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The Singapore Zoo, located at the northwest extremity of the island in Singapore, is a haven for magnificent animals and a must-visit for animal lovers. Since welcoming visitors in 1973, this valued institution has grown to become one of the best rainforest zoos in the country. In addition to holding over 2,800 animals from 300 species, such as crocodiles, Malayan tapirs, and white tigers, the zoo has won several national and local awards.

There are surely many possibilities for incredible contact with the animals as you travel around the 11 zones of the Singapore Zoo. The amazing animals you'll find here reside in open areas designed to resemble their native habitats. At the Australasia exhibit, for example, one can get up close and personal with the endearing lemurs and sloths of Fragile Forest and awe at the magnificent lions and zebras of Wild Africa. For a variety of kid-friendly activities, shows, and rides, visitors with kids may immediately go over to Rainforest KidzWorld.

Book Singapore Zoo Tickets Online

The most convenient way to guarantee hassle-free entrance to the attraction would be to buy Singapore Zoo tickets online. The exciting deals and packages offered online not only get one a good discount on their Singapore Zoo ticket booking, but they can also bypass the line at one of Singapore's most well-liked family attractions. Therefore, for individuals wishing to maximize their travel budget with cheap Singapore Zoo tickets, buying tickets online may be the best option.

The zoo packages we provide give you admission to all 11 of the zoo's themed zones while also covering the Singapore Zoo entrance ticket fee. Visitors may explore the zoo at their own pace, take part in a variety of activities, and see a variety of performances. You have the option to add in-zoo activities like tram rides or night safaris, as well as combine your visit with a trip to nearby sites like the Bird Paradise Singapore, when you buy Singapore Zoo tickets online.

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  • Explore the open-concept zoo in Singapore and see wild animals from 300 species in zones like Wild Africa, Fragile Forest & RepTopia

  • Take a stroll through Singapore Zoo's 28-hectare landscape, and see over 2,800 fascinating animals

  • Have an amazing interactive experience while feeding giraffes, and having breakfast with orangutans

  • Book the Singapore Zoo tickets and learn about wildlife conservation with the help of various educational programs and guided tours

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Must Know Before You Go
  • People are requested to not wear strong scented perfume as animals are sensitive to odor.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival.
  • Please reach at the location at least 45 minutes prior from your preferred time.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of arrival.
  • Participants are not allowed to carry any sharp object, lighter, luggage bag, alcohol, knife, etc.
  • Wi-Fi is available through out the park.
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Singapore Zoo Variants Options

Singapore Zoo Admission Ticket with Tram Ride

One of the most affordable ways to see the zoo, these cheap Singapore Zoo tickets include admission to all areas of the zoo as well as a tram tour of the exhibits. The Singapore zoo tram ride is a unique group experience that transports guests on the zoo's own tram across each of the 11 zones. Both Singaporeans and visitors can purchase the tickets. The Singapore Zoo tour with Tram Ride is a dated activity, and the ticket is only redeemable on that particular day.

Night Safari Singapore
Singapore Zoo Tickets and Night Safari Combo

The Night Safari, the first nocturnal zoo in the world, is a thrilling addition to any trip. This specific ticket gives a wonderful bargain on the price of one's Singapore Zoo and Night Safari Ticket, making it a superb combined bundle. In addition to entry to the zoo during open hours, the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari ticket combo also includes a buggy tour through the exhibits at the zoo. After the nocturnal zoo opens at 6:00 PM, the Singapore Zoo Night Safari Tickets also include admission and a safari there.

Singapore zoo
Singapore Zoo Ticket with Chartered Buggy Tour

One of the most exclusive and justifiably popular experiences the Zoo offers is the Private Buggy tour. The Chartered Buggy, like the tram, carries visitors around the majority of the zoo's main attractions. It does provide one the solitude and comfort of traveling alone, though. The zoo expert frequently stops the guided buggy ride to provide interesting details about the way the animals live there. The Singapore Zoo tickets offer the option to combine an animal feeding experience with the buggy tour.

Which Singapore Zoo Tickets to Choose?

While purchasing tickets on-site is an option, we advise all guests to buy Singapore Zoo tickets online. One would have to wait in endless lines to get tickets in advance for one of the city's most well-liked attractions. Instead, one may avoid the crowds by making an online purchase and choosing the date they want to attend. No matter when you decide to make your reservation, whether it's last-minute or outside of the zoo's operating hours, your Singapore zoo ticket booking will go through without a hitch and you'll also save a tonne of money on the Singapore Zoo admission fee.

