Bird Paradise Singapore

Bird Paradise Overview

Bird Paradise in Singapore is a must-visit destination for bird lovers and conservationists alike. This sanctuary celebrates the beauty and diversity of birds and their stories, while also raising awareness about the urgent need to protect endangered species.

The sanctuary is home to some of the world's most threatened bird species, including the Philippine Eagle, Negros Bleeding-heart Dove, Straw-headed Bulbul, Black-winged Myna, and Blue-throated Macaw. In fact, the Socorro Dove, one of the species residing in the sanctuary, is extinct in the wild and only survives thanks to breeding efforts by the Mandai Wildlife Group and other conservation-minded institutions.

But Bird Paradise is more than just a safe haven for endangered birds. It also offers a unique and immersive experience for visitors. Eight large walk-through aviaries are inspired by different habitats from around the globe, giving visitors the opportunity to see these majestic creatures up close and personal. The sanctuary is also home to the world's largest population of Hornbills under human care, many of which are free-flying in the aviaries.

Visitors can also witness two stunning avian presentations at the Sky Amphitheatre: Predators on Wings and Wings of the World. These shows highlight the incredible aerial abilities of birds of prey, as well as the beauty and diversity of bird species from around the world.

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Things to Do in Bird Paradise

Feed the Animals

At Bird Paradise, you can witness the feeding sessions of our beautiful birds up-close and contribute towards wildlife conservation efforts in the region. This one-of-a-kind experience not only allows you to connect with nature but also supports a noble cause. So, don't miss out on this opportunity to be a part of something special.

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Catch the birds presentation

At Bird Paradise, you can witness the incredible talents of our feathered friends and their trainers at our twice-daily presentations. Each show runs for 15 to 20 minutes and showcases the unique abilities of our birds. Don't miss the chance to experience the wonder of our aviary and its amazing inhabitants.

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Experience Guided Tours

Experience an intimate encounter with the most charming birds at the Bird Paradise in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures and learn more about their behavior and habitats from the experts. Don't miss this unique opportunity to explore the Bird Paradise!

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Zones at Bird Paradise

Heart of Africa

Explore the magnificent Bird Paradise in the heart of Africa and take a thrilling journey through the winding streams and misty forests. Witness the mesmerizing elevated canopy experience and observe natural behaviors of various bird species in their habitat. This one-time experience will leave you in awe of the beauty and diversity of the avian world.

Wings of Asia

Wings of Asia, a stunning bird paradise in Gardens by the Bay, offers visitors a chance to explore a replica of Southeast Asia's bamboo forests and rolling rice terraces. The intricately designed landscape not only provides a breathtaking atmosphere but also serves as a crucial ecosystem for endangered species such as Baer's Pochard and Milky Stork. This unique habitat offers an exclusive glimpse into nature's beauty and biodiversity, making it a must-visit attraction for all nature lovers.

Penguin Cove

Bird Paradise at Penguin Cove offers a remarkable experience of witnessing various oceanic birds like Gentoo, King, Humboldt, and Northern Rockhopper Penguins up-close. Their aquatic abilities and graceful movements in the indoor habitat are a treat to the eyes. It's a must-visit attraction in Gardens by the Bay, and you can witness it all in one go!

Winged Sanctuary

The Winged Sanctuary in Bird Paradise is a designated zone to protect the most endangered species of the park, including the Philippine Eagles, Vietnam Pheasants, and Negros Bleeding-Hearts. Jurong Bird Park's conservation efforts towards globally threatened avian species are evident, with 24% of the bird population being endangered. The park's in situ and ex situ conservation efforts showcase their commitment to preserving the world's avian species.

Lory Loft

Get ready for a thrilling adventure at Bird Paradise's new Lory Loft! Step into a breathtaking monsoon forest of Irian Jaya and get up close with gregarious lories and eye-catching parrots. Traverse the suspension bridges, themed after traditional treehouses, and feed the birds from nectar cups while they perch on your wrist or shoulder. Relive the fond memories of Jurong Bird Park's beloved Lory Loft at this majestic paradise. Don't miss this exhilarating experience, available only at Bird Paradise!

Songs of the Forest

Bird paradise, Songs of the Forest, is a serene area in Gardens by the Bay that lets you experience the tranquility of Southeast Asia's riverine forests. As you walk amidst lush foliage and glimmering rivers, you'll be accompanied by the sweet melodies of Asian songbirds like Bali Myna and Straw-headed Bulbul. This peaceful sanctuary is a must-visit spot for bird lovers, offering an unforgettable symphony that can only be experienced once.

