatest clubs and nightlife hotspots, you can also enjoy local beers and cocktails. Experience the distinctive local hawker street food under the sky and also take the best nighttime pictures while admiring the gorgeous city skyline. Along with tasting the city's most well-known foods and beverages, take advantage of the chance to explore Singapore's exciting nightlife, which includes everything from speakeasy bars to laser light shows.

Private Singapore Evening Sightseeing Tour with River Cruise

On a bumboat, take in Singapore's wonderful and distinctive sights while admiring its exotic beauty. Get a ticket for a 40-minute cruise ride and have a great time with your pals while discovering Singapore's stunning architecture. By listening to the continuous commentary on the trip, you can learn a lot about the city's rich past. Take a private Singapore midnight sightseeing tour if you want to view a well-liked light display in Gardens by the Bay. On a Singapore River cruise, observe the city skyline illuminate and take in the magnificent view from SkyPark's observation tower.

A Magical Evening in Singapore: Private City Tour

It's worthwhile to take a private city tour of Singapore at night to see the city in a new light. Prepare to see the city's authentic nighttime scene as inhabitants and the top attractions start to come alive after the sunset. A private city tour is one of the perfect night tours in Singapore. Get a private tour to enjoy a more individualized experience and try a variety of regional cuisines and relax with a beer. Discover the region's rich history and culinary tradition, or you can also enjoy the water and light spectacle at Light Marina Bay.

Private Singapore Night Tour with Gardens by the Bay, Trishaw Ride & River Cruise

Singapore becomes a uniquely illuminated metropolis at night. Take a customized sightseeing tour that includes trips in a trishaw and a rowboat to easily navigate amongst the city's nighttime attractions. You'll learn insider information about places like Little India and Gardens by the Bay while getting a private guide's undivided attention, and you'll discover cultural details that aren't covered in guidebooks. Take a leisurely nighttime boat cruise to discover the brilliantly lit landmarks along the Singapore River while taking a night tour to see Singapore's illuminated splendor.

New World's End: First Audio-Guided Immersive Art Experience in Singapore

This audio-guided immersive art and theatrical experience offer a special approach to learning about Singapore's past. Join us as we journey through the 1960s New World Amusement Park and the tale of two star-crossed lovers. Explore the authentic Jalan Besar streets, lanes, and immersive theater sets in hidden areas while following in their footsteps. There are several Singapore night tours available, so you can explore different attractions with an audio guide. Intimate surroundings showcasing the working-class roots and migrant-rich neighborhoods of Jalan Besar will be experienced by listeners while wearing headphones.

Private History & Culture Tour with River Cruise, Hawker Dinner & Tea Tasting

On this private tour of Singapore, you'll learn how the island nation has developed over the years from a sleepy fishing village to a global financial hub. Explore many of Singapore's must-see attractions and indulge in some of the local cuisine's delectable dishes. To experience the city at night without getting lost or stressing about how you're going to travel around, booking Singapore night tours is the best option. On a private tour, you will get dinner and a tea-tasting session. Hire a local guide that will help you make the most of your time in Singapore.

Nocturnal Wildlife of the Wetlands

The nocturnal Wildlife of the Wetlands is one of the amazing night tours in Singapore. In this tour, you can explore Singapore's lush mangroves as the sun goes down to get a glimpse of the amazing nocturnal species that call these tropical wetlands home. Watch the writhing reptiles that prowl at night and smell the musky aromas of a civet cat hiding in the darkness. You may even see special crabs that can climb trees if you look closely.

FAQ's of Singapore

What are the best places in singapore to visit at night?

  • Cosmic Bowling at K Bowling
  • The Creepy Tales of Singapore Tour
  • Night Safari
  • Singapore Flyer
  • Walk through the Southern Ridges
  • Bike around Marina Bay
  • Join a Night Walk Tour
  • Museum of Ice Cream

What is the best time to visit Singapore?

Singapore is a year-round travel destination, but December to June are the best months to go. Singapore has a dry season from February to April, when the country experiences the least amount of rain, the lowest humidity, and the most sunshine.

How many days are enough for Singapore?

Five days are enough to explore the state-city of Singapore. You can explore various significant landmarks of the city during this time and learn about the diverse culture that Singapore has to offer. Visit Little India, Chinatown and other amazing street hawker places to experience authentic Asian street food. Mix your trip with some gorgeous contemporary art places such as National Gallery Singapore or indulge in various activities at Gardens by the Bay in your five day trip in Singapore.

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How to reach Singapore?

By Air: Singapore has eight airports, however, Changi Airport serves as the primary airport. It is a top-notch airport that has consistently won accolades for being the greatest in the world. Numerous international cities, including New York, London, Shanghai, Paris, Sydney, Delhi, etc., are connected to the airport.

By Bus: Peninsular Malaysia can travel by car to Singapore through the Johor-Singapore Causeway and the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link. Numerous bus routes travel to and from Malaysia, however, there is no main terminal because the buses travel throughout the city.

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