Singapore zoo
  • To Make the Most of Your Visit and Spend Less Time at the Counter: To buy Singapore Zoo tickets online is one of the greatest methods to avoid the lines that form at the attraction. In this manner, you may enter the Zoo without having to wait.
  • To further explore Mandai: Mandai is home to some of Singapore’s best natural attractions, and demands to be explored. When you carry out your Singapore Zoo ticket booking online, you get the option to include multiple attractions on the same ticket.Some of the combo deals allow one to include other attractions in the vicinity to their Singapore Zoo tickets, thus letting one optimize their time in the area.
  • Get the best combination deals: Use any of the combo packages to double your trip to the zoo with nearby attractions, including the Bird Paradise or the Night Safari, to enhance your trip to the Singapore Zoo. The combo packages are also a great way to save on one’s trip, offering discounts on the admission prices of all attractions it includes.

Experiences offered in Singapore Zoo

One's entry to the attraction includes a variety of activities in addition to the entrance cost to the Singapore Mandai Zoo and access to its exhibits. The zoo's Wildlife Excursions, which include buggy tours, seasonal specialties, and tours of certain exhibits, are a fantastic opportunity to get up close to the animals there. On the other side, guests may feed the stunning Singapore zoo animals during the Animal Feeding Show. The Keeper Talks are another fantastic method to learn more about the animals since the knowledgeable trainers provide priceless insight into how the animals live here. Additionally, the zoo hosts a number of unique animal performances, as well as kid-friendly rides and attractions.

Animal Feeding

One of the most thrilling activities included with Singapore Zoo Tickets is animal feeding. Visitors to the zoo are able to feed the wonderful animals themselves as well as witness the animal professionals feed them. At the zoo, there are feeding demonstrations for elephants, tortoises, giraffes, goats, and white rhinoceroses. Each and every animal feeding display has set times throughout the day.

Wildlife Tours

The zoo's Wildlife Tours provide guests the chance to peek behind the scenes and get up close to the animals. The Zoo provides a number of tours, the most popular of which is the buggy tour, which takes visitors on a trip through the tour grounds. Tickets for the Singapore Zoo may also include seasonal excursions, which are occasionally offered.

keeper talk singapore zoo.jpg
Keeper Talk

During the Keeper Talk, guests may learn more about the animals directly from the keepers, who are the ones who know them best. The keeper displays are presented at various times for various exhibits. The keepers lead visitors through the area while describing the peculiarities and comical behaviors of the animals.


The Singapore Zoo's animal performances showcase the greatest animal talent in this facility. Sea lions' exquisite maneuvers and games are on show at the Splash Safari. The Rainforest Fights Back brings together 10 distinct rainforest species in a beautiful exhibit, while the Animal Friends highlight the best of domestic pets. Each episode lasts around 20 minutes and is presented twice daily. Don't miss out on these fantastic Singapore Zoo shows

Kids-Oriented Activities

The Singapore Zoo also offers a variety of enjoyable events designed exclusively for its younger visitors. The Zoo offers informative tours and feeding demonstrations in addition to a wet play area for youngsters and a Houbii Rope Course where kids may climb and swing. An animal themed carousel is another feature of KidzWorld.

Zones at Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo has a wide and breathtaking array of animals, fish, birds, and reptiles from all over the world in its elegantly divided zones. Each area has been specifically created and kept in good condition to reflect the natural habitat of the animals who find shelter there. Some regions, such as Ethiopia's Great Rift Valley and Asia's Elephants, also utilize intricate buildings to recreate the local natural environment. The zones occasionally host tours, live demonstrations, and feeding events.


One of the most fascinating environments to explore with Singapore Zoo admission tickets, Australasia is home to the finest big-footed marvels in the world. Although marsupials are mostly found in Australia, they are also present in several regions of Asia. The majestic Cassowary, commonly regarded as the most hazardous bird in the world, may be seen at the Australasia display together with numerous kinds of kangaroos and wallabies.

Featured Animals: Watching kangaroos hop around is quite amazing.; they are known as "macropods," or "those with huge feet." Kangaroos that are pregnant frequently have their young in their pouches. From the viewing gallery or by walking around the exhibit, visitors may observe the kangaroos in action. Australasia is also home to a family of tree kangaroos- Makaia, Nupela and their baby.

Elephants of Asia.jpg
Elephants of Asia

Covering an area of one hectare, the Elephants of Asia brings together five majestic creatures all the way from the Asian forests. Their origin is reflected in the habitat's Burmese-style design, which also has rubber balls, mud ponds, and hanging food boxes to keep the elephants occupied.

