Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer A Journey to the Skyline

Get ready to experience the marvelous view of the tropical Lion city of Singapore from the bird’s eye angel! Land yourself in the heart of downtown Marina Bay to ride Asia’s giant observation wheel. Get the thrilling and elevated experience of being under the stars and enjoy the panoramic view of distant Asia. Plan your day accordingly such that you will drop yourself at dusk to have a mesmerizing experience of sunset along with nearby fascinating places. Take an enchanting ride with your loved ones and offer them an exclusive dining experience. Include the multisensory attraction of a Singapore flyer time capsule

, as a part of your flyer tour to know more interesting facts about Singapore’s heritage, history, and culture. Get a chance to be enthralled by the city’s past, live the present, and look for their brightest future! Why to wait for seasonal discounts when you can take the leverage of technological advancement and book Singapore Flyer tickets online! No more hassles and bustles when you opt for technology aid for your tour design! Visit this melting pot of Global culture and never miss a single chance to preserve this magnificent view from a glorious vantage point!

Singapore Flyer Experience Explained

Although you can follow the conventional method of purchasing Singapore Flyer tickets in person, going with the wind of digitalization brings more benefits to your trip! Opting this modern way of booking tickets on the fingertips avoids you waiting in the long stranded queues at the various ticket counters and wasting your precious time and energy. Every tourist who visits this Lion City drops at the Singapore Flyer to get a panoramic view of the city’s Skyline. It is not just the observation wheel experience, but covers more than that! Combo of Singapore Flyer tickets with adjoint attractions will go through a rich experience of another level. Rely on top-rated booking platforms to enjoy a fully planned, hassle-free trip to this Garden City. If you are still worried about the higher prices of the Singapore Trip, then adopt the best way of online booking deals. Enjoy the comfort of pre-booking and marvelous discounts on each purchase along with a confirmed time slot booking by paying the Singapore flyer ticket price online.

Singapore Flyer Deal Variants

Singapore Flyer Ticket

Land yourself on Asia’s largest observation wheel and enjoy the breath-taking Singapore flyer view. Give your kids or spouse a special feeling of being on top of the world by booking Singapore Flyer Tickets. The gondola will take you 165 meter high on a 30 minutes ride giving you an out-of-the-world thrilling experience along with a premium cocktail and a four-course meal. Enjoy the best view of the spin at dusk when skyscrapers are covered in a golden glow and in the night, enjoy the view of illuminated buildings. Choose the best deal and make your Singapore trip memorable for life.

Singapore Flyer with Time Capsule

Every tourist who landed in Singapore must enjoy this combo by including the Singapore flyer ticket price with a time capsule to be familiar with the royal heritage, culture, and history of the Lion City. Embark on a journey through New Time Capsule and take a trippy walk through Singapore’s heritage. The two-storey indoor space will take you back to ancient time with high-tech displays and light projections along with an interactive and multisensory ambiance. This 45-minute walk will traverse you in ancient times almost 700 years ago and feel like a living storybook!

Singapore Flyer Sky Dining

Enjoy Singapore Flyer Sky Dining in restaurants on and below the earth’s surface has become an old school concept, now the hottest thing is an unforgettable dinner-in-the-sky experience! Land yourself on a 165-meter-high observation wheel, and enrich your Singapore flyer dinner experience with an in-house VIP butler service. Reserve a private table in a decently shared dining gondola, spend some quality time in two flyer rotations, and alight to the VIP lounge for some quick drinks or desserts: a complete definition of a perfect date!

Singapore Flyer with Gardens by the Bay

Explore the nearest attraction on foot once you have explored the Singapore Flyer and get connected with nature by detaching yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city! After watching the beautiful skyline of the Garden City, freely roam into the cloud forest, and flower dome along with a picturesque waterfront view. Never forget to keep your cameras ready for clicking pictures of the world’s tallest indoor waterfall covered in lush green pockets of Singapore. Adjoin your Singapore Flyer tickets with this classic example of horticulture and step into the world of eternal springtime. Discover the perfect synergy of Singapore Flyer with Gardens by the Bay for an unforgettable day of natural beauty and urban elegance.

Singapore Flyer with Marina Bay Sands Skypark

Capture the futuristic and Star Trek Esque design of Singapore Flyer in your cameras, offering an amazing panoramic view of the amazing skyline of the city. Never miss the beauty of panoramic vistas of the cityscape and Marina Bay from the spot located 56 storeys up from the heart of the Marina Bay area. Boasted scenic views will give you a birds-eye view of the Gardens by the Bay and spot Singapore’s iconic landmark. Click the photos of the orange-tiled roofs of the shophouses along the Singapore River and say “Namaste '' to exclusive Yoga experiences scheduled at both sunrise and sunset on Skypark to kick-start your day!

