What Will You Experience From This Combo?

The Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay Combo is a popular tourist attraction that offers visitors a breathtaking view of the city skyline and an opportunity to explore some of Singapore's most iconic gardens.

The Singapore Flyer is a giant Ferris wheel that stands at a height of 165 meters, making it one of the tallest observation wheels in the world. Visitors can enjoy a 30-minute ride in one of the air-conditioned capsules, which offers panoramic views of Singapore's skyline, including Marina Bay, the Central Business District, and Sentosa Island.

Gardens by the Bay is a nature park spanning 101 hectares, located in the heart of Singapore. It consists of three waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden. Bay South Garden is the largest of the three gardens and features the iconic Supertrees, which are towering tree-like structures that are between 25 and 50 meters tall. The Supertrees are fitted with solar panels and serve as vertical gardens that support a wide range of plant species. Other attractions at the Gardens by the Bay include the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and the OCBC Skyway.

Visitors can purchase a combo ticket to experience both the Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay. The combo ticket allows visitors to access both attractions at a discounted price and offers a unique way to see the best of Singapore's cityscape and nature. It is an excellent option for those looking for a day out with family and friends or a romantic evening out.

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Attractions Overview of Combo

Singapore Flyer
Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is a towering observation wheel located in Marina Bay, Singapore. Opened in 2008, it stands at 165 meters tall, making it one of the tallest observation wheels in the world. Visitors can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the city, including the Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, and the skyline of Singapore.

Each capsule of the flyer is air-conditioned and can hold up to 28 passengers. The ride takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, providing ample time to take in the sights and snap memorable photos.

Apart from its main attraction, the Singapore Flyer offers various dining experiences, including a romantic sky dining experience with a four-course dinner served in a private capsule. The Flyer also has an on-site souvenir shop where visitors can purchase gifts to commemorate their visit. The Singapore Flyer is a must-visit attraction for those seeking stunning views and a unique experience in Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a nature park in Singapore that spans over 101 hectares of reclaimed land. The park is home to an impressive collection of flora from around the world, housed in cooled conservatories and outdoor gardens. The Supertrees are the most iconic feature of the park, standing at heights of up to 50 meters and featuring vertical gardens that are illuminated at night. The park also features several themed gardens, including the Chinese, Malay, and Indian Gardens, as well as the Sun Pavilion, which is home to a collection of cacti and succulents. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the gardens, take a guided tour, or attend one of the many events held throughout the year, such as the Garden Rhapsody light and sound show. Gardens by the Bay is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and anyone seeking a serene escape from the bustling city.

Highlights of the Combo

Highlights of the Combo
  • The Singapore Flyer is one of the world's largest observation wheels, offering stunning views of the city skyline from a height of 165 meters.
  • The Gardens by the Bay is a 101-hectare nature park featuring lush greenery and futuristic structures. The two conservatories, Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, are must-visit attractions that showcase a variety of plant species from around the world.
  • The Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay Combo ticket allows visitors to enjoy both attractions at a discounted price.
  • Visitors can take a leisurely stroll around the gardens, explore the two conservatories, or take a guided tour to learn more about the plants and structures.
  • At night, the Supertree Grove in the Gardens by the Bay comes alive with a stunning light and sound show, making for a mesmerizing experience.
  • The Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay Combo is perfect for those looking to experience Singapore's natural beauty and skyline in a unique and memorable way.

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How to Reach?

Singapore Flyer
Singapore Flyer
  • MRT: You can take the MRT and get down at the Promenade Station on the Circle Line (CC4). From there, you can take Exit A and walk for about 5-10 minutes to reach the Singapore Flyer.
  • Bus: You can take buses 56, 75, 77, 97, 97e, 171, 195, 960, and NR2 and alight at the bus stop opposite the Singapore Flyer.
  • Taxi/Car: You can take a taxi or drive to the Singapore Flyer. There is a multi-storey car park available for visitors to park their vehicles.
  • River Cruise: You can also take a river cruise to reach the Singapore Flyer. Boat tours are available from Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, and Marina Bay Sands.

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Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay can be easily reached through various modes of transportation.

