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About Go Karting Singapore

Go Karting in Singapore is a great way to challenge yourself by driving through the twists and turns of the fabulous Karting Track. Suitable for all the levels of drivers, the ride is the base for F1 professional racing. You can experience the thrills of Karting in three popular locations in Singapore- Kranji, Turf Club, and Jurong. Each area is of different lengths possessing several hairpin corners and thrilling twists and turns to offer a rush of adrenaline. This activity is so popular that people come in masses to enjoy it with their families, and friends and even indulge in corporate group activities. Besides the fun, the Karting ride is safe as the arena authorities take adequate measures to prevent any inconvenience during the ride.

Arenas for Go Karting in Singapore

KF1 Karting Circuit (Kf1 Kranji)

Located in Kranji, the KF1 Kranji is one of the best Karting facilities that provide you with the thrills of riding on a technical circuit. Famous Formula 1 circuit designer Hermann Tilke designed this Bi-directional professional karting track to get approval for operation by CIK-FIA (the governing body of the sport). The specialty of this track is that it allows two races to go on separately without any interference from the other. KF1 Karting Circuit is 960 m long, challenging enough to treat you with 18 turns along with 28 corners and some inclinations at the banking. Beginners who aim at a speed of 30 kmph to the pro levels moving at 50kmph can experience the chills of Go Karting in Singapore. Besides the adventure run, you can indulge in corporate group events, dine in and purchase at the store as you visit Kranji.

The Karting Arena

Located at the Turf Club, the Karting Arena is one of the best Karting facilities that offer you a variety of races. From novice to expert, this circuit is suitable for enthusiasts, beginners, and professional drivers. You can participate in Singapore Go Kart types like Grand Prix, Super Grand Prix, Fun Karting, Kids Racing, Mini GP, and Sim racing as the area provides racing simulators. The 780-meter-long track features 14 turns with long straights and short corners and is used for personal events but features multiple cameras and a control room for hosting professional contests.

KF1 Arena

The KF1 Arena is located on Upper Jurong Road to provide you with the best go Karting experiences in Singapore. The track is 700 meters long with a width of 10 meters and 11 turns, enough to challenge your driving skills. Rather than turns, this track lets you speed up on the straight path, an equally chilling experience for the riders.The track is one of the safest in Singapore as the CIK-FIA regulates Tecpro barriers of F1 with tire walls for extra protection. BCA maintains a remote stop system to stop all the moving go-karts in case of any emergency. KF1 arena serves personal purposes like corporate events like team building activities, parties, and outings.

Maximum Drift Karting Arena

Maximum Drift Karting Arena is Singapore’s first drift Karting place where you can enhance your go-Karting experience craving for something unique. Through this unique drifting experience, you can change the direction of the karts to slide sideways while racing around turns. Suitable for all beginners and professionals.

Book Go-Kart in Singapore at KF1 Karting Circuit Tickets

Booking Singapore Go Kart tickets online is a great way to escape large crowds and last moment hassle at the venue. Go Karting is a popular sport played by international visitors and localities alike, hence becoming overcrowded usually. The ticket counter witnesses long queues with people waiting hours to get theirs. Chances are that the tickets might get sold out even before your turn at the ticket counter, ruining all your travel plans. Hence, you should book online in advance to grab the date and time of your choice with instant confirmation. Besides saving time and energy, you will get deals and discounts to make your trip budget-friendly.

What Are The Requirements To Go-Kart In Singapore?

Go Karting in Singapore is a popular sport for challenging yourself and competing with your loved ones but safely and soundly. To ensure proper safety, you must follow a few steps to avoid any harm. A few guidelines are required to be followed as these rules will Mark you and your fellow drivers safe from any inconvenience during the ride.

  • Those who can reach the bottom of the pedals with their feet are eligible to proceed with a go-kart.
  • You must wear helmets when you go-kart.

  • Under the helmets, wear hairnets to maintain hygiene as both of them are provided by the authorities.

  • You are required to wear covered shoes to protect your footwear from falling.

  • Don’t try to overtake fellow go-karters or run on other people’s tracks as it might cause some issues.

  • You must not wear loose clothes as it is likely that clothing would fly off during the ride with chances of hurting fellow racers.

  • Tie your hair up as it might fall on your face or eyes, blocking your vision.

  • If it rains, the authorities of the location do not allow you to go-karting for safety purposes as the tracks might make drivers slip off their paths.

  • Covid-19 guidelines must be maintained before, during, and after the ride of Singapore Go Kart.

Know Before You Go for Singapore

How to Reach Singapore
Tips of Singapore
Best time to Visit Singapore
  • By Air: Singapore has eight airports, but you can choose the Jewel Changi Airport as it serves international destinations such as London, New York, Paris, Sydney, Delhi, and Shanghai.

  • By Bus: You can travel to Singapore by bus from Peninsular Malaysia. Take the Johor-Singapore Causeway and the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link. You can choose between some of the major bus operating companies for the travel.

  • By Train: You can travel to Singapore by train from JB Sentral in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, to Woodlands Train checkpoint in Singapore. Take other modes of transportation such as the metro, bus, or cab service to your destination.

  • Almost every location has designated smoking areas.
  • If you speak English well, as most Singaporeans do, you can travel with ease.
  • If the weather is consistently hot, bring sun protection with you.

  • Singapore accepts the standard 3-way electrical plug with 220-240 volt alternating current at 50 cycles.

  • People with special abilities, limited mobility, the elderly, and the disabled are well cared for, and almost every location is accessible.

  • Important helplines are Police 999, Ambulance 995, and Fire Brigade 995; Flight Information 1800 542 4422

November to January is the ideal time to visit Singapore as these months witness low temperatures despite the country being tropical with hot and humid weather. Temperatures fall during these months, and the climate is pleasant, enabling exploration and enjoyment.


How to book Go Karting Singapore Tickets?

You can book Singapore Go Kart Tickets anytime online within a few clicks. After choosing your favorite package, you will get the ticket at a discounted rate from the comfort of your home or on your busiest day. The online booking system will let you choose the preferred date and time with instant confirmation as soon as you book.

What can be the inclusions of Go Karting Singapore Tickets?

The tickets come in two variants- one for Novice (Beginners) and another for Advance levels (Professionals). Each track has its height requirements, speed, and the number of twists and turns. Rented helmets and shower caps are included in the ticket.

What can be the Minimum age limit to go karting?

Children aged 8 and above are allowed to participate in Go Kart.

Is there a height limit for go-karting?

Usually, every Go Karting track requires you to attain a minimum height of 1.20 meters.

How long is Go karting in Singapore?

Go Kart is at least 30 minutes long.

Can we kart if it is raining outside?

The authorities don’t allow Go Karting Singapore to be carried on during the rain as it may hinder the ride and cause inconveniences.


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