Singapore Cable Car

Singapore Cable Car for Panoramic Views

The island city-state of Singapore boasts endearing tourist attractions. From tranquil parks to futuristic skyscrapers and luxe shopping centres, the city-country has it all. It is indeed a spectacular destination to make the best out of holidays but do you know what caters to the everlasting memories of a Singapore trip? Is it just the world-class infra that makes the city attractive? Well, Singapore tourism is less with beautiful destinations but what makes a Singapore trip memorable is the Singapore cable car. The Singapore cable car is one of the most exciting experiences on the Singapore skyline. The iconic attraction connects the Faber peak and Sentosa Island and is known for breathtaking views of the quintessential cosmopolitan.

One can have spectacular views of Singapore during the joyride. The aerial ropeway was established in 1974 and has been delighting visitors since then. From a world-class infra to lush greenery and hilltops, the scenery transforms as the cabin soars higher. Two main lines namely the Faber Line and the Sentosa line account for a sky network of more than 100 cabins that span almost 5km. There are a total of six stations that house the comfy cabins. From picturesque beaches and harbours to the iconic theme parks, the cable car view bags it all. The microcosm of modern Asia is almost incomplete without the cable car Singapore. The look of colourful cable cars amid the backdrop of sunset hues is simply mesmerising and adds more to the beauty of the quintessential cosmopolitan.

What to Expect with Your Singapore Cable Car Ticket ?

Experience the world-class infrastructure of Singapore in aerial mode. The Singapore cable car ticket brings you the opportunity to enjoy impressive aerial views of the lion city. Cable Car Dining Singapore brings unique dining experiences along with the scenic beauty of Mt. Faber. One can enjoy delightful delicacies at the Mt.Faber peak station for lunch while the dinner can be savoured at the Good old day's restaurant within Sentosa. An extravaganza of culinary delights amid jaw-dropping sceneries! The cable car Singapore ticket not only offers sightseeing and dining but makes room for fun activities too. One can have fun while exploring Sentosa with unlimited rides amid the views that evolve from day to night. From the soothing morning views to the beautiful sunset sky and the sky of the dusk hours - the cable car Singapore has it all - cityscapes merged with nature! The cable car Singapore ticket is hence worth all the hype!

Get convenient access to the other attractions like Megazip, Siloso beach, and more. Panoramic views of the transforming sceneries look simply awesome. Picturesque beaches, harbours, and theme parks are on the show! All in all, the Singapore cable car ticket offers a bird's eye view of the lion city. From spectacular views to culinary delights and fun activities, the tickets have bagged them all!

Singapore Cable Car Package Options

There are several package options available to take a cable car ride Singapore. You can enjoy a simple ride or pair it with a pure Singaporean or Japanese meal. The sky dining experience in the cable car leaves behind everlasting memories. If you are looking for an ideal spot for a romantic date, your quest ends here. Step into the cable car with your partner and relish gorgeous cuisines. If you are looking for some entertainment, you can have the award winning show - the wings of time paired with your ride. If you want to explore more of the city, go for a guided tour. Here are a few packages that could help you select the ride of your choice.

Singapore Cable Car Ticket

Step into the cable car and make everlasting memories. Singapore cable car tickets have a lot to offer when it comes to thrilling experiences. Not only this, the cable car Singapore ticket bags adventure with delightful delicacies for visitors to savour. Be it a pure Singaporean meal or the delectable Japanese course, the packages have them all. Book from the given packages and make a memorable time in the sky cable car Singapore.

Singapore Cable Car Sky Dining

Singapore Cable Car Dining experience is worth all the hype. One can pick from the pure Singaporean menu and the Japanese menu that offers a delectable four-course of Japanese spread, appetiser, soup, main course, and dessert. The Singaporean meal is fused with freshly prepared bento creating amazing dining experiences. One can savour the delightful delicacies in the backdrop of scenic splendour. Grab the opportunity to make a memorable time through the sky dining experiences of the cable car Singapore.

Singapore Cable Car Round Trip With Sky Helix Sentosa

The two-way cable car ride to Singapore is simply amazing. It transports the visitors from the world-class infra of cityscapes to Sentosa Island and the southern islands that serve as a hotspot of beautiful scenes. The open-air panoramic ride is 79m above sea level and offers breathtaking views of the island as the sky helix soars above. One must go for this two-way cable car ride to Singapore. The sky helix has a lot to offer when it comes to sightseeing.