Singapore Flyer Flight with Universal Studios Singapore

Extend your joy of exploring Singapore Flyer by visiting Universal Studios and immersing yourself in the storytelling of Hollywood. Admire the skyline beauty of Singapore with the giant flyer and enjoy SouthEast Asia’s first theme park that will multiply your fun across 6 theme zones. Reach the venue by thrilling pumping rides and engage yourself in interactive shows. Treat your kids with their favorite Hollywood characters like Transformers, Mummies, along with the world's tallest roller coaster, Battlestar Galactica. Buy a combo of Singapore Flyer tickets along with Universal Studios Singapore and escape yourself to joyland!

Which is the Best Way to Book Singapore Flyer Ticket Online?

Take the leverages of digitalization and book Singapore Flyer tickets online to avail several rewards in your bag! Even though you can purchase them at the venue, experts recommend online buying. Tick your Singapore trip bucket list by booking your tickets from the trusted one-stop platform so that you can freely explore the beauty of this Lion City. Save time and skip long queues at the ticket counter by availing online booking systems for your tickets. Grab combo deals which saves time and money and offers one to explore more places within your budget and time.

  • Make Advance Booking: Save yourself from wasting your precious time and energy by standing in long-stranded queues, instead, take your laptop/mobile and make an advance booking to give a sure-shot experience. Make the confirmed time slot for accessing the various most-visited attractions like Premium Champagne, Sling, and Time Capsule for a seamless experience. Make perfect planning of your itinerary by selecting an advance booking option, on arrival, just leave all the worries behind and concentrate on the enjoyment.
  • Enjoy amazing Discounts: Don’t worry about overrunning the budget, instead book the Singapore Flyer tickets online and get bumper discounts! Save your time and money both by enjoying the beauty of Singapore Flyer at discounted rates. Grab the best deal and do not ruin your happiness and joy by saddening your face because of the high prices.
  • Experience More Through Combo Tickets: Make your life more interesting by exploring various attractions on your Singapore trip. Not only the central attractions but combinations with other top landmarks of the city give you the ultimate goal of joy and cost-saving. Purchase Singapore Flyer tickets in combination with other attractions like a time capsule, Sling capsule, Premium Champagne, Wellness in the Sky, and Sky Dining, and get ready to experience more.

Why to Visit Singapore Flyer?

  • Gift yourself and your loved ones a unique travelling experience by taking them to one of the tallest places in the world and show them how awesome the world is especially at dusk time!
  • The lighted skyline of the Lion City along with parts of Indonesia and Malaysia will give a breath-taking view while being comfortable in the spacious capsule.
  • Adjoin your Singapore flyer tour with a time capsule to take a rich, interesting heritage walk in Singapore's history, culture, and landscape.
  • Treat your loved one special by purchasing Singapore Flyer tickets with Singapore Sling Experience.
  • Raise the toast to your friendship or your relationship with your loved ones along with a pair of fine, refreshing iconic champagne. Cherish the sparkling moments with an assortment of chocolates in a private capsule over the dazzling view of Marina Bay.
  • Enjoy the exciting experience of sky dining under the stars in the heart of this Garden City! In-flight host at your service in the hour-long experience so that you can spend some quality and special moments with someone special.
  • Take your fitness routine to the next level and enhance your inner peace and book a soothing experience at Wellness in the Sky. Lead to a healthy lifestyle by ticking this outstanding activity on your bucket list along with professional instructors.

Experiences Offered in Singapore Flyer

Build your inner Strength with Yoga

Are you a fitness freak and worried about your missed exercise routine while on the Singapore tour? Treat yourself to a completely new experience with Wellness in the Sky that will strengthen both your physical and mental health! The exclusive small group of sessions of exactly 4 participants will redefine your exercise routine under the guidance of experts. The program is designed especially in the evening so that you can rejuvenate your body and mind after a hectic day. Come and experience yoga/pilates at 165 meters high in the sky!

Time Capsule

Extend your Singapore trip with a knowledge-worthy heritage walk that will include an immense and interactive journey of Singapore’s history, culture, and heritage. Buy the combo of time capsule along with Singapore Flyer tickets and embark on this multisensory journey! Go back to Singapore’s enthralled past, be influenced by the present, and envision their bright future with this exploring walk.

Sky Dining

Embark on a gastronomic adventure in the sky and take your loved ones to a thrilling dining experience. Sky dining at Singapore Flyer will offer you a romantic night under the stars and above the city’s skyline. An in-flight host will be at your service to serve you cuisines of your choice from Western, Oriental, or Vegetarian options. Savour a complete lip smacking 4-course meal along with a changing view of Sentosa Island and make your special day more special.