  • By MRT: The nearest MRT station to Gardens by the Bay is Bayfront MRT Station (CE1/DT16) on the Circle Line and Downtown Line. Once you reach Bayfront MRT station, take exit B and follow the underground linkway. It will lead you directly to the Gardens' entrance.
  • By Bus: The following bus services stop at Bayfront Avenue, right in front of the entrance to Gardens by the Bay: 97/97E, 106, 133, 400, 402, and 502.
  • By Car/Taxi: If you are driving or taking a taxi, enter Gardens by the Bay via Bayfront Avenue.
  • By Foot: One can also walk to Gardens by the Bay from Marina Bay Sands, which is a 10-15 minute walk away. You can take the pedestrian walkway along the waterfront promenade or the underground linkway via Bayfront MRT Station.

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Best Time to Visit

Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay

The best time to visit Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is during the late afternoon or early evening. This is because the gardens come to life after sunset when the Supertrees light up with a stunning display of colorful lights and the Garden Rhapsody light and sound show takes place.

Visiting during this time also allows you to avoid the heat and humidity of the midday sun, which can be quite intense in Singapore. Additionally, if you visit on a weekday evening, you may have the added bonus of avoiding large crowds that tend to gather on weekends.

That being said, Gardens by the Bay is a beautiful destination to visit at any time of the day. The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest conservatories are open from 9 am to 9 pm daily, and the outdoor gardens are open from 5 am to 2 am.

Singapore Flyer
Singapore Flyer

The best time to visit Singapore Flyer would be during the late afternoon to early evening, just before sunset. This time will allow you to enjoy the beautiful view of the city in both daylight and during the magical transformation of the city skyline as the sun sets and the city lights up. Additionally, it is less crowded during this time, allowing you to enjoy the experience without too much waiting time. However, it is important to check the weather forecast before planning a visit as it can affect the visibility of the view. Also, keep in mind that weekends and holidays tend to be busier than weekdays, so plan accordingly.

Tips to Visit

Singapore Flyer
Singapore Flyer
  • Book tickets in advance: You can book tickets online in advance to avoid waiting in long lines.
  • Visit during weekdays: If possible, try to visit on a weekday to avoid crowds and long waiting times.
  • Plan your visit around sunset: The views from the top of the Singapore Flyer are especially stunning during sunset. Plan your visit accordingly.
  • Bring a camera: Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the stunning views of Singapore from the top.
  • Dress appropriately: The Singapore Flyer is air-conditioned, so it can get chilly at the top. Dress appropriately to stay comfortable.
  • Be mindful of the time: You have a limited amount of time in each capsule, so make sure to make the most of it.

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Gardens by the bay
Gardens by the bay
  • Plan your visit: Check the Gardens by the Bay website for information on opening hours, admission fees, and upcoming events. Make sure to plan your visit in advance to avoid any disappointment.
  • Wear comfortable clothing: The gardens can get quite warm and humid, so dress appropriately and wear comfortable shoes.
  • Bring a camera: Gardens by the Bay is a very picturesque location, so make sure to bring a camera or smartphone to capture all the beautiful scenery.
  • Visit during the cooler parts of the day: The gardens can get quite crowded during peak hours, so consider visiting during the cooler parts of the day, such as early morning or evening.
  • Book tickets in advance: To avoid long queues, consider booking your tickets online in advance.
  • Bring water and snacks: Bring along some water and snacks to keep you hydrated and energized during your visit.
  • Check out the events calendar: Gardens by the Bay hosts a variety of events throughout the year, so make sure to check out the events calendar to see what's on during your visit.

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What is the best time of day to visit the Gardens by the Bay?

    The best time of day to visit Gardens by the Bay depends on the visitor's preferences. Here are some options:

    • Morning: Visitors can visit the Gardens in the morning when it is less crowded and enjoy the cooler weather. This is also a good time for photography as the light is softer.
    • Afternoon: Visitors can explore the indoor gardens during the afternoon when the weather is warmer. It is also a good time to take a break from the heat and enjoy the air-conditioned Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.
    • Evening: Visitors can visit the Gardens during the evening to experience the stunning light and sound show at the Supertree Grove. The show takes place twice every night at 7:45pm and 8:45pm.
    • Night: Visitors can also visit the Gardens at night to see the Supertrees lit up in various colors, giving a magical and ethereal feel to the surroundings.

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