Best Wild Wild Wet Rides

Best Rides at Wild Wild Wet Park

Wild Wild Wet Park is one of the largest theme parks in the Lion city Singapore. Opened in 2004, which is spread over 4 hectares and one of the major attractions for family and kids. The theme park has 16 Wild Wild Wet rides which can be enjoyed by any age group and will definitely give you an adrenaline rush. Jacuzzi Pool & Spa in Water Park is one of the relaxing Wild Wild Wet rides, which you can enjoy with your family as it is kid friendly.

If you are looking for some excitement then the Free Fall is one of the best Wild Wild Wet rides which is also known as the largest water slide in Asia. You can also enjoy Kraken Racers with your group as 4 people can participate at the same time and can compete with each other. Visitors can also relish some delicious snacks at the in-house cafe of the theme park.

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The Ular Lah ride gives you the thrill which is close to that of an actual outdoor river rafting expehrience. You can enjoy these super flume rides at Wild Wild Wet with 5 other companions which makes this a perfect adventure to enjoy with your friends. This flume ride will send you sliding up to the sides of the ride while you move towards the bottom. The minimum height required for the ride is 122 cm but children between the height of 1 meter to 1.2 meter must be accompanied by an adult.

Royal Flush

This is one of the most exciting wild wild wet rides as this is the first hybrid ride in Asia. It combines both the Behemoth BOWL40 and Tornado WAVE rides in one where you can experience a bowl and a zero gravity wall merged into a single ride. This ride is enjoyed by a group of four at one time. It consists of a raft which drops into a massive bowl and slides downwards through a curvy route at a high speed.It then gushes up a wall and then down a tunnel.

Slide Up

Slide up is one of the most thrilling Wild Wild Wet Rides as it is powered by both kinetic energy and gravity. Slide up is a water slide ramp with the height of a four storeyed building which consists of a giant U shaped half pipe. You will sit on a tube which will keep moving back and forth through the half pipe until it runs out of momentum. The maximum weight capacity for this ride is a total of 270 kg for 2 people. The minimum height required is 147 cm and 270 kg.


The Vortex High Speed Water Slide takes you into an exhilarating experience where the ride is 135 metres long. This enclosed, flume ride begins at a height of 18 metres above the ground. You will enjoy many twists and turns with a high speed in a 360 degree loop and fall you out at the bottom in the pool. This ride will take you up to a speed of 600 metres per minute. The minimum height required for this ride is 1.2meter and the maximum weight capacity is 136 kg.

Free Fall

Experience Asia’s one of the longest free fall water slides at Wild Wild Wet. This is a near vertical water slide which has a drop speed of up to 50 feet per second. It is the most popular ride among the adrenaline junkies. Take a plunge into this free fall water slide and splash into the refreshing pool on the other end. In order to enjoy this experience you must have a minimum height of 122 cm and a maximum weight of 136 kg per person.

Kraken Racers

The Kraken Racers is one of the most exciting rides at Wild Wild Wet where you can enjoy with your family and friends It is the first four laned, giant water slide for racing in Singapore. This ride is a multi lane racer where four people can slide down through a 90 metre long slide and end up in a pool. You can enjoy a fun competition with your family and friends to see who races down to the bottom first. The minimum height required to access this ride is 1.1 meter.

Shiok River

The Shiok River at Wild Wild Wet is the best place for people who wish to have a refreshing experience at the amusement park. This ride is an outdoor swimming pool which spreads over an area of 335 metres in length. It borders the perimeter of the park and it passes through some of the most beautiful landscapes containing lush greenery. Head over to the Shiok River if you want to spend a calm and relaxing time at the park, away from the daily commotion of city life.

The Water Work Giant Spinning Water Slide

The Waterworks Giant Spinning Water slide is one of the most popular rides at Wild Wild Wet as this is a massive spinning water slide. This curvy outdoor water slide consists of two parts which are an open body slide and a covered body slide. Each part has its own separate route and specific set of angles. You can enjoy this ride with your friends and race down to the bottom with them. The minimum height required to access this ride is 122cm and the maximum weight limit is 136 kg per person.


The Torpedo is one of the most unique and exhilarating rides at Wild Wild Wet as it will eject you from a capsule situated at a height of 18 m from the ground. This ride will shoot you out of the capsule through a route which contains several blood curling twists and turns at a speed of up to 70 km per hour. This ride is not for the faint hearted as you will go on 360 degree loops on this ride. The minimum height required for this ride is 1.2 m and the maximum weight capacity per person is 136 kg.

Yippie Shallow Swimming Pool

The Yippie Shallow Swimming Pool has been designed specially for the toddlers. It is a very shallow pool area where little kids can slosh around and have fun in the water. The pool is suitable for kids of all ages and toddlers can enjoy hours in this area without having to worry about the safety. Toddlers can learn the basic knowledge of swimming in the Yippee Shallow Swimming Pool in a fun way. The Yippee Shallow Swimming Pool play area also prepares the children to be able to experience the Professor’s Playground.

Professor’s Playground

This outdoor water playground is the most fun and suitable option for families with little children. It has a depth of 0.3 metres which makes it a safe environment for children of all ages. Kids can spend hours in this area as it contains many engaging activity options like miniature water fountains, ladders and water cannons. The Professor’s Playground helps to teach children how to take control of their surroundings in a fun and playful way. Along with the entertainment it provides, this play area acts as an effective learning experience for kids.

FAQ's of Wild Wild Wet Singapore

Which one is better: Wild Wild Wet or Adventure Cove?

The Wild Wild Wet Rides is one of the largest water amusement parks in Singapore. This is a perfect place where people can go along with their families and children as it offers a variety of engaging activities for all ages. The Professor’s Playground offers unlimited fun to the kids while rides like Kraken Racers and Free Fall keep the thrill seekers entertained. The Adventure Cove offers a wide variety of rides ranging from thrilling ones like Riptide River to mellow ones like Adventure River. You can also have an encounter with the amazing marine life of Singapore at the Adventure Cove.

What is the speed of the torpedo ride at Wild Wild Wet?

The speed of the torpedo ride at Wild Wild Wet is 70 kilometre per hour. This is a unique ride in Singapore which will eject you from a capsule at a height of 18 metres and it consists of thrilling curves and twists.

How many rides are there in Wild Wild Wet?

There are around 16 thrilling Wild Wild Wet rides out of which 7 are the latest additions in the park. The amusement park also consists of 3 play areas for kids.

How much is the ticket for Wild Wild Wet?

The tickets for Wild Wild Wet Rides starts from 26 dollars for adults. For children it starts from 19 dollars.

What do you wear in Wild Wild Wet ?

The Wet Wet Wild rides require proper swimming attire for the safety of the visitors. The swimming attires should be free of buttons, zippers, rivets and all other hard objects.


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