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Booking a Singapore Botanic Gardens ticket online is the best decision you will ever make before visiting the country. Witnessing a whopping number of visitors every year, it is difficult to purchase Botanic Garden Singapore tickets from the counter as they sell off like hot cakes. To fix your travel plans, an online booking system will make your trip easier. You will be able to book the date and time of your choice for visiting the gardens. An instant confirmation will avoid any further inconvenience at the venue. Moreover, if you book from us, you will be offered a variety of deals and discount coupons to choose from, making your visit cost-effective.

The first and the only tropical botanical garden on the UNESCO World’s Heritage list, the Singapore Botanic Gardens are on every traveler’s bucket list. Spreading across 85 hectares, this garden possesses lush green and 6 interconnected gardens. Receiving 4.5 million visitors annually, Singapore Botanic Garden features 10000+ floral species. The natural wonderland has many beautiful attractions and is a research center as well. Through a Singapore Botanic Gardens ticket, you will be able to enjoy attractions like National Orchid Garden, Ginger Garden, Palm Valley, Bandstand Area, Sun Garden, and Sundial Garden.

Apart from these enchanting areas, this garden is a Botany research center as well. Initially, the garden was made into a leisure park where society’s members would come for entertainment and relaxation purposes. It was built mimicking an English landscape with intertwined pathways and greenery. In 1986, the gardens were revitalized with attractions and public facilities. The hybrid climbing orchid known as Vanda Miss Joaquim was chosen from this Garden as the Nation’s National Flower. This garden aims to preserve tropical ecosystems for the flourishing of flora and fauna. Various educational programs are conducted in this garden to make people aware of the ecosystem, the importance of tropical forests, and their preservation.

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How to Reach
Things to Keep in Mind
  • Click beautiful pictures with different colored orchids blooming at the National Orchid Gardens.
  • Get to know about a whopping number of 550 species of Ginger in the Ginger Garden.
  • Witness the history of Singapore through the historical gate of Tanglin Gate Gardens.
  • Explore the Palm Valley and meet almost every palm that has ever existed through their 115 and 124 genera of families and subfamilies through Botanic Garden ticket Singapore.

  • Hike up to the Forest Discovery for experiencing forest ecosystems.

  • Listen to the melodious voices of singers by sitting on the lawns near Symphony lake.

  • Watch Black Swarms move and play in the Eco lake of Botanical Gardens.

Things to Do at Singapore Botanic Garden

Ginger Garden
Visit Ginger Garden

Ginger Garden is one of the most extraordinary attractions of the Botanic Gardens. Lying just next to the orchid garden, this garden spreads across 1 hectare. Staying true to its name, the garden contains a variety of different species of Ginger and related families with a total number of 550 unique species. These groups are divided based on geographical regions such as the Pacific Zone, Asia, Africa, and Tropical Americas. Three more regions named Beautiful Gingers for all types, Ethnobotany for studying and understanding them followed by Ginger enclosure. A pool filled with Amazon water runs throughout the garden for the nourishment of all the plants. Lilies fall down and on the water adding glory to the picturesque view of the Garden.

National Orchid Garden
Explore National Orchid Garden

National Orchid Garden is the most popular highlight to explore with your Singapore Botanic Gardens ticket as it houses 60,000 orchids. Serving people with euphoria since 1995, this garden has always been a romantic tourist spot. Containing 2000 species of enchanting orchids and 1000 hybrids, the National Orchid park is known internationally for displaying the world’s largest tropical gardens. The placement of orchids is based upon their colors and seasons, making up four large sections. Cream and yellow orchids represent spring, red and pink depict summer, white orchids portray winter, and purple, red, and rare blue orchids reflect autumn.

Learning Forest
Learning Forest

The newest addition to the Botanic Gardens of Singapore, the Learning Forest is a support to the new Tyersall Gallop Core attraction. Planned as an initiative to integrate 6 hectares of rainforest into a larger forest spreading across 5 different zones of 10 hectares each. The zones range from freshwater forest wetland to a low land rainforest. All of the zones are connected via a network of broad and elevated walkways. This place contains one of the tallest trees in Southeast Asia and the captivating ones with unique forms and barks like the Wild Fruit Trees as a part of the Botanic Garden’s Collection.

Tangling Gate Gardens
Discover Tanglin Gate Gardens

Tanglin Gate Gardens are some of the oldest attractions to explore with Botanic Garden ticket Singapore. The garden has adapted progressive and special techniques to nurture and flourish different kinds of plants. The garden holds historical importance as this was the place where famous British professor Eric Holtman designed the orchid breeding technique. The garden possesses the historical gate of Tanglin at its entrance as the main gate of the entry. This gate dates back to 1859, the colonial times when the garden was built under the Britishers. The gate showcases the garden’s history, heritage, and cultural significance with utmost pride.

Palm Valley
Explore Palm Valley

Staying true to its name the Palm Valley is a world of enchanting Palms in the Botanic Gardens of Singapore. A popular picnic destination, this garden is a large lawn filled with green grass covered with palms. The valley encompasses 115 genera and 220 species of palm with families and subfamilies. Over 124 genera and 1400 species of palm subfamilies reside in the valley. These palms are arranged in a very special manner, known as the Bone Pattern. All six families represent major plant groups that exist in biology. Almost every type of Palm can be found in the palm collection of this captivating valley of Botanic Gardens. A beautiful lake flows inside the garden to make your experience even more fresh and calm.

Symphony Lake
Admire Symphony Lake

The symphony lake is an artificial water body built inside the central core of Botanic Gardens in 1974. There is a reason that this lake was named ‘Symphony’ as this name points out to the orchestra. In 1994, the Shaw Foundation, featuring a big performing stage, was built in the middle of the lake. This place witnesses orchestras and concerts with melodies pleasing the ears of visitors. The stage is popularly known as ‘Venue’ as performers come every month to entertain the spectators. People are seen to be sitting on the lawn while relaxing and enjoying the rhythm of the music.

Eco Lake
Relax at Eco-Lake

The Eco lake of the Botanic Garden is home to the elegant Black swans belonging mostly to Australia. You will be spotting beautiful little creatures moving delightfully in pairs on the lake and sometimes, they might hang out on the green lawns. Eco lake is one of the three lakes of the Botanic garden in which the shores of the water body touch the green grass with flowers falling upon it. Singapore Botanic Gardens ticket will present you with a peaceful setting of Eco lake circling the lawn is a perfect spot to calm your bones after a hectic day. This lake is located in the Bukit Timah District, the poshest area of Singapore.

Singapore Botanical Gardens
See Gallop Extension

Extending the area of the Botanic Gardens learning forest attraction by 8 hectares, the Gallop Extension is an addition to the garden. The gardens are expensively built to make the area of the Garden Reach up to 82 hectares in total. The main purpose of building this park was to bring nature even closer to people by educating them about forest ecology and its presence. Besides Mother Nature, this place encompasses an art gallery, 120-year colonial house, Mingxin foundation, OCBC arboretum, and comp adventure groove.

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Why is Botanic Singapore Garden so famous?

    Botanic Gardens are popular because they house a whopping number of natural wealth with 36000 plants belonging to 6500 species. Historically, it holds importance as it was built during the colonial era 163 years back. It is the only tropical garden on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. In these gardens, you can witness the beauty of different plants, and flowers housed in its attractions and zones.

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