Asian Elephant as Featured Animal: Five female Asian elephants from various regions of the world make up the herd in the Singapore Zoo. The sole elephant in Sri Lanka is Komali, the matriarch, who may be recognised by the crimson markings on her ears. Jati, the matriarch in preparation, is noted for her calm demeanor. Intan and Aprila are two half-sisters, and Gambir serves as the local maternal figure.

Fragile Forest.jpg
Fragile Forest

Resembling an equatorial tropical rainforest, the Fragile Forest is home to strange and amazing creatures. Camouflaged frogs, timid mouse deers, and whistling ducks may all be seen when exploring the biodome. A platform high above the forest provides greater views of the flying foxes, Saki monkeys, Prevost's squirrels, and Madagascar lemurs.

The Four Lined Tree Frog is a part of the tribe of shrub frogs and is most frequently seen in Southeast Asia. The four distinct lines on the animal's back, which aid in camouflaging it on spiky leaves, gave rise to its name.

Prevost's Squirrel: The Prevost's Squirrel, sometimes known as the "pretty squirrel," is a tri-colored squirrel native to the Malay Peninsula.

The Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia

The Great Rift Valley truly brings the spectacular and fascinating life at the Rift to life with its creative recreations of Ethiopian communities. The exhibit's family of meerkats, Hamadryas baboons, and Nubian ibexes represent the biodiverse species of the Valley.

Featuring Animal: Meerkat: The meerkat, a little mongoose, is well-known for striking a comical stance as it stands up on two legs. Meerkats are typically packed together in cramped areas and travel and dwell in families.

Rock Hyrax: A terrestrial animal that is indigenous to Africa and also goes by the name dassie, the Rock Hyrax. The hyraxes often eat grass and cling to rocky outcrops, where they may blend into their surroundings thanks to their golden brown color.

Primate Kingdom

The Primate Kingdom, one of the most stunning exhibits accessible with Singapore Zoo admission, is home to monkeys and other primates from various bioregions. As a result, the Kingdom is divided into a number of little islands, each of which is home to plants and animals unique to that island. Fresh fish may be found in the rivers and moats that connect the islands.

White-Faced Saki Monkey: The white-faced saki monkey is a type of New World Monkey that is mostly located in Brazil. These primates typically stay out in the lower treetops and eat fruit and nuts.

Cotton Top Tamarin: The Cotton Top Tamarin is a member of the New World Monkey family and gets its name from the sheer white hair that forms a mohawk on its head. Colombia is often where one may find these monkeys.

Rainforest Kidzworld

If you're traveling with kids, this interactive animal park is one of the greatest attractions to see on your Singapore Zoo tickets. Everything little and adorable may be found in the display, including miniature horses and pigs. Children can amuse themselves by riding the animal carousel and participating in the trainers' frequent kid-friendly excursions.

Falabella: The Fallabella is the world's tiniest horse species. The four resident Fallabelas in the exhibition are Flamenca, Lovena, Pampeano, and Bollin. Additionally, each morning at 10:00, the instructors here present a unique Fallabella hair grooming session.

Fancy Rat: The fancy rat is the most prevalent domestic rat species and is frequently kept as a pet.

komodo dragon.jpg
Reptile Garden

The Reptile Garden, one of the most diversified zones accessible with Singapore Zoo admission tickets, is home to more than 60 kinds of reptiles. The Garden includes the RedTopia, Tortoise Shelter, and Sungei Buaya Zones as well. Visitors may get even closer to these scaly creatures in this area thanks to a variety of daily presentations and encounters that are held there.

Komodo Dragon: The Komodo Dragon is the world's biggest and heaviest lizard. The lizards are indigenous to Komodo Island in central Indonesia.

Indian Gharial: The Indian Gharial is only distinguishable by having a longer snout than a crocodile. The Gharial is also unusual in its fish feeding habits, unlike the ordinary crocodile.


The RedTopia transports visitors directly into the reptile world. The area offers a tour of four different geographical regions, each of which is home to a wide variety of frogs, snakes, lizards, and other creatures. In addition, RedTopia offers entertaining feeding demonstrations, interactive educational tours, and a kid-specific play area.

Featuring Animal - Amazon Milk Frog: The Amazon Milk Frog stands out for its distinctive hue: its body is a light blue tint, and its hands are brown and black. The huge carnivore known as the Amazon Milk consumes little insects.

