Indoor Activities in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, and is the melting pot of a number of cultures and nations. In case you are looking for indoor activities in Singapore, you will find countless places that offer some of the most exciting and memorable indoor fun. For ice lovers, there are many fun places like The Rink and Jcube where they can indulge in indoor ice-skating. You can also experience other popular indoor activities like rock climbing, bouldering, axe throwing and bowling in singapore. The k-Bowling zone is the first-of-its-kind exclusive bowling area in Singapore, and offers some of the best bowling experiences. For gaming freak, there are numerous indoor things in Singapore like the Zero Latency Group and Trapped Escape Room which involve high-level VR games along with friends. The iFLY provides soem of the mosst awesome skydiving experiences in Singapore. Do remember to visit the snow city and take part in a number of snow activities like snow battles, slides and so on.

Go ice-skating in Singapore

Ice-skating in Singapore is one of the best indoor activities in Singapore, and has countless spots to do so. The Rink ice-skating zone is Singapore’s first Olympic-sized skating stadium and is probably the best skating spot in Singapore. Apart from a spectacular skating experience, you can also indulge in a number of fun social events, disco nights or take lessons for ice-skating. The Kallang Ice World in the Kallang Leisure Park is also another famous ice-skating spot in Singapore. Another place to go ice-skating is the Bishen Park Skating Rink, with an amazing indoor stadium.
Play Virtual Reality Game

Singapore is a hub for some of the most advanced Virtual Reality gaming arenas in the world. At the Zero Latency Singapore, you can indulge in exciting zombie and aime type game settings along with your friends. Lovers of Sci-Fi or time travellers will find the Virtual Room to be one of the best indoor activities in Singapore. Also,visit the Hologate where you can indulge in warfare games and also futuristic games.

Bank Heist Escape Room Experience
Visit Escape Room

Indulging in thrilling l and exciting escape roop activities is one of the best indoor activities to do in Singapore. There are several escape rooms in Singapore like the Trapped Escape Room, where you can join hands with your friends to run from the oppressors hand and achieve freedom. At the V-Room, immerse completely into a futuristic world full of technology. Other similar escape rooms in Singapore include the Virtual Room Singapore, Lost, Escape Hunt and the two-storey Escape Artists adventure.

Mini Golfing at Holey Moley
Mini Golfing at Holey Moley

Holey Moley is one of the most exciting and fascinating places for a lively mini–golf games, with a setting of cafes and bars. It has around 27 holes and playing mini golf here will be one of the most challenging activities. It is famed for its vibrant and lively atmosphere, with music and dance happening in the background. The cafes, bars and restaurants are also bustling with people throughout the day, making your mini-golf experience an enjoyable activity.

Axe factor Singapore
Axe Throwing at Axe Factor

Indulging in axe throwing at the axe factor is one of the most unique indoor activities in Singapore. Bring your friends along and spend an exciting day competing with them. Listen to the safety instructions and start your exciting adventure of throwing axes to hit the bullseye. In case you want to master the skill of axe throwing, you can interact and learn from the trained professional staff of Axe Factor.

Dubai Mall Ice Rink
HiRoller Indoor Skating Rink

HiRoller Indoor Skating Rink is Singapore's most loved indoor skating area, and is filled with skaters year-round. Take your friends along with you and set off on an exciting skating activity. The rink is really great, with amazing lights and a vibrant ambience. You can also witness a number of skating events like professional skaters performing stunts.

K- Bowling

K-Bowling is one of the most vibrant and fun playing arenas you will ever find in Singapore. It is one of the first full-time cosmic bowling alleys in Singapore, and provides a wholesome bowling experience to its customers. It has also got other fun indoor games like the Dart, where you can challenge our friends over who hits the bullseye. In case you have got the mood for singing, just visit the karaoke booth and sing your heart out. Other than these, there are numerous other arcade games in the alley.

iFly Queenstown
Indoor Skydive at iFly Singapore

Skydiving with iFly is definitely one of the most thrilling indoor activities in Singapore. Arrive at the iFly centre in Singapore and indulge in skydiving in Singapore’s largest indoor skydiving centre and also take the free fall vertical jump. You will be jumping from a height of about 56.4 feet, the wind tunnels will make it so different that you will feel as if you are jumping from a height of more than 12,000 ft. Also enjoy the amazing stunning landscapes of the Siloso Beach while flying.

