Universal Studios Singapore

Explore the Magic of Universal Studios in Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore, nestled on Sentosa Island, offers an enchanting blend of entertainment and adventure for visitors. This famous theme park is a captivating realm where blockbuster movies come to life. With over 20 thrilling rides and attractions, it provides an immersive experience. You can take an exhilarating journey with Universal Studios Singapore rides like Battlestar Galactica & Transformers: The Ride. Also, you can experience the whimsical Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase for a family-friendly adventure. Beyond the rides, explore the stunning themed zones, from Ancient Egypt to Hollywood Boulevard, each brimming with intricate details & movie magic.

One of the park's most iconic landmarks is the Universal Globe, a symbol of cinematic wonder. The park also hosts live shows and character meet-and-greets where you can interact with beloved characters from your favorite films. There are diverse dining options, from street food stalls to fine dining, offering a culinary journey for every palate. At night, the park transforms into a kaleidoscope of lights, with the Hollywood Dreams Parade and the stunning fireworks display over the picturesque lagoon. Universal Studios Singapore is a place where the magic of movies enchants visitors from around the globe. It is an adventure not to be missed for anyone seeking an unforgettable experience in the heart of Southeast Asia.

Buying Universal Studios Singapore Tickets Online

If you buy your Universal Studios Singapore tickets from the official website or one of their authorised resellers, you can select a specific time for your guided tour. Besides, you will get instant confirmation and can bag great discounts with promo codes. Admission Ticket with One Way Transfers allows you to visit Universal Studios Singapore on a single day and have fun with your friends, while Admission Ticket with 2 Way Transfers allows you to visit Universal Studios Singapore on two separate days. In addition to Unlimited Express A-La Carte Universal Studios Singapore tickets, Dated Standard admission (Direct Entry), and Open-dated Standard admission, you can purchase a Combo Ticket for Singapore Night Safari and Universal Studios.

Get the Best Deals of Universal Studios Singapore Variants

Universal Studios Singapore One-Day Ticket

The 1-day Universal Studios Singapore tickets gives you access to all rides, attractions, and shows in all seven zones. For the duration of the day, these Universal Studios Singapore tickets are valid. The Universal Studios Singapore Transformers Ride and Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon are two of the park's most well-known attractions. Live out your Hollywood fantasies, experience exhilarating thrills, and marvel at lifelike displays that defy all expectations. Enjoy programmes like Sesame Street Goes Bollywood, which include outstanding street performers. Check out the Minion school holiday packages to take advantage of discounts on Minion products, store certificates, and more.

Universal Express Pass (Admission Ticket Required)

After you have paid the Universal Studios Singapore price each participating attraction can only be visited once with this Universal Express Pass. Passes are time-limited and can only be used on the day they were purchased. There is no front row access with Express Access for Canopy Flyer, Treasure Hunter, or any other rides in the park. The Universal Express Pass allows you to skip the standard lines at each attraction for one visit. This package, however, does not include access to the Studios and thus visitors to the park will need to buy separate tickets for entry.

Universal Express Unlimited Pass (Admission Ticket Required)

Unlimited admission to all participating attractions is included with this Universal Express Unlimited. Passes are time-limited and can only be used on the day they were purchased. Canopy Flyer, Treasure Hunter, and any other front row access are not included with Express Access. The standard lineups at each featured attraction can be skipped an endless number of times paying a minimal Universal Studios Singapore ticket price. Since entry into the Studios is not included in this pass, visitors to the park will need to pay for a separate admission ticket.

Universal Studios Singapore Triple Thrills Pass

Is it possible to imagine having the best time ever at Universal Studios Singapore, and then magnify that by three? With our new Triple Thrills Pass, you can choose when you arrive, which rides you want to bypass the line for, and which exclusive events you want to participate in. Relax in the premium Star Lounge, get your picture taken with a celebrity at a private meet-and-greet event, be inspired by a unique education programme, and more! Priority Access allows you to access the park through a designated lane. Take action now to increase your enjoyment levels! Three rides are included in the Universal Studios Singapore price. Due to unforeseen circumstances, dates and programming are subject to change.