Dyeing Poison Frog: One of the largest frog species to ever exist is the dyeing poison frog. It gets its name from its main form of defense, which involves shooting poison into an opponent's eyes.

Treetops Trail

This trail depicts the many levels of a typical rainforest. As soon as one walks into the exhibit, Anna and Ako, two Siamang residents, scream out to welcome them. The mousedeer may also be seen peeping through the trees, while the gharial can be seen swimming in the Treetops Lake.

Siamang: The Siamang is a black gibbon that is indigenous to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. These acrobatic creatures, who are recognisable by their loud shouts, may be seen leaping from tree to tree.

Greater Mouse Deer: The Greater Mousedeer is a tiny, elongated stream that originates in Borneo, Sumatra, Thailand, Malaysia, and the adjacent areas.

Dining at Singapore Zoo

The food options at Singapore Zoo offer to satiate all appetites, from popular favorites like KFC to informal eateries. From snacks to Singaporean dinners and freshly made pasta, everything is served here. A more cosmopolitan eating experience would be more appropriate at the Ah Meng Restaurant and Bistro, while those searching for a taste of the local food would find their place at the Chawang and Chomel Bistros. Along with two distinct KFC locations, the Singapore Zoo also has its own ice cream shop.

kfc at singapore zoo.jpg
KFC at the Singapore Zoo Entrance

Fried chicken and hamburgers made famous by Colonel Sanders are loved by everybody. Visit the KFC kiosk by the Zoo entrance for a fast fried snack, and choose a burger meal, fries, and beverage of your choosing.

  • Timings: Monday- Friday: 10.00 AM- 06.00 PMSaturday, Sunday, Public Holidays: 09.00 AM- 07.00 PM
kaya toast.jpg
Inuka Cafe

This quick-stop establishment takes pride in its selection of freshly made Singaporean food. No one can make a kaya toast or chendol better than Inuka if you're in the mood for a fast traditional snack.

  • Timings: 08.00 Am- 06.00 PM on all days.
hot steam rice.jpg
Chomel Bistro

Whether you're in the mood for a bowl of steaming hot rice or noodles, Chomel Bistro delivers a classic Singaporean cuisine. The menu items are often filling main dishes like nasi lemak, laksa, or fried bee hoon.

  • Timings: 10.30 AM- 06.00 PM on all days.
pasta dish.jpg
Chawang Bistro

This cafe-style restaurant combines the greatest international cuisine. The pasta dishes and combination lunches are two of the in-house delicacies that The Bistro takes great delight in serving.

  • Timings:Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 10.30 Am- 06.00 PM.The Bistro remains closed on non-holiday weekdays.
New Zealand Natural

Owned by Singapore Zoo, this ice cream shop offers an outstanding selection of flavors. While going with the standard tastes is usually a smart idea, there are also some unique selections available, such Boysenberry Dream and Macadamia Extreme.

  • Timings: 10.00 M- 06.00 PM on all days.
Ah Meng Restaurant

The finest in eastern and western cuisines may be found at Ah Meng Restaurant. The informal restaurant offers a wide variety of selections, including chicken rice, barbecue dishes, and biryani.

  • Timings:Monday to Friday: 10.30 AM- 04.00 PMSaturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 10.00 AM- 04.30 PM
Ah Meng Bistro

The cuisine at Ah Meng Bistro is delectably varied, just like the restaurant of the same name. The Bistro offers a variety of specialty teas in addition to its selection of sandwiches and freshly baked pastries.

  • Timings:Monday to Friday: 09.00 AM- 05.00 PMSaturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 10.30 AM- 05.30 PM
KFC (Rainforest Kidzworld)

A well-known kid-friendly restaurant, KFC has a second location in the Singapore Zoo at the Rainforest Kidzworld. The juicy chicken, burgers, and other dishes are exactly as good here as they are elsewhere.

  • Timings:Monday- Friday: 10.00 AM- 05.30 PMSaturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 10.00 AM- 06.00 PM

Singapore Zoo Walking Tour

Unforgettable Moments on a Singapore Zoo Walking Tour

The Singapore Zoo, formerly known as the Singapore Zoological Gardens or Mandai Zoo, sprawls across 28 hectares (69 acres) nestled on the shores of Upper Seletar Reservoir, within the lushly forested heart of Singapore's central catchment area. Originating from a government grant of $9 million, this remarkable zoo opened its gates to the public on June 27, 1973, and has since become an integral part of Singapore's wildlife conservation efforts.

