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Age is just a number; you don’t have to remember it when you are at Bounce Singapore! Just wear the Bounce Grip socks, fly in the air and bounce off the walls. This ultimate indoor trampoline park in Singapore is a perfect place for all age groups, giving unlimited fun at an affordable price. Buy BOUNCE Singapore Tickets and get ready to learn new things, extend your limits, express yourself and make your day memorable with a new-age experience. A place with distinct elements like X-Factor, Leap of Faith and try some out-of-the-world experiences. Let the 100+ interconnected trampoline pump your adrenaline rush and encourage you for a perfect blend of fitness, thrill, and challenges. Take your kiddos along, and end of the time, you will find them demanding more of it. Parents can watch their kids bouncing from the edges and can surf the internet with free Wi-Fi inside the arena. Complete the outing with indoor restaurants with a rustic ambience and some delectable dishes. Reserve some time to visit this go-to place in your Singapore itinerary to have a safe and healthy day out. Tingle your exciting sensations by adding BOUNCE Singapore tickets to your cart, and get ready to jump, dodge, fall, dive, dip and fly!

Advantages of Booking Bounce Singapore Tickets

Save yourself from the uncertainty of getting BOUNCE Singapore tickets when you hit the venue at the 11th hour, especially on weekends, as the hottest-favourite place gets crowded easily. You will most probably come across ‘all tickets sold’ board and may return with a hanging face. To avoid thisd, book tickets from the most trusted travel partn onlineer! With this, you can get freedom to visit the place at your decided time and date along with assurance of time slots availability. Ditch the boring waiting time or standing in the queue and rely on the booking platforms to book the tickets!

Cut those Lengthy Queues

Yes, now you can cut down those boring lengthy queues and directly jump inside the trampoline area! You will always l find the crowded ticket counter all the time as you are visiting the most entertaining place in Singapore that caters to needs of everyone irrespective of age. So, why to waste time outside the magical place when there is an option of getting tickets online and go inside directly? Keep your kids' excitement intact by not holding them outside the park.

Go Digital and Book Advanced Tickets

Going early and standing in the queues for tickets is an old-school concept. Why to become old-schoolers when you can hit your digital gadgets to make the ticket bookings? Display the e-ticket from your mailbox at the counter and just enter the world of excitement. This is the best of save your precious time by spending almost the same amount


Plan your day accordingly and book the BOUNCE Singapore tickets as per your convenience. No need to take the printout or keeping the tickets safely. Just choose the dates on which you are paying the visit, check the availability and select the slot, that’s it! Even you can choose from 2-hour packages to extend your joy for a longer period. No need for any personal communication, just pay the price and get ready for the adrenaline-pumping arena!

Best Deals and Discounts

Grab hot deals and bumper discounts by preferring the most-reviewed travel platform for booking BOUNCE Singapore Tickets. Save your hard-earned money by making the bookings through the platform and just be ready to indulge yourself and your kiddos in stress-relieving fun activities! Not just the seasonal discounts but the usual payoffs or even cashback can save some significant amount.

Things To Do At Bounce Singapore

Slam Dunk

Basketball avid fans, stretch yourself to show some basketball skills at Slam Dunk, Bounce Singapore. The place caters to everyone, startinwithom a full-height basketball ring for pros and a lowering for beginners. Don’t worry about the safety as runway trampoline is safeguarded with padded walls and floor mats. Buy the BOUNCE Singapore tickets and try layup, field goal, and productive passes with your friends or family members. Tighten your shoe lace, get creative, and show some extra energy to score style points!

Big Bag

Looking for a safest landing spot for aerial endeavours? Big bag says it all! A massive soft spot provides a great place to work on the moves so that you can ace the high performance at trampoline. Go easy in the initial phase and get well-versed with advanced moves when your skills grow. Don’t be scared of falling and getting hurt as this giant inflatable bag, which is 5-foot-deep pit and lying at the end of a threbound-tumblele track, will warmly embrace you after you dive or after a failure attempt, or a simple plunge!

Free Jump Arena

Spread your wings at the giant network of 28 interconnected floor and wall trampoline at Free Jump Arena. Set yourself free and bounce at tumble tracks and banked walls. This is the greatest place for warm your muscle so that you can show some advanced moves at the rest of places. Just forget the number of your age, run wild in this oversized playground and enjoy freestyle freedom. Watch your kids bouncing on their feet and calm your eyes for giving them the best!

High Performance

Gear up with the Bounce Grip Socks and get ready for greater bounce and height at High Performance. This place is ideal for skill development and more advanced manoeuvres. Show some athletic skills and pursue some advance moves such as skiing, wake-boarding, skateboarding, snowboarding. If you are a free runner, practice on this giant canvas only restriction to entering this trampoline-dedicated sports enthusiasts’ area is that s your height should be equal to or more than 110 cm.


Are you excited about one more fun-offering activity on the trampoline? Then face the challenge of dodge a ball while bouncing on the trampoline. Divide your gang into two teams and hurl the soft ball at each other’s feet. One shared tip is to make use of the vertical bounce to its maximum so that you can dodge the ball without much effort. Be the last man standing in the line and win the crown of the winner!

The Wall

Show some spiderman climbing skills, freestyle tricks, and wall running along with the vertical walls of the Bounce Singapore. You can imagine this as a skate park with a base floor made up of trampoline. Just don’t miss this addictive and fun-giving adventure. Learn some few tricks to master and experience an awesome time along with your friends or loved ones. Implementing performance trampolines, he bounces and rebound techniques run up the walls like a pro.