Know Before You Visit Birds Paradise

How to Reach?
Rules and Regulations
Services and Facilities

Bird paradise, Songs of the Forest, is located within the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Here are the ways to reach Gardens by the Bay:

  • MRT: The nearest MRT station to Gardens by the Bay is Bayfront Station (CE1/DT16), which is located on the Circle Line and Downtown Line. From the station, it's just a short walk to the gardens.
  • Bus: Visitors can also take the bus to reach Gardens by the Bay. The following bus services stop at the Bayfront Avenue bus stop (03511): 97, 97e, 133, 133M, and 502.
  • Car: If you are driving, you can take the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) and exit at Exit 3. From there, follow the signs to Gardens by the Bay.

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  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes as you will be walking around the gardens.
  • Visit during the early morning or late afternoon when the weather is cooler and the birds are more active.
  • Bring a camera to capture the beautiful scenery and the colorful birds.
  • Stay quiet and respect the environment to avoid disturbing the birds.
  • Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.
  • Combine your visit to Bird Paradise with a visit to other attractions in Gardens by the Bay, such as the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.
  • Take your time to explore the area and appreciate the beauty of nature.
  • Follow the signs and guidelines provided by the staff for your safety and enjoyment.
  • Enjoy the peaceful sanctuary and the beautiful symphony of the Asian songbirds.

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  • No food, drinks or smoking is allowed within the area.
  • Visitors are not allowed to touch or disturb the birds in any way.
  • No flash photography is allowed within the area.
  • Visitors must keep a safe distance from the birds and respect their natural habitat.
  • It is prohibited to bring pets into the area.
  • Visitors are encouraged to speak softly to avoid disturbing the birds.
  • Visitors must stay on designated paths and not wander off the trail.
  • Children must be accompanied by adults at all times.
  • Wheelchair accessibility: The attraction is fully wheelchair accessible, with smooth pathways and ramps for easy movement.
  • Rest areas: There are benches and seating areas throughout the attraction for visitors to take a break and enjoy the surroundings.
  • Guided tours: Visitors can book a guided tour of Bird Paradise to learn more about the different bird species and their habits.
  • Bird shows: Visitors can watch bird shows featuring various bird species and their unique talents and behaviors.
  • Souvenir shop: There is a gift shop located at the attraction where visitors can purchase souvenirs and gifts related to birds and nature.
  • Food and beverage outlets: There are various food and beverage outlets located within the attraction, offering a range of snacks and meals.
  • Information panels: The attraction has information panels that provide details about the different bird species and their habitats.
  • Audio-visual displays: Visitors can enjoy audio-visual displays that showcase the sounds and sights of the Southeast Asian rainforests.
  • Locker rental: Lockers are available for rental, allowing visitors to store their belongings securely while they explore the attraction.

FAQ's of Bird Paradise Singapore

What types of bird species can be found at Bird Paradise Singapore?

Bird Paradise Singapore is home to a wide variety of bird species, including parrots, hornbills, flamingos, toucans, and many more. Visitors can also see rare and exotic species, such as the Bali Myna, Nicobar Pigeon, and Crowned Pigeon. Overall, there are over 3,500 birds from 400 species housed in the park.

How long does it take to explore Bird Paradise Singapore?

The duration of a visit to Bird Paradise Singapore can vary based on individual preferences and interests. Generally, it takes around 2-3 hours to explore the park and its attractions. However, visitors can spend more time if they choose to watch the bird shows or take a guided tour. Additionally, the time spent at Bird Paradise Singapore may depend on the crowd levels and the time of day of the visit.

What types of food and beverage outlets are available at Bird Paradise Singapore?

There are a variety of food and beverage outlets available at Bird Paradise Singapore to cater to visitors' needs. These include:

  • Birdz of Play Cafe - a cafe serving a range of snacks, sandwiches, and beverages.
  • Flamingo Lodge Cafe - a sit-down restaurant serving local and international cuisines.
  • Curry Gardenn - an Indian restaurant offering a selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.
  • K.F.C. - a fast-food outlet serving fried chicken, burgers, and fries.
  • Chirpy Store - a convenience store offering snacks, drinks, and souvenirs.

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What are the opening hours of Bird Paradise Singapore?

Bird Paradise Singapore is open every day of the week, including public holidays. The opening hours are as follows:

Monday to Sunday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Last admission to the park is at 5:30 pm. Visitors are advised to check the park's website or social media pages for any updates or changes to the operating hours, especially during special occasions or unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather


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