Operated by the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, the Singapore Zoo is part of a larger ecosystem of wildlife attractions, including the Night Safari, River Wonders, and the Jurong Bird Park. It boasts a diverse collection of approximately 315 animal species, with around 16 percent of them categorized as endangered. This unique destination attracts over 2 million visitors annually, offering an immersive experience where animals are showcased in naturalistic, open exhibits, featuring concealed barriers, moats, and glass partitions to create an authentic and safe environment for both animals and visitors.

Notably, the Singapore Zoo is home to the world's largest captive colony of orangutans, contributing significantly to global efforts in primate conservation and research.

Tips for Visiting Singapore Zoo

stay sunsafe.jpg

1.) Stay Sun Safe: The zoo is a wonderful location to visit on a bright day, but don't forget to bring your sunglasses, caps, hats, and visors. Sunscreens or sprays should be used and carried by those who are prone to sunburns. People who frequently get migraines or sinus issues after being in the sun should also bring any necessary medications, and they should keep hydrated the whole time.

2.) Prepare for Rain: Bring an umbrella with you when you visit Singapore because there are often showers there. Simply board the Park tram or seek cover in any of the pavilions in the Park if the rain becomes too intense.

3.) Macaque Alert: Local macaques frequently visit the Singapore Zoo grounds. These macaques may frequently bother tourists in search of food because they are not part of the zoo's collection. If you come across them, put any food things out of sight, keep your composure, and leave.

4.) Remember to wear bug repellent: Despite the zoo's efforts to keep out pests and insects, it never hurts to be a bit more cautious and bring along some repellent of your own.

Know Before You Visit Singapore Zoo

Essential Information
Park Rules
Services Provided
keeper talk singapore zoo.jpg

1. Singapore Zoo Opening Hours: 08.30 AM- 06.00 PM on all days of the week. Last entry at 05.00 PM.

2. How to Get to Singapore Zoo:

  • By MRT: Taking the North South Line MRT to Khatib MRT Station is the quickest method to get to the zoo. The Mandai Khatib Shuttle, a special bus service that runs between Singapore Zoo and the MRT Station, may be taken from here. It takes roughly 15 minutes to get there.
  • By Bus: Route 138 offers excellent service between the Singapore Zoo and the rest of the city. Between 06.30 AM and 11.45 PM, the bus operates every 8 to 14 minutes.
  • By Taxi: The fastest and most practical method to go to the zoo is by taking a taxi. The Zoo is easily accessible by taxi, and it has good road access to the rest of the city. The most costly choice, though, is using a cab.

3. Best Time to Visit: Right when the zoo opens is the best time to go. Although the Singapore Zoo opens quite early, visitors don't begin to swarm there until late morning. One may gain a front-row seat to the exhibits and the feeding performances by getting there early.

4. Accessibility: You may either bring your own stroller or wheelchair to the park, or you can rent one there. Please be aware, though, that if you're taking a tram trip, all strollers and chairs must be folded before entering the train.

Things to do around Singapore Zoo

Jurong Bird Park
Birdwatching in Bird Paradise Singapore

Welcome to Bird Paradise in Singapore, a magical home for beautiful birds from all over the world. You can see colorful birds like the crested guinea fowl and turaco. Enjoy feeding sessions where you watch birds eat, and exciting performances where they show off tricks. Learn interesting things about birds and their lives. It's a chance to make new feathered friends and have an adventure. Bird Paradise is where you see, learn, and enjoy the magic of birds. Don't miss out on the fun!

You Can Also Book: Bird Paradise Tickets, Singapore

Singapore in July
Have fun at the Night Safari

The Night Safari, the only nocturnal zoo in Singapore, is among the greatest locations to visit in combination with the Singapore Zoo. The nocturnal animals may be seen thriving in the dark during the night safari. Visitors to the Zoo are physically taken on a bus safari across its grounds. The Safari is a guided tour, and a zoo specialist helps guests locate, recognise, and learn more about the species they see along the way.

River Wonders
Get Drenched at the River Safari

The only river-themed wildlife park in Asia, River Wonders is one of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve's most prestigious attractions. One is given a tour of the Amazon river by the park. As one cruises down the river on a boat, they pass a variety of species and immaculately kept displays on every side. On the River Safari, one may see a variety of species, including giant pandas, red pandas, salamanders, and sturgeon fish. The capybara interactive display at River Wonders is another well-liked tourist attraction.

FAQ's Related To Singapore Zoo

Is River Safari inside of Singapore Zoo?

    No, the Singapore Zoo does not contain the River Safari. However, it is a part of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve and may be seen when visiting the Mandai River Wonders.

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