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One of the top destinations in Singapore, is the mint museum of toys which has over 8500 vintage toys on display from a collection of 50,000. The museum is home to many collections of toys and collectibles from 40 countries and these artifacts date back to the 1840s. You can admire many impressive collections of toys such as the Barbie doll, the GI Joe doll, and the Transformers. The mint museum of toys tickets will give you access to all the four zones, the Outerspace, Characters, Childhood Favorites, and Collectables. You can also witness some of the rarest and vintage toys such as the Popeye & Olive Oyl Tank toy from Japan and also Alice's Adventures in Wonderland doll which was owned by the real-life Alice who inspired the story of Alice in wonderland. You can take your kids here as the museum is also known for conducting Earning Journey workshops for kids as per their age and education levels.

Why to Visit Mint Museum of Toys?

  • Get the mint museum of toys tickets and get a chance to admire over 8500 toys on display from a collection of 50,000 toys.
  • Relive your childhood by looking at many vintage toys dating back to the 1840s to 1980 from over 40 countries.
  • Look at toys from all around the world including Japan, Germany, and Singapore.
  • Explore the amazing collection of vintage games, wind-up toys, collector items, and also toys from Popeyes, Batman, and Astroboy.
  • Visit the museum with your family and tell your kids about all of the toys played by you in the four themed levels in the museum, Outerspace, Characters, Childhood Favorites, and Collectables.
  • Witness many rare collections like the Batman robot toy, the only Mekon Mask in the world, and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland doll owned by Alice Liddell, who was the original inspiration for the novels.
  • Explore many vintage posters, confectionery tin boxes and many advertising signs at the museum.
  • You will not only see them but you are also allowed to play many board games which will definitely make you nostalgic.
  • The visitors can also opt for the guided tour in which they will get to know the related stories of the toys in the museum.

Things to Do at the Mint Museum of Toys

An Experiential Learning Activity

The Museum also hosts many workshops for adults where you will be given approved training that helps learners rediscover multi-racial heritage, history & arts as well as diversified cultures. The training is done using the museum's toy collection which helps in gaining creative thinking and designing skills. Some of the popular workshops are Representing culture in art, Art styles, and fusion, visual storytelling, and visions of the future.

Family Bonding Activities

The mint museum of toys tickets will give you an opportunity to bond with your family and kids through various programs. You can join The Journey of Rediscovery Programme which was created to improve imagination and play. These programs help families to bond with each other through activities and experiences. The activities include the museum’s toy collections where your kids can discover your childhood and your favorite toys.

Virtual Museum Tours

One of the top attractions of the museum, you can go through a 360-degree virtual environment where you can learn more about a specially curated collection of vintage toys. You can discover these vintage toys by watching the animated clips, guided voice narration, and minigames. These toys are a part of the permanent exhibition at the museum Collectables and Childhood Favorites.

Preschool Learning Activities

The Museum has curated a holistic learning experience for children aged 2-6 with 4 levels of toys from around the world. The kids can enjoy hands-on activities and the learning Journey program in the Museum is inspired by Aesthetics and Creative Expression. The Museum includes learning points of art, music and movement in each of our 4 zones to help the development of preschool children.

Collections at the Min Museum of Toys Singapore

Beginnings Of Robots

Get the mint museum of toys tickets and get a chance to learn more about the beginning of Robots and how they came into existence. The idea of robots with mechanical assistance dates back to ancient times but the modern robot was built in 1920. One of the oldest collections is the Smoking Spaceman from Linemar, a Japanese company specializing in mechanical and battery-operated toys.

The World of Comic Books

Head over to the World of Comic Books zone where you can look at many iconic comic book superheroes from around the world. You can witness 8 Man robots and the popular Batman robot which was made by Japan’s Bandai in the 1960s. You can look at many vintage versions of the popular superheroes which are currently highly valuable and are worth thousands of dollars.

Teddy Bears from around the World

Teddy bears have been one of the most popular toys all over the world for many centuries and the museum has an amazing collection of these toys. You can admire the collection of vintage teddy bears with mint museum of toys Singapore tickets which are made by Steiff, Merrythought, and the Shanghai Doll Factory. Steiff is one of the most popular companies which made teddy bears from 1903 which had a dyed fabric ribbon and metal teddy bear-shaped medallion around their neck.

The door of Hope Dolls

These dolls were made in Shanghai, China in the 1900s and were very popular at one time. The door of Hope mission provided women in China with less or no literacy skills with work and enabled them to earn. These women's job was to sew delicate outfits for these handcrafted dolls. There are 25 standard designs that were produced and each doll represented a traditional Chinese costume. Every costume of the dolls was handmade and was known for its uniqueness.

Globalization of Climbing Monkey

One of the most popular collectibles, you can admire the Climbing Monkey lithographs with the mint museum of toys Singapore tickets. These toys were a worldwide sensation in the early 20th century and were produced by toymakers around the world. You can look at many collections which reflect the modifications made to the simple concept by different toymakers. You can see many versions of this toy made by artists from Germany, China, and more.

Early Toys and Traditional Folk Games

The mint museum of toys tickets also gives you access to the MINT shop where you can find many modern versions of old-school tours. The Gold Gasing Spinning Top which is a version of the ‘kampong’ toy from Malaysia is very popular. This is one of the most common toys for many children in Malaysia and Singapore. The toy is painted in gold and has a metal hook and tip. You have to tightly wound a string on the top and throw it to the ground holding the string and making the toy spin.

Know Before You Visit Mint Museum of Toys

Essential Information
  • Timings 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM

  • Location26 Seah St, Singapore 188382

  • How to ReachBy Car: The Museum is 30 mins away from the city center. You can easily take a taxi or a cab to reach the location by Upper Thomson Rd and CTE.

  • InclusionsThe mint museum of toys price will give you access to all the four zones in the museumYou can look at all the rare toys displayed in the museums.

  • The artifacts and the toys in the museum are arranged chronologically, so start your journey at the beginning of the museum
  • The Museum is set in an Apartment complex and you might get confused after you reach the location. Use google maps to reach the exact location.
  • It has over 50,000 toys and it might take 2 hours for you to explore all four zones. Make sure you have enough time while you visit the museum.
  • After your tour, you can head over to the Mr. Punch Public House which is a rooftop bar at the Museum.

FAQ's of Mint Museum of Toys

How long does it take to visit the MINT Museum of Toys?

It take at least 1-2 hours for you to visit the museum as the museum has over 50,000 toys and 8,500 vintage toys on display in four zones

How much does admission to the MINT Museum of Toys cost?

The mint museum of toys price is around $15 for adults, $7.50 for children below 12 years and senior citizens.

Is Photography allowed inside the MINT Museum of Toys?

Yes, you can take photos inside the MINT Museum of Toys.

What is unique about the MINT museum of toys?

The MINT museum of toys is one of a kind museum with over 50,000 vintage toys and 8500 rare toys on display.You can look at many rare toys like the original doll of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and also the only existing Mekon Mask in the world.


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