You Can Also Book: Combo Wings of Time, Sky Helix Sentosa & Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass (round trip)

Singapore Cable Car With Wings Of Time

The package features the award-winning show wings of time amid the backdrop of the sea. The outdoor night show can be fused with a delicious meal and scenic views. It offers a bird's eye perspective of the lion city. The true colours of Singapore shall be witnessed with a delicious meal in the cabin. The show is quite fascinating as it is displayed underneath the night sky.

Singapore Cable Car With Sentosa Dining Pass

Singapore Sentosa cable car offers stunning views of the Singapore harbour as the cabin flies to the harbourfront station. Travelling to Sentosa via cable car is the most pleasurable way of exploring the beauty of the island. The cabin soars 100m above sea level while one can come across the nearby attractions like Merlion, SEA Aquarium, universal studios, and more. The Singapore Sentosa cable car transports visitors across the lush greenery of Mt. Faber to Sentosa Island while passing through scenic routes.

Singapore Southern Islands Guided Yacht Tour With Cable Car Ticket

The package offers a guided tour of the southern islands of Singapore. One can explore the southern islands on a luxury yacht and learn about the history of the islands. Not only this, the package brings you the opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage of the lion city. One can visit the ancient Chinese and Malay shrines on Kusu island. The package is an amalgamation of beauty, knowledge, and adventure. The turtle sanctuary tour adds to the thrilling experiences while one can enjoy a scenic cable car ride after sailing ends. With a live onboard commentary and a Chinese or English-speaking guide, the tour becomes quite exciting. One can enjoy snacks along with soft drinks while exploring the island.

All in all, the packages create unique experiences for the visitors through an amalgamation of scenic tours, delightful delicacies, exciting adventures, and award-winning shows. Pick from the package options to explore the true colours of the lion city.

Which Singapore Cable Car Ticket To Choose?

1.) If You Want to Explore More of the Lion City's Culture:

Well, the beauty of the city isn't confined to the bird's eye view of the world-class infra of the jaw-dropping scenery the Singapore cable car offers. It extends to a rich cultural heritage the country boasts of. If you want to explore more of the city's culture you must go for the southern islands guided yacht tour that offers a visit to the Kusu island which boasts of a rich culture. The tour combines a cable car ride with a yacht tour and is therefore quite fascinating.

2.) If You are Looking for a Romantic Date:

Relish delightful delicacies while sightseeing in your cabin. The idea of a perfect date! The scenes transition from cityscapes to greens and then to the islands. One can enjoy jaw-dropping beauty while savouring the delightful cuisines of Singapore. With an extravaganza of culinary delights and jaw-dropping scenes, the Singapore cable car sky dining tickets offer romantic experiences. Be it a pure Singaporean meal or a four course Japanese meal, the cuisines are simply amazing.

3.) Looking for Entertainment?

If you are looking for entertainment amid the scenic routes, the Singapore cable car with wings of time is worth the hype. You can now enjoy the award-winning show underneath the night sky. The show adds more to the beauty of the ride thereby fascinating the visitors.

4.) Fond of sightseeing?

The two way round trip is the best pick for nature lovers. Witness the picturesque natural abodes in the daytime and after sunset. Both offer different perspectives and are equally magical,especially the jaw dropping sunset views. The scenes of the harbour front, mount faber and other spots glow beautifully amid the sunset hues. The two way round trip is thus quite fascinating.

Why Hop on the Singapore Cable Car?

Hopping in the cable car in Singapore is one of the most exciting experiences that one could witness in the lion city. The cable car Singapore is worth the hype when it comes to exploring the city.

  • Get a bird's eye view of the lion city. Get the feel of flying like a bird in the Singapore skyline.
  • Rise above the sea level in the sky helix and let your legs dangle in the breeze. Explore the city amid the clouds.
  • Dine-in Singaporean and Japanese meals amid the backdrop of beautiful beaches. Romanticism merged with thrill!
  • Witness the scenic transformation from cityscapes to greenery and then the islands. Refreshing experiences in the quintessential cosmopolitan.
  • Relax amid the jaw-dropping scenes. Enjoy your alone time away from the hustle-bustle of city life in the lap of nature. An everlasting experience awaits you!
  • Witness the beauty of Singapore in a panoramic mode.

