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Singapore Discovery Centre Overview

Singapore Discovery Centre offers an engaging and multi-sensory experience within its multiple attractions, and activities. Intending to give insight into Singapore challenges, aspirations, and dreams, visiting SDC is a must. The logo of Singapore Discovery Centre is a graphic representation of all the sensory vision, action, and sound you will encounter here. Even the logo of SDC is a graphic representation of the vision, action, and sound you will experience at the centre.

The Singapore Discovery Centre provides multiple tours, exhibitions, and attractions to educate people about how to overcome future challenges as Singaporeans. One such popular tour is ‘The Living Green Eco Tour, where you plant microgreens and enjoy organic lemongrass. Here one can enjoy the beautiful urban gardens while experiencing the stunning view of floating solar plants. Attractions here include the sandbox and a look into what makes Singapore one of the top global economies. This amazing attraction also has multiple indoor venues for hosting formal or personal events or classes.

Attractions at Singapore Discovery Centre

Black Lake Facility

The Black Lake Escape Room Facility is the best, as it offers a 2-story immersive and the largest escape room experience. It provides you with a multi-sensory thrill across four-story chapters and 13 rooms. Feel the excitement as you crawl through tight spaces or find concealed doors while unravelling mysteries and stories in all four chapters. The four chapters include the armoury, the medical centre, the research lab, and the basement. The armoury is the most challenging, as you comb through dark secrets and conversations between soldiers to find the hidden mysteries.

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Black Lake Laser Battlefield

The Black Lake Laser Battlefield will make you face your worst fears. It gives you the illusion of travelling to multiple interdimensional dimensions to fight creatures, zombies, and extraterrestrial beings. It is the best immersive laser tag arena where you can use a phaser gun and the players can score points. Other games included at this amazing attraction are elimination, colour ranked, midnight madness team, free-for-all, and standard team.

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Crossfire Paintball

A fun activity for friends as they battle with each other using paintball at the famous paintball arena. The crossfire paintball is the single multi-tiered paintball arena in Singapore located at Singapore Discovery Centre. It is an exciting experience as you dodge or crawl to miss the paintball hitting you. The game has two rounds, and the maximum capacity of the game is 5 people. Also the fee for this attraction is not included in the admission ticket.

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Permanent Exhibits Gallery – Sandbox

Start the journey at the Sandbox through present-day Singapore and via a short film see how it can make a difference in everyone’s future. Next, dive into the security and defence of the nation at ‘Strength of the nation.’ Learn to make crucial security decisions or to train like Armed forces to keep the nation safe. Walk through to see the shared ideologies that keep the nation together, and lastly, experience the resilience of people as they forge a better future to be a key economic player.

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XD Theatre Ride

For families, this attraction is the best, as the XD theatre ride in the Singapore Discovery Centre delivers the best multi-sensory adventure. It has a 4D simulation ride, allowing every individual seat to be immersed in literal motion effects. It also has 3D stereoscopic graphics, 360-degree surround sound, special lightning effects, wind effects, and speed simulation. All this makes the experience top-notch as you enjoy the five-minute show.

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Through the Lens of Time

The attraction shows you the history of early Singapore and is divided into four parts. 'The Beginning' takes you on the journey of Singapore from being a maritime emporium to becoming a British colonial port. 'The turning point' provides a glimpse into the dependency, challenges, and ways Singapore overcame them.’ Against All Odds' shows how Singapore overcame persistent acts of sabotage to become a sovereign nation. ‘Building our foundation' where you can see the obscenities, civil wars, and other tragedies Singapore faced.

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Inside Singapore Discovery Centre

iWERKS Theatre

The IWERKS Theatre in the Singapore Discovery Centre is the largest flat-screen theatre in Singapore. It boasts giant screen movie theatres in 2D and 3D, providing a multi-sensory cinematic experience. The screens are five stories high and have an exceptional sound system. The capacity of the theatre is 344 seats, making it one of the best theatres for enjoying a true cinematic sensory experience. From the blockbuster release of the week to dramatic short stories, the iWERKS theatre shows it all. Also, the admission to the theatre is free after purchasing tickets to the Singapore discovery centre.

Discovery Hall

Discovery Hall, an indoor venue, is one of the largest multi-purpose halls in the Singapore Discovery Centre. It can hold up to 400 people and has 360 seats, with a balcony that can hold 150 people. The hall is 250 square metres long and is well-equipped with an excellent stage and sound system. The hall makes for an ideal venue for product launches, trade events, seminars, and many other activities.

