Places to Go in Singapore at Night

A city with amazing locations to visit where visitors can make some unforgettable memories, Singapore keeps one busy throughout the day and night with its engaging fun-filled activities. The Lion City is especially famous for its nightlife as it has everything from amazing nightclubs to cocktail bars. In addition, there are many places to go in Singapore at night which showcases the city’s enthralling beauty illuminated in the dark.Tourists in the pursuit of enjoying Singapore’s nightlife can visit Clarke Quay, a hotspot for all the people who want late-night parties. Clarke Quay is also home to numerous bars, restaurants, and cafes where one can grab a drink and enjoy it with their friends.

Other places to visit in Singapore at night include markets and landscaped parks, where people usually stroll around and grab some stuff as they are not only economical but of excellent quality. Late-night light and sound show at the Wings of Time and Garden By The Bay are among Singapore's most significant attention seekers.

Presenting a one of a kind experience, The Night Safari in Singapore allows visitors to observe animals at night, especially nocturnal species like owls, otters, civets, and many more. As one of the places to go in Singapore at night, it has everything to offer, from a thrilling experience with animals to night dining under the stars. The Luge Sentosa is another thrilling activity that can make night tours in Singapore, exciting and adventurous.

Gardens by the Bay

As an epitome of Singapore's development and architectural achievements, Gardens by the Bay makes itself one of the unmatchable places to visit in Singapore at night. Its verdant extensive landscape never fails to capture the attention of the visitors. Gardens by the Bay is spread across a massive area of about 101 hectares with its vegetation of exotic species of flora spread all around the park . Visitors generally like to stroll around the waterside Active Garden and the Bay East Garden to immerse themselves in the park’s beauty late at night. Gardens By The Bay also organizes an astonishing well-coordinated light and sound shows for all the visitors.

singapore Flyer
Singapore Flyer

Among the worth-visit places in Singapore at night , is the Singapore Flyer which always sprawling with visitors. This architectural wonder promises to provide a fantastic panoramic view at a whopping 100 feet above the ground. It is an ace location for tourists looking for some precious moments with their loved ones.

While looking to visit places in Singapore at Night, this location is especially favourable as the Singapore Flyer has 20 air-conditioned capsules promising a luxurious and comfortable ride to all its visitors. Upon reaching the maximum point of the flyer, people can witness a splendid view of significant attractions like Merion Tower, Marina Bay, Gardens By The Bay, and many more.

Sky High Bento Singapore Cable Car
Singapore Cable Car Sky Dining

Singapore Cable Car is a go-to place for tourists who want to spend some fantastic moments post sunset with their friends and family while gazing at the city’s skyline and having a delicious dinner; As the first preference for people looking for places to go in Singapore at Night during their Singapore trip, the cable car sky dining is an exclusive experience. Multiple cuisines and combos are available for dinner at Singapore Cable Car. In addition, visitors can also choose between traditional Japanese and Chinese cuisines.

Singapore zoo.jpg
Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is home to a wide range of species of fauna where tourists visit to witness the variety of wildlife and participate in multiple feeding and learning sessions. People can interact with the wildlife in proximity and indulge in feeding sessions. The zoo has more than 1000 animal species sprawling across the total area. Wildlife species include tigers, leopards, gorillas, pandas, and many more.

Singapore river cruises.jpg
Singapore River Cruise

Singapore River Cruise is one of the best ways to explore the city's significant landmarks at night. The cruise takes its first stop near the shores of some of the iconic skyscrapers and shimmering modern-day architecture. This fascinating cruise experience later takes them on a tour along the historical parts of the city, like the Old Harbour, a significant trade destination.

Singapore River Cruise is generally conducted by Bumboats, an ancient mode of transport for waterways which were used for trade and commerce. After some time, Bumboats were replaced with modern-day cruise boats. The Singapore River Cruise with Bumboats take tourists on a cruise from the major attractions to the final destination, Singapore Harbour, making it one of the definite attractions while thinking of places to go in singapore at night

Skyline Luge Sentosa.jpg
Skyline luge Sentosa

People from any age group can hop on a fun-filled and enthralling Skyline Luge and embark upon a journey to explore the jungle trail or night trail around the Sentosa Islands, one of the best places to visit in Singapore at Night.

Riders can feel their adrenaline levels soaring up while exploring the Jungle and Night trails, passing through some sharp corners, thrilling tunnels, and the dense forest spread around the island.At Skyline Luge Sentosa, tourists can have a great time to spend with their friends and family.