Universal Studios Singapore Premium Experience - Jurassic World: Dominion Dining Adventure

For the Universal Studios Singapore price, nothing can get better than this particular unlimited pass that lets you have a meet and greet with Prehistoric Creatures and a Meal Inspired by the Jurassic World Dominion There is a complimentary gift, free flow of wine (non-alcoholic and alcoholic), and complimentary ice cream for youngsters ages 6 to 12. During regular park operation hours, visitors can enter the Studios at 10.00 a.m. 6.30pm to 9pm is the time frame for the Dominion Dining Adventure in Jurassic World. Note that this is a fixed-date, direct-entry application package.

One Day ticket with meals/drinks

Having paid the Universal Studios Singapore price, you can get hold of this one-day pass that allows you to enjoy two beers and one plate of tapas for the price of one at the KT's Grill (redemption from 17:00 to 21:00; last order at 20:00), while supplies last.

Universal Studios Singapore Combo Tickets Variations

Universal Studio Singapore + S.E.A Aquarium Singapore Tickets

This two-in-one combo Universal Studios Singapore tickets give you access to both Universal Studios Singapore and the S.E.A. Aquarium, so you can enjoy both attractions at once. Save money on two of Singapore's most popular attractions by taking advantage of this package deal. At Universal Studios Singapore, you can visit seven themed zones and ride some of the most exhilarating attractions in the world. Your favourite characters from Madagascar and the Minions may show up unexpectedly. Attend a free show at S.E.A Aquarium to see divers feeding fish and hear amazing information about the aquarium's 100,000 marine animals, representing over 1,000 different species.

Universal Studios Singapore + Adventure Cove Waterpark Tickets

Enjoy the best of Singapore's two top-notch amusement parks; Adventure Cove which is one of Singapore's favourite water parks because it merges high-speed rides with marine life; and Universal Studios Singapore, Southeast Asia's first Hollywood theme park. The combo Universal Studios Singapore tickets with Adventure Cove Waterpark offers substantial savings. Thrill-seekers of all ages may enjoy a variety of rides and performances at the theme park. These tickets allow you to meet your favourite Disney characters at the park's numerous attractions; become a member and gain access to all seven areas, including New York, the Maldives, Hollywood, Ancient Egypt, and The Lost World; and enjoy unlimited use of Adventure Cove Waterpark's rides and slides for a true adrenaline rush. In the same park, you may ride thrilling water-based attractions and seek out new marine friends. At the waterpark, there's something for everyone, so bring the whole family! You won't have to worry about your children's safety in any of the four kid-friendly areas.

Universal Studios Singapore with Gardens by the Bay

Visit Gardens by the Bay and Universal Studios Singapore, two of Singapore's most popular attractions. At Universal Studios Singapore, take in the rides, shows, and 24 cutting-edge attractions inclusive of Puss in Boots' Giant Journey, Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon, TRANSFORMERS The Ride: Ultimate 3D Battle, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, and the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase. With this package, you'll also have access to Gardens by the Bay's Cloud Forest and Flower Dome conservatories.

Why to Book Universal Studios Tickets From Us?

The Universal Studios Singapore tickets should be purchased online rather offline because due to its enormous popularity, tickets for this attraction are flying off the shelves. In order to buy tickets in person, you'll have to wait in line for a long time. Purchasing your tickets online and early will ensure that you receive the booking date of your choice, so you may enjoy the thrilling attractions of the Universal Studios theme park.

1.) Skip the Line with a Ticket Purchase: The fascinating Universal Studios Singapore is a renowned tourist destination, and lets you take advantage of the exciting rides, the musical meet-and-greets, and more. Pre-ordering your tickets online eliminates the need to stand in line, and helps you save big bucks.

2.) Purchase your tickets in advance: Make a plan and reservations for Universal Studios Singapore in advance. You'll receive an email containing your e-tickets, which you'll need to show at the attraction when you arrive.

3.) Comfort/Ease: This strategy saves you time and money by avoiding long queues and charging the same amount. Instead, you might take a leisurely stroll up to observe the frenzied action.

4.) Discounts and the most cost effective offers: Take advantage of the best Universal Studios Singapore Tickets and save a significant amount of money on meal vouchers and others.