Itinerary For Singapore Cable Car

  • Catch a glimpse of all the spectacular views of Singapore in the Singapore cable car. The aerial ropeway provides a 360-degree view of the lion city. Enjoy the panoramic view of the quintessential cosmopolitan. The trip begins from the Harbourfront Station from where you can take the cable car towards Mount Faber Station. This route is preferred over the others as it is less crowded.
  • Mount Faber Station offers beautiful views of the Keppel harbourfront. From here the cable car heads towards Sentosa station. On this route, you will see Keppel Harbour, Singapore Cruise Terminal, Adventure Cove Waterpark, and theme parks. This completes the Mount Faber Line.
  • Likewise, the Sentosa line bags the views of the Siloso beach, Siloso fort, Megazip adventure park, and more. You can change lines from the different stations or reboard the cable cars at the stations.
  • You can head back to the mainland by getting down at Imbiah Lookout Station and walking to Sentosa Station to get on the Mount Faber Line and get down at the Harbourfront Station.

Singapore Cable Car Routes:

Singapore cable car route feature two unique lines that connect different parts of the city. You can pass through all that makes Singapore special as the cabin soars higher. The cable cars are dotted all along the Singapore skyline thereby creating beautiful scenes in the backdrop of the clouds. With a total of six stations, the Singapore cable car follows two lines - the Mount Faber Line and the Sentosa Line.

Sentosa Line- The Sentosa Line offers a seamless journey across the entire island. Begin your adventure by boarding the Singapore Cable Car at Imbiah Lookout Station, where you can revel in a breathtaking bird's-eye view of the entire island. Your next stop is Siloso Point Station, where you can delve into the fascinating history of Fort Siloso. Afterward, rejoin the cable car to reach Merlion Station, where you can soar above the golden sandy beaches and capture picture-perfect moments of the stunning landscape below.

Mount Faber line - Following that, the Mount Faber Line's Singapore Cable Car station will undergo maintenance from October 12 to October 24, 2023, and will resume operations on October 25, 2023. During this period, the Sentosa Line will operate as usual.

Starting from May 1, 2023, you can enjoy a special Pokémon-themed experience on the Mount Faber Line of the Singapore Cable Car. They've decorated some cable car cabins to look like Poké Balls and adorned them with Pokémon designs, offering a unique and immersive Pokémon adventure as you soar through Singapore's beautiful skyline.

Tips To Remember For Singapore Cable Car

  • One must try to make time for a round trip of cable car singapore. Both morning and evening views are quite spectacular and equally magical. One shouldn’t miss out on any of them.
  • Late mornings, afternoons, and evenings are crowded. One must opt for early mornings to avoid the crowd. Weekends are also busy. If you wish to escape the crowds you must opt for weekdays.
  • The cabin will be shared with others if you are travelling solo. It is a spacious cabin that can accommodate around eight people.
  • There are boarding lines for reboarding the cable car at any station. You might reboard the cable car but you have to stand in the queue for the same.
  • On a hot summer day ensure that you carry a bottle of water. The cabin gets heated up in the sun. The cable car windows can be kept open for enjoying the ride in the summer heat.

The Unforgettable Journey of the Singapore Cable Car

Explore Singapore's Iconic Cable Car

The Sentosa Line comprises three stations: Merlion Station, Imbiah Lookout Station, and Siloso Point Station. This remarkable cable car ride not only treats passengers to stunning vistas of Sentosa Island but also provides convenient access to a host of renowned attractions.

As you soar through the skies in your cable car, prepare to be captivated by the awe-inspiring beauty that unfolds before you. Marvel at the Sentosa skyline, taking in iconic landmarks like Resorts World Sentosa, the towering Merlion Tower, the star-studded Madame Tussauds, the exhilarating Skyline Luge, the commanding Tiger Sky Tower, and the enchanting Underwater World. Each moment of the journey presents a new and exciting perspective, making these attractions even more alluring.

And as you continue your ascent, be sure to glance down at the tranquil Siloso Beach, inviting you to explore its pristine shores and vibrant coastal atmosphere.

The Sentosa Cable Car Ride promises an unforgettable adventure, where you'll witness Sentosa's splendors from a truly unique and captivating viewpoint.

