Places to Go for Ice Skating in Singapore

Ice skating in a fully tropical country like Singapore was a dream for many until the indoor ice skating parks were established. The indoor ice skating parks use either real or artificial snow that lets you perform Ice Skating in Singapore despite the heat. These parks host national and international ice skating and related competitions allowing visitors to enjoy the audience. There are three main hubs of ice skating- Kallang Leisure Park, Maine Bay Sands Skating Park, and The Rink at JCube. Kallang Leisure Park uses real ice for skating while The Rink features top-quality artificial snow that almost looks real.

Kallang Ice World (Kallang Leisure Park)
Kallang Ice World (Kallang Leisure Park)

Kallang Ice World or Kallang Leisure Park is an indoor ice skating park that offers the top-notch experience of Ice skating in Singapore. Located in the Kallang leisure park, this place has a large area for skating along with a seating arrangement for a large number of spectators. The park possesses real ice for carrying out skating activities. The grounds match all the sports standards that make it a professional competition ground. Various types of competitions are held almost every day on these grounds. For personal use, people are seen to host their private skating parties and birthday parties in the leisure park. Besides the competitions, the Kallang Leisure Park of Ice Skating Singapore offers a variety of professional courses for learning skating, ranging from beginners to advanced.

Marina Bay Sands Skating Rink
Marina Bay Sands Skating Rink

One of the most real Singapore Ice Skating grounds, the Marina Bay Sands Skating Rink is a playful area which uses artificial ice. Located near the Rasapura Masters food court near Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, these are large ice skating grounds encompassing an area of 600 sq m. What makes these grounds unique is their unrivaled synthetic surface created from high-weighted molecular polythene. The grounds have been gone through laboratory and on-rink testing to make Ice Skating in Singapore feel closest to the real one. Once you move through the surface, you will be amazed by the sense of skating in the real snow of the winter world. A wide range of skating classes for all levels of skaters and enthusiasts are conducted on these grounds.

The Rink @ JCube
The Rink @ JCube

The Rink, located on the third level in JCube, is Singapore’s first and only Olympic-size skating grounds. Witnessing a large number of spectators, you can experience skating on and off the ice in this park. The rink uses real ice, just like Kallang Leisure Park for carrying out the activity of Ice Skating in Singapore. A sitting arrangement for 460 people makes this park the best choice for hosting national and international ice sports. Besides ice skating, the rink lets you participate in ice hockey, speed skating, figure skating, and ice curling. Even disco nights are hosted on these beautiful grounds. The rink is a child-friendly place that lets the little ones up to the age of 12 learn and participate in skating activities.

Buying Ice Skating Singapore Tickets Online

Buying Singapore Ice Skating tickets online will let you escape the long queues at the ticket counters as the sport is played by a large number of people. Owing to the country’s hot climate, localities indulge most in this sport selling off a huge number of tickets every day. The three of the parks offering ice skating are almost full with little chance of you getting a ticket at the venue. Hence, you should pre-book your tickets to choose a date and time of your choice. The online booking system will make things easier for you by giving instant confirmation of the preferred date after you purchase your tickets for Ice Skating in Singapore. Moreover, you will come across a variety of deals and discounts that you can choose to make your trip budget-friendly.

Know Before You Go for Singapore

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How to Reach
  • By Air: There are 8 airports in Singapore but Jewel Changi Airport is the international one that is connected to international locations of London, New York, Paris, Sydney, Delhi, Shanghai, etc.

  • By Bus: You can visit Singapore by boarding a bus from Peninsular Malaysia. You will be traveling via Johor-Singapore Causeway and Malaysia-Singapore Second link. Some major bus operators can be chosen for the trip.

  • By Train: You can visit Singapore via Train service that operates between JB Sentra in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and Woodlands Train checkpoint, Singapore. From there, you can choose other modes of transport like metro, bus or cab services to reach your destination.


Why is ice skating so famous in Singapore?

    Ice Skating in Singapore is popular among Singaporeans because this country makes up the list of the World’s Fully Tropical Countries. Due to the heat wave, the country witnesses no winter season, with chances of snowfall. As the temperatures are too high for snow formation, snow and ice have to be either used from natural practices or created artificially. The absence of winters makes Singaporeans crave for low temperatures in the country, leading to immense popularity of cold-sports like ice skating.

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