5.) Combo tickets: Indulge in Singapore's many attractions like Adventure Cove, Gardens by the Bay, and Universal studios, all included in the Universal Studios Singapore ticket price.

Zones at Universal Studios Singapore


There are palm trees and an exact facsimile of the Hollywood Walk of Fame in this area, which is modelled after Hollywood Boulevard. Elmo's TV Time, Lake Hollywood Spectacular, and interactive street entertainment event Turntables are some of the most popular attractions in this area.

New York

This post-modern reimagining of New York City offers a diverse range of opportunities for exploration.! To round up your visit here, ride the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, and Lights, Camera, Action or catch a live performance by Rhythm Truck.

Sci-Fi City

The city of tomorrow will serve as a window into the future. For those looking for a good time, the world's highest double roller coaster, the Accelerator, and the TRANSFORMERS are all must-see attractions, Ultimate 3D fight: Ride.

The Lost World

These amusements, including Amber Rock Climb, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, and the family favourite Dino-Soarin, transport visitors back to the worlds of Jurassic Park and Waterworld. You should also check out WaterWorld, a high-octane, high-flying stunt show.

Ancient Egypt

Explore the wonders of Ancient Egypt on a journey back in time. It's impossible to visit Egypt without experiencing the Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster and the Treasure Hunters thrill ride.

Far Far Away

Fans of the Shrek film series won't want to miss this area, which is themed like the Kingdom of Far Far Away. Puss in Boots' Giant Journey and Enchanted Airways are two of the most thrilling experiences at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park.

Rides Offered in Universal Studio Singapore

If you're planning a trip to Singapore, don't miss out on the thrills of Universal Studios Singapore. The Sentosa Island Theme Park is a full-day family activity that will leave you wanting more. Thrill-seekers will be able to experience a real surge of adrenaline at this theme park. For starters, The Cylon side of Battlestar Galactica features many stomach-churning inversions and a high speed chaotic duelling coaster; while the attraction of Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure comprises a thrilling waterfall plunge among state-of-the-art animatronics that virtually bring to life the prehistoric beasts roaming free here. Jurassic Park Universal Studios Singapore is a must-visit for fans of adventure and excitement.

TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle

Enjoy the Ultimate 3D Battle at Universal Studios Singapore Transformers ride and become a freedom fighter against the forces of evil. Participate in various actions like zipping through subway tunnels along high-rise rooftops & streets, racing through the city, and having a thrilling experience.

Canopy Flyer

At Universal Studios, this is an exhilarating roller coaster that gives you a prehistoric birds-eye view. Riders will fly high above the canopy and look for prey on the landscape in the lost world of Jurassic Park. The flyer provides a feel like a free bird as you swing and swoop side to side.


This is an intergalactic space ride that gives a thrilling experience to the riders. The pod turns & accelerates and creates centrifugal force so that you can spin in unexpected directions. Have a thrilling experience as you will feel like you are in a space battle and shifting course mid-flight to evade.

Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon

This is a high-speed spinning ride that provides a thrilling and disorienting experience to the visitors. Let the adrenaline rush through your veins as you ride on the world’s tallest dueling roller coasters. There are sides including Battlestar Galactica’s Human or Cylon that provide an adventurous feel to the riders.

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

This is an exciting water ride set in the prehistoric world of dinosaurs. Visitors embark on a raft journey through thrilling rapids, encountering animatronic dinosaurs and experiencing unexpected twists and turns. Jurassic Park Universal Studios Singapore is a wet and wild adventure that immerses riders in the world of Jurassic Park.

Treasure Hunters

Drive a jeep with your little explorers and complete your dream to become an archaeologist. You will stroll through the forbidding sands of ancient Egypt on your own vintage motorcar and explore an abandoned excavation site. Have a unique experience as you enjoy this wonderful motor car ride in the Ancient Egypt zone.

Dino-Soar In

This ride takes visitors on a simulated hang-gliding adventure over a lush & prehistoric landscape. Visitors can ride on the back of flying dinosaurs called Pteranodons and see over the lost world of Jurassic Park from the height. While riding, you will feel like a bird of prey in the history when dinosaurs existed on the earth.