Rock Climbing Singapore
Go Rock Climbing

Rock Climbiing and bouldering is in fact one of the most adventures indoor activities in Singapore. It is a populr recreational event in Singapore and as such, there are aa number of rock climbing gyms you will find. The Clip N Climb is one of the best indoor gyms for rock climbing, and has over 19 distinct climbing walls as high as eight meters. Kinetic Climbing, Climb Central and Onsight Climbing are other great spots for taking part in rock climbing and bouldering.

snow city singapore2.webp
Visit the Snow City

Snow City is the first indoor snow stadium and one of the best indoor things in Singapore. It has a number of snow and ice-themed installations and attractions. Visit the Ice Gallery Hotel and dine sitting between amazing ice sculptures and art works. Also indulge in paintball shooting with your friends on an ice floor. Apart from that you can also indulge in activities like snowball battles, bumper cars drifting in ice, climb the cliff or take part in countless educational activities.

SEA Aquarium Singapore Visit
Explore S.E.A Aquarium

Located in the beautiful and busy Sentosa Island, visiting and admiring the xotic marine creatures at SEA Aquarium is one of the best indoor things to do in Singapore. The aquarium is home to more than 10,000 aquatic animals from diverse species. You'll find marine creatures from the marine ecosystems of Bay of Bengal, Great Lake of East Africa and the Andaman Sea. Take a walk in the Sharks Habitat where you’ll find them in amazing numbers and also visit central attractions of Open Ocean Habitat.

Jump around BOUNCE Singapore

Bounce Singapore is one of the biggest indoor trampoline arenas in Singapore and visiting it is one of the best indoor things to do in Singapore. Come along with your friends and family, and spend the entire day jumping and flying in the air defying gravity. In the Fab Five activity, divide yourselves into groups of 5 and take part in thrilling challenges and activities. At the Junior Jumpers, let your kids enjoy themselves by indulging in action-packed jumping activities. There is also a Soft Play Area, where toddlers can play and jmpr around in a safe environment.

Trick Eye Museum Jeju
Visit Trick Eye Museum

The Trick Eye Museum is a 3d hand ART Museum originating from Korea, and is popular for its mind boggling artworks and shows. Enter the realm of AR Trickeye where you'll feel as if the creatures of the paintings are coming out to you. You can also visit the Aqua Trickeye where you can explore the augmented underwater realm and pose with the fish and mermaids. Lastly, visit the Rainbow Garden for pictures or the EcoGardens to take a break and relax.

art science museum
Visit Exhibits at Art Science Museum

The Art Science Museum is located in the Marina Bay Sands building, and is a significant art and technology museum in Singapore. The museum collaborates with many significant organisations to come up with amazing exhibitions. One of the most famous exhibitions is “‘The Deep’ which showcases the creatures and habitats found in the deep sea. Another famous exhibition is The Future World which integrated art and technology to put up amazing performances.
Enjoy at Indoor Playground Kidtopia

Kidtopia is one of the best places you must definitely take your children to when in Singapore. It has an amazing play area with countless rides, slides and activities to indulge in. You'll find an amazing play area, mini train rides, trampoline beds, building games and so on. At the CLub Punggol, set off on an amazing adventure and indulge in role-play acts, slides and so on. There are also amazing earring areas which you can visit when you want to take a rest.


Which are the best indoor things to do in Singapore?

    On your tour, you can indulge in a number of indoor activities in Singapore and some of the popular activities are skydiving at iFLY, ice-skating at various rinks or taking part in fun skating experiences in its rinks. Other popular indoor things in Singapore are going rock climbing and bouldering in climbing centres, jumping around in the BOUNCE trampoline park or axe throwing at Holey Moley. Singapore is also a hub for Virtual Reality gaming centres, and provides many VR games you can play with your friends. Lastly, do remember to go bowling at the popular K-Bowling bowling zone.

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