Enjoy the Singapore’s Famous Cocktail Sling

Proposing your loved one like a dream comes true! Steal an escape from the city’s hustles and bustles and enjoy quality time right under the sky with raising the toast of a tropical cocktail. Take this out-of-the-world alternative and sip on a cocktail by calming your eyes with the Marina Bay view.

Private Capsule

Captivate the Private capsule experience by opting for an exclusive place for your business or personal purpose. Impress your guests by inviting them to an intimate place and let them enjoy the picturesque view of Singapore. A 30 minutes thrilling ride will give you options from private sky dining, or a private Singapore sling, private canapés capsule, or celebration package with the leverage of ultimate privacy. Make an advance Singapore Flyer booking and surprise your loved ones with their dream ambiance.

Premium Champagne Experience

Uplift your definition of luxury with a premium champagne experience! An elevated experience with standard quality Champagne along with an assortment of nuts to complement the beautiful bubbly comfort of your capsule. Pop up the premium champagne and be a wonderful host or a companion!

Interesting Facts about Singapore Flyer

  • Singapore Flyer covers the land of 363,000 ft2 which is approximately equal to 172 tennis courts.
  • Singapore flyer height is 165 meters, which is approximately the height of a 42-storey building. Amaze your children by saying that the height of the Singapore Flyer is as much as if 31 male Giraffes are stacked on top of each other.
  • If the diameter of the Singapore Flyer is to be measured then 87 Singaporean men have to lie down head-to-toe then that will count to 150 meters.
  • The Singapore Flyer carries 28 capsules, each of these capsules is of size 4m*7m, equal to the size of a bus and is comfortable for accommodating 28 passengers.
  • The Flyer gives you a wonderful view of a city up to 45km away which means you can see as far as Sentosa, Malaysia, and Indonesia through a bird’s eye view.
  • The giant wheel rotates for 37 minutes to complete one rotation at the speed of 0.24 m per second or 0.76km/h which means you can enjoy the ride for a longer duration and this will fully recover your Singapore flyer ticket price.
  • No worries for health-conscious UV allergic tourists also! Because this iconic landmark doesn't expose them to higher levels of radiation, compared to the amount they get on the earth's surface.

Places to Visit near Singapore Flyer

Enjoy at Gardens by the Bay

Step into one of the iconic attractions near Singapore flyer is Gardens by the Bay to get a healing break from the bustling city. Calm your eyes with this award-winning horticulture place along with three sections: South Bay, East Bay, and Central Bay. Hold your loved one’s hand and take a delighted walk over 128-m long walkway between supertrees. The most-visited place is home to a diverse collection of 1.5 million plants hailing from every continent and takes the garden artistry to a next level. Enjoy the planet kingdom and feel the essence of this tropical garden city which is renowned as a perfect place to live and work.

Do Checkout: Gardens By the Bay Light Show

Universal Studios

If you are a movie freak then Universal Studios is one of the places you must include in your Singapore trip. The movie-theme park is home to 24 rides and attractions that are enough to excite your adrenaline rush. Satisfy your taste buds in the themed dining and at the same venue enjoy shopping at shops. Enjoy the blasts of laughter and screams with your family not only with exciting loops, breath-taking drops, and collisions but Dinosaurs, Egyptian Mummies, Lemures also. Complete your day by keeping your cameras ready to click fancy poses with stars of DreamWorks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda and Minions!

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S.E.A Aquarium

Get a sneak-peek into the ocean and engage yourself into fascinating aquatic life at S.E.A. Aquarium. This magical marine place is home to more than 10,000 species including goliath groupers, squadrons of manta rays, and leopard sharks. Stroll over to the Shark Seas habitat or just sit and observe the rapt fascination at the Open Ocean habitat. Treat yourself a feast of great seafood while the sea creatures swim gently all above you and experience some local cuisines in this live ambience.

Click Here To Book Now: Sea Aquarium Singapore Tickets

Adventure Cove Waterpark

Beat the heat and drop yourself into the thrilling water slides of Adventure Cove Waterpark that are full of high-speed twists and turns to make this fun more exciting. One cannot resist these ultimate adrenaline seekers and get funnelled down an exhilarating tube ride to experience the washout of epic proportions! Frolic in the giant pool with your loved ones and feel the striking experience of wave building.

Must Checkout: Adventure Cove Rides

Singapore Cable Car

Enjoy the picturesque view from the gondola lift that connects Mount Faber, HarbourFront and Sentosa Island by taking a ride on the Singapore Cable Car. Enjoy the priceless 360-degree panoramic view right from Mount Faber to the hilltop view of Sentosa Station along with a complimentary meal while soaking in the tranquillity surrounding you. Total 67 cabins can take 8 passengers in each cabin for the round trip of a fantastic view of Sentosa Island giving you a perfect view of dense forest, sea, and dolphins!