Revenge of the Mummy

It is a high-speed indoor Universal Studios Singapore roller coaster into complete darkness that includes huge fireballs, an army of warrior mummies & swarms of scarab beetles. You can take a challenge in total darkness and survive Imhotep’s curse while you are on a mummy adventure.

Enchanted Airways

This is a thrilling ride that takes you over the canopies of the forests of Far Far Away and more. During the ride, you will also get a chance to see beloved fairy tale characters like the Tree Little Pigs, the Big Bad Wolf, Gingy, and Pinocchio in the World of Shrek.

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase

This exhilarating ride takes you on a space mission with Sesame Street superheroes. Gear up for this high-flying adventure and help to stop Macaroni & his minions as they are stealing all the spaghetti from Earth. Take a challenge and bring all the spaghetti back to our planet during this ride.

Magic Potion Spin

At Universal Studios, it is a whimsical teacup-style ride that takes you to the Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop. Enjoy riding on this miniature Ferris wheel that drives a clinking, clanking potion that circles the room & bottles elixirs from an enormous wooden vat. Hop on the wheel and gear up for exhilarating spins.

Puss In Boots' Giant Journey

It is the world’s first Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey roller coaster that takes visitors on a thrilling journey through the world of the popular DreamWorks character, Puss in Boots. Enjoy the best rides in Universal Studios Singapore with Puss & Kitty that include anti-gravity & daredevil adventure.

Shows & Entertainment at Universal Studio Singapore

There are a bunch of shows you can enjoy with a Universal Studios Singapore season pass. In an all-new 3-D feature, you may reunite with Princess Fiona, Shrek, and Donkey, following up on the events of the Academy Award-winning "Shrek". There are times when the Hollywood Dreams Parade is transformed into the Hollywood Dreams Light-Up Parade so you can witness your favourite movies come alive. Check out Elmo, the show's star, on his debut appearance as "The Prince" at the Sesame Street shows, and a lot more.

Mel’s Mixtape

Be part of the Universal Singers' captivating performance, where they harmonize your favorite songs from various decades. They've compiled the finest chart-toppers into a unique mixtape for your enjoyment. Visit "Mel's Mixtape," a fresh take on classic hits with a modern flair, and relish the musical journey through time.

Trolls Hug Time Jubilee

It is a colorful and interactive live show that features the beloved characters from the Trolls movie. Join Queen Poppy and Branch who are on a quest to find the ideal singing sensation for the year's grandest festival. Enjoy Universal Studios Singapore shows and have a joyful and entertaining experience with the family.

Donkey Live

It is an engaging interactive show featuring Donkey, the lovable character from the Shrek film series. Meet this witty, fast-talking character who interacts with the audience in an intimate theatre setting. Have an interactive experience as you spend time with Shrek’s happy-go-lucky and flighty sidekick Donkey.

Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg

It is a live special effects show where visitors get an insider's look at movie-making magic. Hosted by a live actor, the show reveals the secrets behind Hollywood's most thrilling stunts and special effects, providing an entertaining and educational experience.

The Dance For The Magic Beans

You can enjoy a live street performance in the Far Far Away zone. The show features beloved characters from Shrek, like Puss in Boots and Kitty Softpaws, entertaining guests with a lively and whimsical dance performance. It adds to the enchanting atmosphere of the park.

Shrek 4-D Adventure

It is an immersive 4D cinema experience based on the beloved Shrek film series. Visitors join Shrek & his friends for a comical & action-packed journey and feel the actions with every jump, bump, bounce, water spray & air blast. With immersive effects, it is an entertaining and engaging attraction for all ages.


At Universal Studios, it is a sensational live water show. Performers engage in death-defying stunts, including daring dives, explosions, and high-speed boat chases. The show offers a wet and wild experience that includes real explosions of fire and water.

Dine at Universal Studio Singapore

Mel's Drive-In

It is a retro-themed dining establishment that transports visitors to the 1950s. It offers classic American diner fare, including burgers, fries, and milkshakes, served in a nostalgic setting with vintage decor. It is a great place to enjoy comfort food and immerse yourself in a bygone era's ambiance.

