Things To Do In The West Singapore

Activities To Do In The West Singapore

There are a myriad of things to do in West Singapore, a land of endless possibilities and unforgettable experiences. From exploring lush green parks and nature reserves to indulging in delectable local cuisine and shopping at trendy malls, the West has something for everyone. For those seeking adventure, there are exciting water sports like kayaking and stunning hiking trails. Additionally, the West is also home to a rich cultural heritage, with museums and temples showcasing the area's unique history and traditions. Whether you're a nature lover, foodie, culture enthusiast, or thrill-seeker, the West offers endless possibilities for a memorable and exciting experience. Nestled within the vibrant city-state of Singapore, the West region presents a captivating blend of natural wonders, cultural landmarks, and urban delights, showcasing the diverse and enchanting essence of the Lion City.

Discover the world of Singapore Zoo

Ranked amongst the most popular things to do in West Singapore is to explore wildlife at the Singapore Zoo. Experience an award-winning zoo with over 2,800 animals and 300 species in open-concept enclosures that replicate their natural habitats. Visitors can enjoy a range of activities such as feeding elephants, petting farm animals, and watching animal shows. Additionally, the zoo offers night safaris and breakfast with orangutan experiences, all of which are sure to make you want to come back for more.

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Enjoy Ice Skating at The Rink

The Rink, located in West Singapore, is the largest ice-skating rink in Singapore and a top destination for adventure enthusiasts. The rink offers a range of activities such as public skating, figure skating, ice hockey, and skating lessons. It is a popular ice skating destination that offers a unique and exhilarating experience for people of all ages and skill levels. Located in a stunning setting, the ice rink provides a picturesque backdrop for skaters as they glide around the rink, enjoying the crisp winter air. Whether you're a seasoned skater or a beginner, The Rink is the perfect place to hone your skills or just have fun with family and friends.

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Learn about the history at NUS Museum

When looking for things to do in West Singapore, don’t forget to head to the NUS Museum. It houses over 8,000 artefacts and artworks from various cultures and periods, with a focus on Southeast Asian art and culture. Visitors can learn about the history of Singapore and its neighbouring countries through the museum's exhibitions and educational programs. Additionally, the museum offers guided tours, workshops, and talks to provide a deeper understanding of the art and culture of Southeast Asia.

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Visit Science Center Singapore

When exploring West Singapore, spend some time at the Science Center Singapore. The centre houses over 1,000 interactive exhibits across multiple galleries, including an Omnimax theatre, a planetarium, and a butterfly park. Visitors can learn about various scientific concepts and topics such as physics, chemistry, biology, and space exploration. Additionally, it also offers workshops, educational programs, and special exhibitions that cater to visitors of all ages.

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Stroll through Jurong Frog Farm

Amongst the best things to do in West Singapore is taking a stroll through the Jurong Frog Farm. This unique and offbeat destination promises a fun and educational experience for all. The farm specialises in the breeding and farming of bullfrogs and offers guided tours and hands-on experiences such as catching and feeding the frogs. Visitors can also learn about the frog farming process and the nutritional benefits of consuming frog meat.

Explore Reflections at Bukit Chandu

Reflections at Bukit Chandu is a historical and cultural destination in West Singapore that offers visitors an immersive experience of the story of Singapore's World War II history. The museum houses a range of exhibits and interactive displays that showcase the courage and sacrifice of the Malay Regiment during the Battle of Pasir Panjang. Visitors can learn about the war's impact on Singapore and its people and gain a deeper understanding of the country's rich cultural heritage.

Hike at the Southern Ridges

Hiking at the Southern Ridges is one of the most adventurous things to do in West Singapore. The trail spans over 10 kilometres and includes a series of interconnected bridges, parks, and nature reserves such as Mount Faber Park and Henderson Waves. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the city and the lush greenery and biodiversity of the area. Additionally, the trail offers opportunities for bird-watching, photography, and relaxation. This hike is known for its immense natural beauty and offers a scenic and invigorating experience to all outdoor enthusiasts.

Watch the Beer Brewing Process

One of the top experiences that you can have in West Singapore is to avail the famous Tiger Brewery Tour. This tour offers an immersive experience of the history and production of Singapore's iconic beer, known as Tiger. Visitors can witness the brewing process up close and learn about the ingredients, packaging, and distribution of the drink. Additionally, the tour offers opportunities to sample freshly brewed Tiger beer and explore the brewery's merchandise store.

Pay respect at Kranji War Memorial

One of the more unique things to do in West Singapore is to pay your respect to the martyrs of war at the Kranji War Memorial. This landmark honours the memory of the men and women who died during World War II. The memorial houses over 4,000 white gravestones and memorials of soldiers from the Commonwealth and Allied forces who died in Singapore, Malaya, and Indonesia. Visitors can pay their respects and learn about the history and impact of the war on Singapore and its people.

Participate in Kayaking at Jurong Lake

If you are looking to do something adventurous yet relaxing, then you must go for Kayaking at Jurong Lake, which offers calm waters and scenic views. Visitors can rent kayaks or participate in guided tours and explore the lake's diverse ecosystem, including various species of fish and birds. Additionally, kayaking at Jurong Lake offers a unique perspective on the surrounding landmarks such as the Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden.

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FAQ's About West Singapore

Which are the best places to visit in West Singapore?

Some of the best places to visit in West Singapore include the Singapore Zoo, Science Center Singapore, the Southern Ridges, Jurong Frog Farm, Tiger Brewery Tour, Kranji War Memorial, and Reflections at Bukit Chandu. Other popular destinations include Jurong Lake and NUS Museum.

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What is the best time to visit Singapore?

The best time to visit Singapore is between February and April when the weather is typically cooler and drier. However, Singapore has a tropical climate and can be visited year-round. The months of November to January also offer festive celebrations such as Christmas and New Year.

How to reach West Singapore?

  • Mass Rapid Transit (MRT): The MRT is a convenient and affordable way to reach West Singapore. The West Line (EWL) serves areas such as Jurong East, Jurong West, and Boon Lay.
  • Bus: Singapore has an extensive bus network that connects West Singapore to other parts of the island. Visitors can take the bus from various locations, including Changi Airport, and transfer to other buses or the MRT.
  • Taxi: Taxis are widely available and can be hailed on the street or booked through a mobile app. Taxis offer a comfortable and efficient way to reach West Singapore. 
  • Bicycle: West Singapore has several cycling paths and park connectors that offer visitors a scenic and eco-friendly way to explore the area. Bicycles can be rented at various locations.

What is the West of Singapore known for?

The western part of Singapore is known for its diverse range of attractions and activities. Some of the highlights include the scenic Gardens by the Bay West, and the famous shopping and entertainment district of Jurong East. The area is also home to several educational institutions and business parks, making it a hub for learning and innovation.

Which are the best free things to do in the west Singapore?

Some of the best free things to do in West Singapore include hiking at the Southern Ridges, exploring the NUS Museum, visiting the Kranji War Memorial, strolling through the Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden. Other popular free attractions include West Coast Park and the Bukit Batok Nature Park.


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