Know Before You Experience Singapore Cable Car

Opening Hours And Closing Time
How To Reach
Must See
Best Time To Visit

The cable car Singapore ride is open all seven days of the week from Sunday to Monday.

Timings: 8:45AM – 10:00PM daily

Last boarding: 9:30PM

One can board the line 36 bus from the Changi Airport to the one Raff;es link and then the line 57 bus to mount Faber. The other convenient way is by hiring a taxi from the airport itself. But it would be quite expensive. The cheapest way to reach is by MRT. From the airport one can take the subway to Chinatown,board the MRT and reach the harbour front. The mount faber station is at a walking distance from the harbour front.

The cable car Singapore ride holds a plethora of must see sights for the visitors.A few of them include -

Mount Faber - the hilltop destination is the abode of natural beauty with nluch green slopes, fascinating murals, dining restaurants and shopping hubs. The view of mount faber from the cable car is indeed mesmerising.

Siloso Beach: Siloso is Singapore’s hippest beach that features skimboarding,cycling, roller blading and other fun activities.

Silioso’s Skywalk: The 11 storey high and 181 metres wide skywalk offers a scenic trek to the Siloso fort.Resort world sentosa - six luxury hotels integrated together to provide the best services to the visitors

Universal Studios: the theme park features sections from movie blockbusters and more.

Singapore has pleasant weather all year round.But the months from june to december are the usually recommended to visit singapore.

The cable car Singapore ride is open all seven days of the week.But the weekdays would be more preferable as weekends are busy with a huge crowd. Even the afternoons and late mornings remain busy with a large chunk of people.

Restaurants Near Singapore Cable Car

Arbora Hilltop Garden and Bistro

The Abora Hilltop Garden and Bistro is surrounded by lush green slopes and is the perfect escape from the hustle-bustle of the city. It offers a wide selection of western classics and Asian delights along with refreshing craft beers and botanical-inspired drinks. The cosy ambiance is best suited to family meals and corporate luncheons.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday

Lunch Time: 12:00PM -4 :30 PM

Tea Time: 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Dinner: 6:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Arbora Cafe

With a wide selection of grab-and-go sandwiches, the Arbora cafe is the perfect pit spot to recharge and relax. Known for its customizable dishes and artisan coffee, the cafe houses beverages like the Abora craft beer. One can pair the customised sandwich with a salad bowl and artisan beverage. The perfect refreshing meal for recharge.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday8:45AM - 8:00PM

Dusk Restaurants And Bars

The restaurant is the perfect vantage point for the scenic views of the harbour front and the Sentosa island. The cuisines are laced with a European touch along with specially curated wines and cocktails and the spot is ideal for romantic date nights and casual get-togethers.

Opening Hours: Sun - Thu, and PH: 4:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Fri - Sat and the eve of PH - 4:00 PM - 2:00 AM

Good Old Days

The cafe is known for its chargrilled meat and other smokey varieties. From succulent mentaiko scallops to mouth-watering striploin steaks, the restaurant offers a hearty western meal. Quality western cuisines are available at the best prices. One can savor grilled meat along with artisanal beverages.

Opening Hours:

Mon - Sun : 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Delightful delicacies make Singapore an extravaganza of culinary delights. These restaurants are counted among the prime attractions for savouring the best of Singaporean delights.

Places To See When On A Singapore Cable Car Ride

The Singapore cable car transports visitors across all that which makes the quintessential cosmopolitan special. Be it the harbour or the Megazip adventure park, the cable car bags it all. The world-class infrastructure and the natural abodes of Singapore are covered in the cable car ride. Here are a few prime destinations that are worth seeing.

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is Southeast Asia's first and only universal theme park. The theme park is a major tourist attraction that houses various themes based on blockbuster movies. The top view from the cable car looks pleasant as one section merges into the other and then into a whole. Superheroes lined up across the studio fascinate the visitors while the view from the cabin of the cable car is simply amazing.

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Adventure Cove Waterpark

The Adventure Cove Waterpark is southeast Asia's first hydro magnetic coaster. It houses high-speed water slides zooming down with the waves of fun. The water park resembles a bold blue line dotted with colours from the top. The panoramic view is quite picturesque and it looks amazing.