Fossil Fuels

Visitors can discover a selection of prehistoric-inspired items, making it a fun place to shop for unique souvenirs. Enjoy giant-sized 9” hot dogs wrapped in a soft bun & loaded with toppings and tingle your taste buds. Also, it has delicious dishes including classic Tex-Mex, spicy Thai Basil Chicken, and more.


This restaurant includes a range of homemade food options like 7-spice chicken which is nuggets cooked to perfection. Treat your buds with your favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream which is not too hard & not too soft. Explore the park and satisfy your hunger with homemade seven-spice fried chicken.


It is a familiar coffeehouse chain within the park. It provides visitors with a convenient place to enjoy a wide range of coffee beverages, teas & light snacks while taking a break from the park's attractions. It is a popular spot for a caffeine boost and a moment of relaxation.

Loui's NY Pizza Parlor-

Enjoy a taste of New York with its delicious pizza slices and Italian cuisine. The eatery provides a casual and convenient dining experience, allowing visitors to savor classic New York-style pizza while exploring the park. Enjoy various Italian favorites like spaghetti meatballs, ravioli & cannelloni at the parlor.

Friar's Good Food

Visit this dining venue in the Far Far Away zone, inspired by the Shrek films. It serves a variety of fast-food options including beef rendang, spicy mala ribs & crispy chicken karaage. Each option is served with a side of fried rice or noodles to treat your taste buds.

Universal Studios Singapore's Unmissable Attractions

Discover Universal Studios Singapore

In this captivating video, embark on an immersive journey through Universal Studios Singapore, where every major attraction and adventure awaits. Step into the heart-pounding excitement of all five Universal Studios Singapore roller coaster, including the one-of-a-kind Battlestar Galactica, an exhilarating set of Vekoma Dueling Coasters that will leave you breathless.

But the thrills don't stop there. The thrilling twists and turns of the Jurassic Park River Rapids, an adventure that will soak you in excitement. Experience the magic of a mesmerizing special effects show that will leave you in awe.

Universal Studios Singapore, nestled in the dynamic city of Singapore, is not just a theme park; it's a world of wonder and unforgettable moments. From meeting your favorite Hollywood stars to indulging in delectable dining experiences, this park has it all.

Explore everything that this incredible theme park has to offer, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Universal Studios Singapore is more than an attraction; it's an adventure waiting to be lived.

Tips to Know Before Visiting Universal Studios

  • Due to the park's size and the amount of walking you will be doing, it is recommended that you dress comfortably.
  • While on the rides, if you'd like to keep your things secure, hire a locker.
  • Try to see as much of Sentosa Island as you can if you have the time. The Singapore Cable Car, the Skyline Luge, and Nestopia are some of the most popular attractions in the area. S.E.A. Aquarium and Adventure Cove Waterpark are only two of the many Sentosa attractions that are included with combo tickets.
  • If you want to avoid the long queues at Universal Studios Singapore, you should buy the One-Day Express Universal Studios family pass Singapore, and avoid the crowds.
  • Before getting in line for a ride, be sure you've checked to see if there are any age, height, or weight restrictions.
  • One can bring their service animals, despite the fact that pets aren't allowed.
  • Keep an eye out for bargains in the gift shops as you can buy souvenirs almost wherever you go.

Know Before You Visit Universal Studios Singapore

Essential Information
How to Reach

Universal Studios Singapore Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Location: Universal Studios Singapore is located at 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269.

Best Time to Visit: Universal Studios Singapore is best visited between December and March, when the weather is moderate and you can enjoy the park for a longer period of time. It's also a good idea to be at the park as soon as it opens to make the most of your time and see everything there has to offer.

