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AIRZONE is the world’s first indoor “suspended net playground” at City Square Mall in Singapore provides various aerial activities. This suspended playground is divided into six floors and each floor has different theme zones, perfect for both kids and adults as this area provides a totally unique experience and various challenges.

This place lets you experience zero-gravity through various activities such as moon walking through the colorful ball pit on the net and you will feel weightless. This amazing world provides you a lot of enjoyment such as climbing, jumping, bouncing and hanging out through different slides, and rides.
Take an hour to unleash your inner child and explore the suspension net and during enjoyment you do not need to be concerned about safety because the net weighs the same as the two buses.

At the Airzone you will feel the same playground as you used to play on when you were kids. This wonderful area will take you back to your childhood days when you will play here like a careless kid.

This place is designed and maintained in such a way that you can enjoy here without worrying about the safety issues. There’s also a dedicated lounge area where participants can take rest after engaging in activities.

Get Best Deals On AIRZONE Singapore Tickets

Step into the unique world and slide down at high speed on the suspension net of an indoor playground. Enjoy the whole session with your friends and family which includes a ball pool, 3D maze, thrilling ride at The Big Slide, moon walk, and swim into a floating ball pit. You can choose any of the two best Airzone Singapore ticket deals and enjoy your trip such as Peak and Off Peak. In Peak Admission, Airzone operates from 10am to 9.30pm and tickets will be applicable for all days including School holidays, and Public holidays. In Off Peak admission, AIRZONE starts 10am to 8.30pm and tickets are available in Weekdays.

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  • Step into the Three Levels of Challenges, where you can play challenging games with your pals in the presence of an expert staff

  • Experience a massive amount of excitement as you dive into the ball pit or zip down the tall slides

  • Bring your family to AIRZONE and experience zero gravity in the indoor playground suspended six levels above ground

  • Experience a fun day out with your family, without having to worry about the safety of the nets.

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Must Know Before You Go
  • Duration of each session is 50 minutes, inclusive of time for safety briefing and time to access the nets. Actual play time is about 45 minutes.
  • Guests must wear sturdy closed-toe shoes.
  • Venue capacity limits apply.
  • Guests can secure their belongings at the free locker rental onsite (subject to availability).
  • Re-entry into AIRZONE is not permitted.
  • Redemption of tickets begin 10 minutes before the first session
  • All tickets sold are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferrable.
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Which AIRZONE Singapore Tickets To Choose?

Which AIRZONE Singapore Tickets To Choose?

If you are coming to AIRZONE Singapore then you must be well known about the AIRZONE Singapore tickets. These tickets are divided into two categories: Peak admission and Off Peak admission. Both tickets have a 50 minutes of session that starts from 11.40am to 8.40pm everyday. The redemption of tickets starts 10 minutes before the session starts. This unique place offers a wide range of activities which are perfect for both children and adults and Airzone tickets allow you to access all the fun sports and activities for the whole day. You can choose any of the three ticket options which are given below:

Advance Booking- Make sure to book your AIRZONE Singapore tickets in advance as it will save your time.- To skip the long ticketing queues you should book your tickets advance as it will both save your money and time. - Once your booking is done then a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Convenience- If you want convenience of getting your tickets then you should book your tickets online from the comfort of your home. By this you do not have to wait in long queues for getting your tickets. - When you enter at Airzone then you just need to show your confirmation email of your ticket at the entry gate.

Best deals on Combo Tickets- After having a lot of fun in AIRZONE, it's time to explore more places around City Square Mall. - Airzone Singapore ticket offers combo deals of the City Square Mall with various locations.- There is a list of various places that you should visit as they are close to the Airzone such as Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Flyer, National museum of Singapore and ArtScience Museum.

Activities To Enjoy At AIRZONE Singapore

Enjoy The Moon Walking
Enjoy The Moon Walking

Experience the feeling of moon-walk on the floaty, and bouncy net through the colourful ball pit. The net is specially designed for those enthusiasts who love to enjoy walking on such bouncing net. The delicate nets make you feel as if you are walking on the water for the first time, and when you take the next step the elasticity of the net will pull you up. Every step when you keep on the net is a combination of sinking and bouncing.

Jump Over! Fall Over!
Jump Over! Fall Over!

You can jump over the net as many times as you can without harming yourself as these delicate nets are designed in such a way that anyone can jump up and fall down on the net and by this they will get immense pleasure. Kids will love this activity so much because this activity has a lot of fall and jump. They can bounce as much as they can on their bum and sides without getting wounded. Let them enjoy on the net and see their happy faces.

Relax By Lying On The Nets
Relax By Lying On The Nets

If you are tired of playing bouncy games then you can rest just lying down on the net. It is also the best activity as you can gaze at the ground through the net. This one-of-its-kind activity is different from others as you do not have to do any kind of bounce or slide, only relaxing on the net which is hung up in the air so let’s enjoy this interesting and exciting activity and see below through a bird's-eye-view.

Swim In The Floating Ball Pit
Swim In The Floating Ball Pit

The floating ball pit is a unique hanging ball pit. When you enter it you will feel like actually flying in the air. Kids and adults both will enjoy this ride and love to swim in this iconic activity. This ride will feel as if you are in a swimming pool which is hanging up in the air.Take a ride in the amazing ball bit where you can splash and kick a pool full of balls. You should make a big splash so that you can roll around with the jump.

The Big Slide
The Big Slide

Unleash your inner child and enjoy “the big slide” (the final net bridge) which is specially for those adventure seekers who make their way to the ultimate top of the AIRZONE. This activity includes climbing up one side and sliding down the other side. You don’t worry about the safety of your kids because the surface of the Big Slide is not too slippery .

Explore The 3D Maze
Explore The 3D Maze

If you are traveling with your kids then let them enjoy the 3 dimensional net maze with two layers of net. This activity is especially designed for kids as they can do a lot of crawl to get through the net. While your little one enjoys this ride, you can relax at your own personal maze pod. It is the best pastime and an amazing wonderland for them.

Know Before You Book AIRZONE Singapore Tickets

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AIRZONE Singapore timings start from 11am to 7.50pm everyday which has 8 sessions such as 11.40am- 12.30pm, 12.50pm- 1.40pm, 2.00pm- 2.50pm, 3.10pm- 4.00pm, 4.20pm- 5.0pm, 5.30pm- 6.20pm, 6.40pm- 7.30pm, 7.50pm- 8.40pm. The Duration of each session is 1 hour and the actual playtime is about 45 minutes.AIRZONE Singapore, world’s first atrium net indoor playground is located on Level 2 (North Atrium) of City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road Singapore 208539.

Best Time to Visit:

Although you can visit AIRZONE Singapore at any time, because it is an indoor activity so you need not worry about the weather and other things. If you want to avoid crowds at the AIRZONE then you should book off-peak Airzone Singapore tickets on weekdays so that you can get enough space to explore all the rides.


AIRZONE Singapore, world’s first atrium net indoor playground is located on Level 2 (North Atrium) of City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road Singapore 208539.

FAQs Of AIRZONE Singapore Tickets

Is AIRZONE Singapore worth visiting?

    Yes, because you will get immense pleasure at AIRZONE Singapore as all the rides and slides on the net such as Ball Pit, 3D maze, and moonwalking are amazing and worth visiting for kids as well as adults.

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How much weight can the Nets hold at AIRZONE Singapore?

Can I bring my own food at AIRZONE Singapore?

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