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Megazip Adventure Park

The 450m long zip line transports the participant from the peak of Imbiah Hill to Siloso beach. The adventurous spot looks beautiful from the top as the cabin transitions from the lush green treetops to the Siloso beach. It looks like a world transitioning underneath the feet.

The above destinations are the prime highlights of lion city. They are counted amongst the most popular sites that account for a large number of footfalls.

Singapore Harbour

The Singapore harbour is counted among the busiest ports in the world. It is the busiest container transshipment hub and the largest publicly owned port in the world. With the hustle-bustle of arriving ships and the ones leaving the shore, the harbour views are simply awesome. An array of containers are lined up at the harbour. The entire scenery looks amazing amid the backdrop of sunset hues. The cable car offers a panoramic view of the entire harbour. The port looks like it is dotted with colours from the top. Sunset hours add more to the beauty of the harbour.

Mount Faber Peak

Do you know where the tree was first planted during the first tree day? Well, it stands in Mount Faber Park. The Faber point is the highest point of the park that houses attractive murals depicting historical scenes thereby making the spot a picturesque one. The natural heritage is surrounded by lush green slopes and is a part of the southern ridges. The park is draped in lush greenery that looks simply amazing. It is like a green blanket that glows up with sunset hues. Sunset hours are the best spent in the lap of the lush green park.

Sentosa Merlion

And who could forget the legendary Merlion that depicts the rich culture and history of Singapore? The mythological creature is the blend of a lion head and a fish body. It stands as a guardian of prosperity in the city thereby personifying the history of Singapore as a seaport. The lion head depicts the folklore of Prince Sang Nila Utana's discovery of a lion that translates to singa and a city that translates to pura. If we combine the two, the name translates to Singapura the present name of the city and hence Singapore is profoundly called the Lion city. The fish tail symbolises 'Temasek' which translates to Sea town in Javanese.An aerial view of the Merlion from the cable car is thus worth all the hype. The Singapore sentosa cable car offers a majestic view of the merlion.

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FAQ's of Singapore Cable Car

How long will my Singapore cable car ticket be valid for?

The cable car Singapore tickets are valid for 90 days upon the day of purchase, unless stated.They can however be used anytime during the operating hours. The tickets can be booked 3 months in advance.

How high is Mount Faber?

Mount Faber is Singapore's third highest hill and a popular tourist destination in Singapore. It stands 106 metres above sea level. The Singapore sentosa cable car offers a pristine view of Mount Faber.

What is Mount Faber park and what makes it special?

Mount Faber peak is a hilltop destination and the home of the Singapore cable car - the Mount Faber station. Draped in the lush greenery of forests, the hilltop is the abode of natural beauty and makes room for sightseeing.It is special because -

  • The breathtaking scenery as observed from the Singapore sentosa cable car is simply mesmerising at Mount Faber. It houses murals that depict the historical scenes.
  • It offers unique dining and shopping experiences. Dining at the hilltop amid the jaw dropping beauty of nature is loved by the visitors.
  • Panoramic view of the Singapore harbour front. The harbour front view is the prime reason why Mount Faber is counted among the most beautiful destinations of Singapore.

Are there any discounts offered on any of the Singapore cable car tickets?

The Singapore cable car tickets offer discounts for children. one can avail discounted rates for children aged 4 - 12 years.For dining experience children below three can go free.

Where can I book a cheap Singapore cable car ticket?

Usually the tickets of the sky cable car Singapore are booked at the station. Presently due to the pandemic, the tickets are being booked online.Cheap cable car tickets Singapore can be booked online with exciting offers through various websites.

Is Singapore cable car air conditioner?

The cable cars are completely enclosed and equipped with air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable ride even on scorching days.

Is Singapore cable car worth it?

Taking a cable car ride to Sentosa Island offers a unique perspective that allows you to capture stunning aerial photographs. It's an affordable experience that's truly worthwhile. 

How long is Singapore cable car ride?

The Mount Faber Line typically takes about 26-30 minutes for the journey, but this can vary based on the weather conditions and the speed of the cable car cabin. On the other hand, the Sentosa Line usually takes around 12-15 minutes for the trip, also influenced by weather and cabin speed.

Is Singapore cable car safe?

Absolutely, the Singapore Cable Car is a secure mode of transportation. It undergoes routine maintenance and inspections to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors.


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