Function Room

For an intimate, private, or formal event, there is a function room in the Singapore Discovery Centre. It is a cosy room, about 174 square metres long, with 80 theatre-style seats. The capacity of the function room is about 50 people in banquet style and 100 people in standing style. The sound system is excellent, and as it is located within the centre, people have access to the amenities of Singapore Discovery Centre.


Another indoor venue in the Singapore Discovery Centre is the three classrooms equipped with exceptional sound systems. The three classrooms provide simulation learning opportunities with different activities happening at once. Also, combining all three classes into one classroom to accommodate a larger number of people is possible. The classrooms provide a private space for learning due to their location near an urban garden outside the centre. It can accommodate 40 people standing and per classroom 330-theatre style seatings are available.

Things to Know Before Going to Singapore Discovery Centre

Essential Information
How to Reach
Tips to Visit Singapore Discovery Centre


SAFTI Military Institute, 510 Upper Jurong Rd., Singapore 638365


Opening hours:

  • 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday (Last entry at SDC at 6:30 p.m.)
  • 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. from Saturday to Sunday (Last entry at SDC at 7:30 p.m.)

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  • By car: There are two ways: one is driving via the Pan Island Motorway from the main city to upper Jurong Road using exit 40. Continue on the road to reach the Singapore Discovery Centre. The other way is to take the central motorway from the main city and take exit 20 towards Gul Way/Benoi Road. Continue on Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim to read Singapore Discovery Centre. 
  • By train: The east-west MTR line-bound train to Tuas Link will leave you at Joo Koon MTR station. From there, take the SBS bus interchange 182M or 182 to reach the destination.
  • By walk: From the MRT station or Joo Koon bus station, Singapore discovery centre is a 10-minute walk away. From the station, walk towards Joo Koon Circle and turn left onto Benor Road to follow the main pathway. Turn left onto Upper Jurong Road, and the Singapore discovery centre is on the right.
  • Before visiting the centre, research the activities and exhibits according to your interests as it will let you make the most of your time.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, as there will be a lot of walking. 
  • The centre is stroller and wheelchair friendly, so bring them with you if needed for a better visit.
  • Do not miss the outdoor playground if you have kids as it has multiple crafts, all free of charge.
  • Shopping at the Singapore Discovery centre is a perfect place for memorable souvenirs to remember your trip. 
  • You can dine at the Bottle Tree Café Restaurant which provides multiple budget-friendly asian cuisines for organised groups and families.

FAQ's for Singapore Discovery Centre

What is the Singapore Discovery Centre?

Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC) is an educational and tourist attraction in Singapore. Its mission is to educate people about the history of Singapore and inspire them to contribute to its future. Through its multiple attractions and tours, visitors enjoy a multi-sensory learning experience. Along with this, they gain insights into the challenges and interests of Singapore.

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Is there an admission fee to enter the Singapore Discovery Centre?

Yes, for foreign visitors, there is an admission fee of INR 812.5 for adults and 654.68 for children between the ages of 3 and 13. However, if you are a permanent resident or a Singaporean, there is no fee. You can show an ID proof and enjoy the visit for free.

Is the Singapore Discovery Centre suitable for children?

Yes, the Singapore Discovery Centre is suitable for all children, as it has diverse tours and activities to engage them. From educational tours and creative crafts to interactive rides, exhibitions, and outdoor fun, it has all. The kids will love dabbling in fun while doing free seasonal crafts at the ‘PlayGround.’ It has the most innovative crafts, like ‘Tiger Tally’ or ‘Critter Crawlies.’ Children can also enjoy AR-arcade games, quizzes, videos, and more at the newly launched ‘Sandbox’, ideal for children.

Is photography allowed inside the Singapore Discovery Centre?

Yes, photography is allowed inside the Singapore Discovery Centre but be mindful of the privacy of other people.

Are there dining options available at the Singapore Discovery Centre?

Yes, the Bottle Tree Café restaurant is an ideal dining option for enjoying the best local tze-char style food and Asian cuisine. It offers delicious and affordable food options for groups and families. While enjoying the delectable food, also watch the stunning view of Discovery Lake, which features a water fountain and 600+ floating solar panels.

Is there parking available at the Singapore Discovery Centre?

Yes, accessible paid parking is available at the Singapore Discovery Centre, along with a bathroom. The attraction is also wheelchair friendly.


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