Hub of Nightlife - Clarke Quay
Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is amongst the best places to visit in Singapore at night for tourists who want to explore the city's nightlife to its very bits. Clarke Quay's streets represent the city's vibrant and happening nightlife with multiple bars, pubs, restaurants, and cafes open till late at night, At the Clarke Quay, visitors can grab drinks and savor a light hearted ending to the day with friends.Clarke Quay’s streets boasts of having many popular restaurants including the world’s biggest names like Dreams, Attica, Shiraz, Octopus, Highlander, and many more. It’s always a party for everyone visiting any of these points at Clarke Quay.

marina bay sands observation Singapore
Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck

The image of the city’s majestic skyline and the glittering buildings sounds fanciful, however every visitor witnessing the citylights from the Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck can be seen awe-struck by the views . Observing and immersing oneself in the visual spectacle that the city provides at a height of 600 feet from the ground is at the top of every visitor’s list of places to visit in Singapore at night. Of course, visitors will also get a view of the famous attractions like Gardens By The Bay and Merlion Tower from this observation deck. The cherry on the cake is the view right after sunset that never fails to leave everyone mesmerised by the scenic beauty in front of their eyes.

wings of time singapore2.jpg
Wings of Time

Wings of Time By the Marina Bay is a mesmerizing exhibition of an amazing light and sound show along with well-coordinated movements of fountains based on a particular theme. It is considered one of the premier places to visit in Singapore at night.

The themes selected for the show are pre-historical and fictional tales, amongst which the most loved story is the one about bravery and friendship. Numerous artists showcase their talent as a part of the storyline which is about Shahbaz and his friends Rachel and Flex traveling and exploring time mysteries and beautiful landscapes.


Singapore’s Chinatown is home to the world’s oldest Chinese temple, “Thian Hock Keng Temple.” Going down the streets, people will explore restaurants serving traditional Chinese cuisine, and some restaurants have achieved Michelin-Star status too. The market in Chinatown is one of the best in Singapore & people generally go out for late-night shopping.

Chinatown is the representation of the cultural and traditional values of Singapore and how they have evolved. The streets of Chinatown have documented the cultural development of Singapore. People will come across shops, temples, and restaurants.

Tanjong Beach Club

The club has every facility for the visiting guests, from lovely beach view villas to great pubs and restaurants where people enjoy drinks with their friends. The “Tanjong Sling Drinks” is a speciality of the beach club and definitely worth tasting. People usually like to spend their nights dancing and listening to live music on the beach while sipping Tanjong Sling Drinks.

Tanjong Beach Club has been considered as one the best beach clubs in the world as it's a perfect hideout from the regular city during the weekdays, and on weekends it acts as a proper vent out for all the clutter in one’s mind allowing enjoyable carefree moments by immersing in some of the most exclusive beach parties.

jewel changi airport
Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport is among the famous night-out destinations for all tourists. The airport is not merely a transit point but has some of the best attractions to explore at night. The Jewel Changi Airport is an architectural marvel; with every nook and corner worth exploring.

Jewel Changi Airport is the perfect place for all nature lovers as it has hanging gardens and exotic species covering the whole building. Attractions like Hedge Maze, Manulife Sky Nets, and Mirror Maze are the significant highlights of the Jewel Changi Airport, their exquisite design and alluring illusions behind them intended to trick and please every tourist coming to or leaving Singapore.

Singapore night safari.jpg
Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari is a part of Mandai Wildlife Reserve as it is home to many species of wildlife, which can be explored by a guided tram ride or by embarking on a fishing cat trail or East lodge trails. This is a thrilling and adventurous experience for all tourists visiting Singapore.

Visitors can opt for a tram ride through the forest or a guided safari on foot through the woods. The jungle is home to more than 1000 species of nocturnal animals, reptiles, and insects. In addition, tourists will add a pinch of thrill and adventure to their Singapore Trip by going for a night safari.

Mount Faber Peak
Dinner at Faber Peak

The hilltop of Mt. Faber is the top preference for tourists looking to have a great dinner along with the panoramic view of the highlands in the night lights. The top of Faber Peak has the finest restaurants serving great cuisines and meals to all the visitors with complimentary appealing scenery.

The top of Mount Faber is among the places to go in Singapore at night to have a delicious dinner, especially for people living in and around Sentosa. The most famous restaurant, the “Good Old Days” It's a throwback to the good old days. Its interior resembles colonial-era bungalows, and its vibe sets the mood.

Bugis Night Market
Bugis Night Market

Bugis Night Market is amongst the most famous night markets in Singapore that offers a wide range of cheap and quality goods, from regular clothing to jewellery. Tourists and locals prefer to visit Bugis Night Market to stroll around and shop some fantastic products while tasting the delicious Singapore Street Food at the pop-up stalls sprawling all around the market.It is a shopper’s paradise and, over the years, has developed as the largest street-shopping market in Singapore, flocked by shoppers, especially at night. People generally like to stroll around and check out all the traditional shops selling the cheapest music DVDs, souvenirs, wristwatches, and much more.


What are Singapore's best places to chill at night?

    • Gardens by the Bay: One of the best places to stroll around the serene lush green landscape, one can also enjoy a spectacular light and sound show later.
    • Marina Bay: Walking by the Marina Bay and soaking up all the cool breeze from the bay combines an excellent chill session, and colorful & dazzling light and sound shows there are a visual treat.
    • Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck: Gazing at the city’s skyline and all the shimmering buildings from a height of more than 600 ft from the ground is a visual spectacle for all.
    • Clarke Quay: The best place to experience Singapore’s nightlife and chill out with friends while grabbing a drink or two is definitely Clarke Quay. Iits club, restaurant, and bar present to entertain visitors till late at night.

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