Marina Bay Sands

Enrich your staycation at the most iconic hotel and calm your glands at world’s largest rooftop infinity pool, aesthetic and award-winning dining. Reconnect, realign, and rejuvenate yourself at a wellness retreat that includes relaxing massages from the experts in a refreshing aromatic ambiance. Enjoy the feast of delicacies, sip refreshing concoctions and live in the ocean of fresh air at Marina Bay Sands and make the Singapore trip memorable!

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Know Before You Visit Singapore Flyer

Opening Hours & Closing Time
How to Reach
Best Time to Visit

Singapore Flyer operates on Thursday-Monday and on public holidays where the first flight takes at 3 PM and the last flight is scheduled at 9.30 PM. Buy Singapore flyer tickets online to avoid the further hassles of locating the ticket counter after reaching the spot.

How to Go to Singapore Flyer: Seamless Transportation Options to Enjoy Iconic Skyline Views

  • By Bus: One can take either of the 106, 77, 97, 97E, Funvee City hopper buses and alight at the nearest stop number 02171 which is opposite the Ritz Carlton.
  • By MRT: If you are taking the MRT option, alight at the nearest station Promenade Station where you just have to take Exit A and an 8 minutes’ walk to reach the Singapore Flyer.
  • By Car: Singapore Flyer is just 5 minutes’ drive from the Central Business District, or if you are arriving from the Changi Airport, it is 20 minutes’ drive.
  • Match the best time to visit and land yourself during the dusk to store the illuminated view of the sunset along with the city's skyline.
  • Make the Singapore flyer booking online so that you don’t have to wait in long queues at the ticket counters.
  • Plan your day accordingly to explore outstanding nearby attractions like rainforest discovery, 737 simulator, 6D theatre.
  • Make advance booking for exciting experiences like Sky dining, Time capsule, Singapore Sling experience and be present 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time.
  • Save your pennies by opting for combo deals instead of buying individual tickets for attractions near Singapore Flyer.

Enjoy the best view from Singapore Flyer at dusk, early evening to late evening hours i.e., 6.30 PM- 8.30 PM so that you can get a chance to enjoy the awesome view of the sunset and the city lights. If you want to avoid the rush of people, then you need to visit in late evenings and early mornings.

Singapore Flyer is easily accessible to everyone including wheelchair-bound guests also. Ramps, elevators, and handicapped toilets are designed such that guests don’t get any trouble accessing them. Direct lift from the special parking to the ticket counter makes it easier for guests to reach the ticket counters..

FAQ's of Singapore Flyer

What is so special about the Singapore Flyer?

Singapore Flyer is Asia’s largest observation wheel located in the heart of the Lion City that will give you the best panoramic view of the city’s skyline and nearby islands through a capsule. Make the best of your vacation by confirming Singapore Flyer booking online and enjoy the adjoint attractions as well.

What is the maximum capacity that can be included in one Singapore Flyer Ticket?

Each capsule carries 28 persons so a total of 784 passengers are carried for the enchanting view per rotation.

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How many capsules are there in the Singapore Flyer?

There are 28 capsules in the Singapore Flyer. These capsules are mounted on the rim of a giant wheel structure and have a floor area of 280 sq. ft per capsule.

What is the view from atop that you will get through your Singapore Flyer Ticket?

The Singapore Flyer mesmerises you with the panoramic view of this tropical Lion city. Singapore Flyer tickets also cover a picturesque sky-view of surrounding islands of Indonesia and Malaysia along with champagne in a special themed capsule.

What are the inclusions you will get inside each capsule you book a Singapore Flyer Ticket?

Inside Singapore Flyer, the duration of your ride can vary based on the options you select. For standard capsule tickets, your journey includes an in-capsule audio guide and interactive screen. However, if you opt for premium experiences such as private canapés or solemnisation, your Singapore Flyer ticket price covers additional perks like a free flow of soft drinks and fruit punch, enhancing your overall experience during the ride.

How long does one rotation on Singapore Flyer take?

The Singapore Flyer duration for one full rotation is approximately 30 minutes, allowing you to soak in the spectacular panoramic views of the city skyline at a leisurely pace.

Is Singapore flyer worth it?

Visitors to the Singapore Flyer are promised the opportunity to glimpse neighboring Malaysia and Indonesia from the observation wheel's highest point. Many travelers enthusiastically recommend the Singapore Flyer, describing the views from the top as truly breathtaking.

Why is the Singapore flyer famous?

Situated in the bustling Marina Bay area, the Singapore Flyer stands as Asia's largest giant observation wheel. What's even more exciting is that it promises an exhilarating experience for both tourists and locals. When you step into one of the 28 fully air-conditioned glass capsules, you embark on a captivating 30-minute journey, during which you'll be treated to breathtaking views of the city, both in the daytime and at night.


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