Go for a more advanced phase at Bounce Singapore and lead to the Asia’s first Ninja Warrior-like adventurous course at X-Park. Skilfully developed in collaboration with the world’s best parkour and building course, this adrenaline pumping place is ideal for challengers. A perfectly impressive wrap can give you a combo of speed, strength, and perfect timing to face the obstacles at different levels of difficulty. Invest all your skills to get from the start to end of the course in the fastest way.

Know Before You Book BOUNCE Singapore Tickets

Other Essentials
Rules and Regulations


The popular indoor trampoline park is situated at 8 Grange Road, #09-01 Cineleisure, Singapore 239695

How to Reach:

The Bounce Singapore is easily accessible to various commute options, following are some of the ways to reach there:

By Bus:

The nearest bus stop is B09037 several city buses pass by. Take ane bus numbers from 36,77, 124, 128, 143, 162, 162M, 167, 171, 174, 174E, 190, and 51 th Bounce Singapore.


The local train transport or MRT is the cheapest and faster option of all. Alight at Somerset MRT Station (NS23) and take a few minutes’ walk-through Exit B.

By Personal vehicle:

If you are relying on a personal vehicle, set the Google Map to the destination of Bounce Singapore, located in Cineleisure Orchard. You can even find easy parking facilities at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard.

Best Time to Visit

Even though this fun mine is open for all days, drop yourself during weekdays and between 10 AM to 2 PM to enjoy the unlimited fun without much rush.

  • Prefer the digital way and make an online booking for Bounce Singapore tickets to surely spot yourself enjoying at your convenient timings inside the trampoline area with a heavy discount on BOUNCE Singapore Ticket price.
  • The minimum age requirement for jumpers is 3 years and the maximum weight constraints is 120 Kg. The minimum height requires to enter the X-Factor Park and Leap of Faith is 125 cm.
  • You can wear anything that gives ultimate comfort and flexibility, like sportswear, so you can easily jump freely. Avoid the multi-layered clothes as well as the cloths with rhinestones, buckles to prevent the damage of trampoline.
  • Reach 20 minutes before your schedule so you can gear up with socks, safety instructions, and signing formalities.
  • Before you get ready for bouncing on this trampoline garage, make sure that you have Bounce Grip Socks.
  • If you want to pay X-Park visit, flat-soled sports shoes are must wear.
  • Kids below 3 years are not allowed to bounce on the trampoline whereas only one person is allowed on the trampoline at a time.
  • Don’t go beyond your level of expertise. Stunts like double bouncing, wrestling, or rough play are not allowed.
  • Avail yourself 20 minutes prior to your schedule so that you are well-prepared with Bounce Grip Socks, safety instructions, and guidelines.
  • Maximum weight allowed for bouncing activity is 120 Kg.
  • No food or drink can be taken near the trampoline, and bouncing under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • For X-Park fun, minimum height requirement is 125cm along with flat-soled sports shoes compulsion.

Tips Of Bounce Singapore

  • Duration of each session is one hour and arrive 20 minutes prior to the scheduled session for pre-preparation like signing procedure, wearing socks, and understanding the safety guidelines.
  • If doctors have prescribed knee pads, ensure you are prepared with all necessary safeguards.
  • It is a mandate requirement of Bounce Grip Socks. Note that the price of this is SGD 3 is not included in the BOUNCE Singapore ticket price.
  • Wear any comfortable wear or best to have athletic clothes. Avoid multi-layered clothes or clothes with buckles, rhinestones that may damage the trampoline.
  • To ensure the slot at your convenient times, booking BOUNCE Singapore Tickets online is always better.
  • Visitors only above the height of 125 cm can go for X-Park and Leap of Faith. If you are moving to X-Park, flat soled sports shoes are mandatory.
  • Lockers are available at Bounce Singapore to keep the belongings.
  • Kill your free time with free Wi-Fi if you are not interested in the bouncing game.
  • Round off your day after an intense workout at in-house café that serves delicious Australian cuisines.

FAQs Of Bounce Singapore Tickets

How do I get to Bounce SingaporeBook BOUNCE Singapore Tickets online?

You can jump anytime you want. Also, the place is gets crowded on weekends, so if you are thinking of walk-ins, may not be accommodated if full. So, it is always a wiser option to go for advance booking.

What should I wear to Bounce Singapore?

Although no such dress-code constraints exist, athletic wear can allow you to move around without friction. Wear anything in which you are comfortable but avoid too layering or constricting clothes. Also, clothes within rhinestones, rivets, and buckles are not permitted as they can damage the trampoline. Before entering the trampoline area, you must buy Bounce Grip Socks for a better grip, which costs 3 SGD and are not included in BOUNCE Singapore ticket price.

Is there any age/ weight limit to go for Bounce Singapore?

Yes, participants must be at least above 3 years and weight limitations should not exceed 120 Kgs to go for Bounce Singapore.

What are the rules while visiting Bounce Singapore?

  • Only one person is allowed per trampoline at a time.
  • Bounce Approved Socks are mandatory for getting a good grip over the Bounce.
  • Don’t go beyond your skill level and watch out for other jumpers while bouncing, especially the young ones, to avoid the bumping or injury.
  • Double bouncing, wrestling, or rough play are strictly prohibited and make sure you land on two feet or bum when landing.
  • Entry to trampoline under alcohol or drugs are not allowed; even one cannot take food or drink near the trampoline area.

Does bounce have a weight limit?

Yes, to get onto the Bounce Singapore, the maximum weight of 120Kg is allowed to get onto the Bounce Singaporeed.


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