  • With a Universal Studios Singapore season pass visit Universal Studios Singapore while you're in town for an exciting day of rides and movie-themed zones.
  • On Revenge of the Mummy, you'll experience spectacular acceleration, steep climbs, and sudden drops.
  • Ride the world's highest dueling roller coaster, Battlestar Galactica, and let out a scream as you experience the unexpected drops, furious turns, and thrilling near-collisions.
  • Despicable Me's most recognizable characters, the Minions, are here for your viewing pleasure.
  • Get a huge variety of souvenirs, merchandise, and other things from retail kiosks and souvenir stores.
  • Universal Studios Singapore, located in the Republic of Singapore, is a captivating theme park that offers a blend of thrilling rides and entertainment, making it a must-visit attraction in the country.
  • By Train: To get to Universal Studios, take the Circle or North East MRT lines and get out at Harbourfront Station.
  • By Bus: You can get from Universal Studios to other parts of town by RSW8 or 123, two bus lines. Resort World Sentosa is the bus station for the theme park.
  • Battlestar Galactica Height: Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cyclone stands as the world's tallest dueling roller coaster, soaring to a height of 42.5 meters.
  • Celebrity Favorite: Universal Studios Singapore has captured the hearts of numerous celebrities, including Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Bastille, David De Gea, Kevin Hart, Katy Perry, and more.
  • Iconic Entrance Globe: The iconic globe at the park's entrance is a remarkable feat of construction, taking nearly 40 days to build.
  • Hollywood Zone Structures: Every structure within the Hollywood Zone is meticulously designed based on existing buildings.
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame: While the actual Hollywood Walk of Fame boasts over 2500 stars, Universal Studios Singapore's version features approximately 59 stars.
  • Birthday Perks: Visitors celebrating their birthdays at the park can receive a free present from the Guest Services Lobby.
  • 3D New York Public Library: Among the various models at Universal Studios, the New York Public Library is the only one rendered in three dimensions.
  • Jurassic Park Vibes: The Lost World's Discovery Food Court is modeled after the Visitor Centre from the film and houses a life-size Tyrannosaur model, just like the one seen in the movie.
  • Birthday Celebrations at Far Far Away: Children can now celebrate their birthdays at Universal Studios Singapore's 'Secret Room' within the Far Far Away castle.
  • Exclusive Zones: Universal Studios Singapore features two unique zones, Far Far Away and Madagascar, not found in other Universal Studios locations.

FAQ's of Universal Studios Singapore

What to do in Universal Studios Singapore?

With a Universal Studios family pass Singapore you can do myriad things which include riding the indoor coaster TRANSFORMERS The Ride, and Revenge of the Mummy. You can make the most of the opportunity to dance with Madagascar's famous characters; meet the adorable minions from the cartoon film Despicable Me at this meet & greet; and take some wild photos with Elmo and the rest of his Sesame Street family.

How Many Rides in Universal Studios Singapore?

Universal Studios Singapore offers over 12 rides and attractions. Universal Studios Singapore rides include thrilling rides like Battlestar Galactica, & Transformers: The Ride, and family-friendly options like Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase. Have fun with the best rides in Universal Studios Singapore that provide amazing experiences for visitors of all ages.

What time does Universal Studios Singapore open?

Universal Studios Singapore generally opens at 10:00 AM. It is advised to check their official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information on opening hours, as they can vary on certain days and due to special events

How to go to Universal Studios Singapore?

To reach Universal Studios Singapore, you can take the MRT to HarbourFront station, then transfer to the Sentosa Express monorail to Sentosa Island. In addition, taxis and ridesharing services are also available for a convenient journey.

Where is Universal Studios Singapore located?

Universal Studios Singapore is located at 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269.

Is outside food & drinks allowed inside Universal Studios Singapore?

No, the park does not permit guests to bring in their own food and beverages.

Are pets allowed inside Universal Studios Singapore?

No, pets are not permitted inside Universal Studios Singapore.

Do the Universal Studios Singapore rides have any restrictions?

There are age, height, and weight limits on some of the rides at Universal Studios Singapore.

Do Universal Studios Singapore tickets include priority access?

Yes, you can have priority access with Universal Studios Singapore tickets provided they are VIP experiences passes. Priority access to entertainment and rides is one of the many perks of membership.

Can I book my Universal Studios Singapore ticket in advance?

Yes, you can book your Universal Studios Singapore tickets in advance through our website.

Who can avail of discounts on Universal Studios Singapore tickets?

Discounted tickets to Universal Studios are available for children aged four to twelve, depending on the specific ticket type purchased.


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